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HAVERFORDWEST TOWN IMPROVE. MENT COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Haverfordwest Town Im- provements Committee was held 011 Friday evening at the Council Chamber, Haverfordwest. The Rev. D. Akrill Jones presided, and there were present the Rev. Owen Jacobs, Messrs. C. Sydney Rees (hon. sec.), Geo. Davies (Pren- dergast), \V. G. Rowlands, Sydney R. Evans. Isaiah Reynolds, W. Bevan, J. L. Jenkins. F. Langford, J. M. Phillips, Martin Phillips, Hugh Saunders, A. Lewis, Wm. John, T. M. Phillips, J. Lloyd Jones. V. Thomas B. II. Munt, D. Edward Thomas, W. E. C. Lewis, J. Evans, J. Jones. Following the reading of the minutes the Chairman gave an account of what transpired at the town's meeting on the relief question, and said that to that committee had been rele- gated the duty of advertising the funds for the unemployed and relief of the deserving poor. Mr. Geo. Davies said that he had visited the Parade, and except that the seats were not provided, he-flouiid the will, in \ery good con- dition. He had never seen it so clean and well kept. Mr. Bevan said they ought to have some ex- planation from the gentleman who said he got ankle deep in mud. Rev. Owen Jacobs: Perhaps he got into some ditch. (Laughter). The gentleman is not here, or we might get him in a corner. Rev. Owen Jacobs: Or another ditch. (Laugh- i ter.) The Chairman said he had had 500 of the guide books sent to him, and they ought to decide on how they should be disposed of so as to produce the best results. The Chairman, in referring to the Illustrated Guide to the town, and in pointing out its usefulness, and the excellence of the photo- graphs, congratulated Mr. Crawshaw upon the able, accurate, and interesting way in which he had written the history of the Borough and district, and of all which would help to stimu- late a desire on the part of tourists o visit our ancient and interesting town. Various suggestions were made, amongst which was one by Mr. Bevan that if the committee would supply him with the towns they wished to reach he would put himself in communica- tion with the Surveyors in these towns, and get from them a list of hotels, restaurants, etc. Finally, a sub-committee consisting of the Chairman, Messrs. S. R. Evans, J. Lloyd Jones, Isaiah Reynolds, and Mr. W. Bevan, was ap- pointed to draw up a plan for placing the guides advantageously. The Chairman said the Committee had drawn up complete schemes for dealing with the Frolic, and the Scotchwell walk. Sir Charles Philipps had given his consent to The Frolic improvements; he would want some further information as to a piece of land' the Commit- tee desired to acquire, at a peppercorn rent, for Scolchwell Walk. In the course of the discussion it was stated that the two schemes would cost about iElOO. The two schemes were approved on the motion of Mr. Bevan, seconded by Mr. Saunders. The Chairman expressed the opinion that they ought to decide upon the whole of the improvements to be undertaken, so that they could go before Perrot's Trustees on the next occasion with a definite scheme. When they made their previous application for a grant they were informed that Perrot's Trustees would not consider anything less than the whole scheme. He might state that he had re- ceived a letter from Mr. G. H. Llewellin en- closing one guinea to the Improvements Fund, and suggesting that was an opportune time to proceed with the work, and the relief of the unemployed. Mr. Sidney Rees stated that the collection books handed in that evening brought up the total amount to the credit of the Committee up to Z50 8s. 5d. Mr. Isaiah Reynolds inquired from the chair- man the terms of the reply received from Perrot's Trustees. The Chairman said it was most favourable. The Trustees were kindly disposed towards them, and he thought the Town Improvements Committee might expect a fairly substantial sum. Mr. Wm. Thomas: £ 100 ? Mr. Isaiah Reynolds said he should certainly move that Mr. Wm. Thomas be one of the deputation to wait upon Perrot's Trustees. (Laughter.) Mr. J. W. Phillips mentioned that Perrot's Trustees held their next meeting on Wednes- day, January 29th. Mr. William John expressed the opinion that they ought not to go to Perrot's until they had expended their present fund. Mr. Evans said in addition to Crowbill, Scotchwells. and the Froiic, which they were undertaking, there was a path from Belle Vue to the Racecourse which required repair. The Chairman said it would be a very great mistake to repair all paths for which public authorities were responsible. Mr. Evans moved that the attention of the Haverfordwest Town Council be drawn to the state of the footpath from Belle Vue to the Racecourse; and this was seconded by Mr. Phillips and carried. Mr. W. G. Rowlands moved, Mr. Hugh Saun- ders seconded, and it was decided that the Haverfordwest Rural District Council be writ- ten to requesting the repair of the pathway on the New Road. Mr. W. Bevan reported that five men had been working during the past week, and the wages bill amounted to £3 10s. lOd. for five days. He added that £7 16s. 3d. had been expended on the Froiic. The section from the railway bridge to the gasworks had been satis- factorily completed and The hedges trimmed. Various other footpaths were added to the list. The Chairman observed that they could not do anything towards the assistance of the Re- lief Fund until some money came to hand. Mr. Sidney Rees said they had P,8 subscribed to the Relief Fund, which he had paid in to a separate account at the bank. Mr. Wm. Thomas said from inquiries he had made during the last few days he did not think there were very many deserving unemployed in Haverfordwest. Mr. Isaiah Reynolds thought Mr. Thomas had inquired in the wrong direction. To his own personal knowledge, there would be about twenty unemployed men in Haverfordwest. The Chairman said so far as the relief of distress was concerned they would open a very wide field if they were not careful. There were so many poor people in Haverfordwest. For instance, in Prendergast at Christmas they made grants to about thirty families, none of whom, he thought, ought to come on that distress fund. The Rev. Owen Jacobs agreed with the chair- man. He could name thirty or forty families where an extra shilling or two a week would be regarded as a blessing. The Chairman said he did not think it would be sufficient to appeal for funds in the local newspapers, and they had already been round with collecting books. He suggested that an appeal should be drafted and sent round. Mr. Reynolds proposed that the chairman. Mr. Sidney J. Rees, and the Rev. Owen Jacobs form the committee to draft the appeal, and this was agreed to. The Chairman said they would only be able to consider the cases of those people who were passing through temporary distress. Mr. George Davies said he was afraid there were a great many families in Haverfordwest whose means were so limited that people did not know how they managed to live. The Chairman proposed that the fund should only apply to those "who were passing through special and temporary distress." This was seconded by Mr. Isaiah Reynolds and carried. It was decided that the clergy and ministers of all denominations, and the district paTish- ioners be invited to forward to the committee the names of those coming under the chair- man's resolution with full details of each case. The question of the employment of further labour on the walks was left to the sub-com- mittee 0

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