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HAVERFORDWEST BOARD OF GUARDIANS. A meeting of this Board was held on vYec1- nesday at the Workhouse, Haverfordwest, Mr. S. W. Dawkins presiding. MEDICAL OFFICER, ST. DAVIDS. Dr. Wilfrid Williams wiote applying for an increase of £50 a year as medical officer for St. Davids district. He thought the applica- tion was reasonable, because the work of the Poor Law Act was of a more exacting nature, and the general expenses of a medical practice are greater than they were when the \\¡.i.b fixed at £71 per annum. The cost of medicines supplied to paupers in many cases amounted to five or six times the average per head of the sal'ry allowed the medical officer; there were 16 parishes, and it was necessary to keep an assistant. The appointment of another medical officer as vaccination and sanitary offi- cer had so reduced his emoluments that at present the work was being done at a pe- cuniary loss. In common fairness, under the present conditions under which the work was being done the salary paid was quite inade- quate remuneration. Mr. Lewis (Hill Block) said he thought as pauperism was going down—they had been told as much as 30 per cent.—the work of the medical officer" would also be going down. Mr. J. S. Roberts moved, and the Rev. D. Ak:i1] Jones seconded, that the matter be re- ferred to the House Committee. This was agreed to. LATE COLLECTOR FOR HAVERFORDWEST. The Clerk reported that he had paid .the premium of £2 10s. for the guarantee of Mr. James D. Baker, late collector for Haverford- west. If he had not done this promptly the policy would have lrpsed, and then they could not have recovered from the insurance society. It was proposed, and agreed to, that the clerk be repaid the sum of £2 10s. Rev. H. Evans thought there was something more due to the clerk. They ought to offer him a cordial vote of thanks for his prompt action. Rev. D. Akrill Jones seconded, and the vote was carried. The Clerk thanked the members for their appreciation. He had only done his duty, and it was pleasant to know that he possessed the goodwill of the members. Mr. Lewis (Hill Block) raised the question of the prosecution of Mr. Baker as an example to their other officers; but it was pointed out that this was a matter wholly for the guarantee society, as they were the losers, and not the Guardians. NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr. J. Bowen gave notice that he would, at the next meeting, move a resolution to rescind a previous resolution adopting the children of the late Thomas Thomas. A HORROR OF THE WORKHOUSE. The case of relieving a woman and child in the parish of Prendergast was brought for- ward, on the doctor's recommendation that the woman should be admitted into the work- house. The doctor's report was that the woman is partiy disabled. Mr. Geo. Davies said the woman would not come into the House. She had a perfect horror of it. and declared she would die in a ditch rather than come into the Workhouse. Rev. D. Akrill Jones concurred, and said if they forced the woman into the House she might lose her reason. He knew it to be a case of utter destitution, and had given relief himself. Archdeacon Hilbers said he had known this poor woman all his life. She was a weak woman, and had been a dreadful core in the town. He had done the best he could for the poor young girl, and knew her mother very well. He wondered how anyone could dare to marry her, but she had been married twice. He was sure the kindest thing they could do would be to bring her into the House. She had been bringing up a child, but how the child had been left in her care so long he could not tell. He was sure she ought not to be allowed to be an out-pauper. As he had said, he had known her all his life, and he did not hesitate to say she ought not to be allowed to be out. There was some further discussion, and a motion was made to allow the woman 3s. per week out-relief. On a vote being taken it was resolved, by nine votes to five, to offer the Workhouse.










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