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Rolophernes a'i Loyn Byw.…

Marwolaetb Mrs Sarah Harries,…

Yes, if You Please.

Y Medelwr.

Yr Acgel a'r Baban.


Beddargraff Gurnos. '" ?

Ti Elli fod yn ijymro.

Fy Ma

Cyfieithiad o'r Emyn:


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'=->"7_iWPrJW"= -=== -= j?Jf f?? ?F?WT?C'? ? &?e %?w'??.?.??''?????? ?? .?? ONLY GENUtNE. ? j? The b. ? .? r. ?r ???j? Admitted by the Pro<'Maion ? ?? ?????'? ??? ?0 S??L?SB ? ? ?? Moat Vaicable w? A "U 1 f1 I' 'T i Effectually cats short all jj iJ I JU¡w5q di'à\JrHsrh II, attacks of SPASMS. ? ???X NHi'M??OMMHE. ? c:; ':L r:R. and OverwheJmin Med.ical Testl- i\¡ J' .(. n Y. many accomp. aULD)\ BOTTLES BY ALL 'Y;S>r-"t t 1/H. a/e, and 4/e I '};{5]4Ji:j'1 ._W_ *??**?* ?""? ?"?n ?Mf <tBa<* <t? <t?? -? w w Ms? <J!LJHL t? JH JLJ)! -nS-, tJSL ?J? ? COAL, !!AY, AND PoTATOE IERClfANT, MORTH BREWERY, STREET. r1 (-) C -1: }. ,J. -) ",k. ,J' -L- PRESENT PRICES:— Best Lydncy B!;tck ('on!, "27/- per ton. deHvered. Five cwt. lots de Hvered in bags, 7s. Anthracite Coal 27/- per ton. delivered Five cwt. lots for 7s. Cuha and SHinp, ('eHvcred at. Fine, ]3/- per ton. Hough, 16/- der ton Hay, pr.'ces on appHcation. Cannes, ¡r., ppl'Ts, Onious, Prices, at per Barral. Box or Bag. Pot;¡toP, best quality, 5/- cwi'. Ord&! n '.viU oblig'e a,n<Tt receive best attention. no26—52 ? T 1.r? T? 3 Tp T '? ? ? ? JL? Aii 1 ?' ± ?? J? I I s ? ? ? ? ? Mns ? ? ?? ?? ?% "$* ??? ?? B ? ? ?? Just Q.rr§v6u RL Salva CARGOES OF BEST M?YY??J????A?? ?.f??Y jnLwU?A? ? ? i Al<?iwA t?t?Ai-j AT.SO CULM. =c. Appty to A. OWEN WtLUAMS, MEReMNT, ST. DAVIDS AND SOLVA. no8— ST. DAVIDS- ? GR?VE HOT' L ?JN m ?. ?t? ? NL? JB M ?? ? -'<??' m?y? "\tl1ated in its own Grounds Good Stabling Accon ration for 60 Horses. Motor G? and Pit. Good centre for Shooting and Hshing (Trout). About 3,000 jaootino Ground Wines, Spirits and Ales of the Best Quality BEST HOUSE FOR COMMERCIALS. l FIRST CLASS CUISINE.—Further paniculars, apply, PROPRIETOR, R. B]\iR)\XrV. ja.3—52 GUINEA COSTUMES. NOT READY MADES, but, made to FIT to YOU R lncasuremnts ? "00 Ple THE: STYbE, YOU choose the materials not out of a bunch of small pieces, but from the rolls. VARIETY OF SHADES IN STOCK. I.OVEL Y ????NBS% ?S?. ???? ???'R?r'A?-?p??'t?'p ?r??w ?r??w??t3tpc& J?? N ? ??-'?.?.??B? ?'i?? JL IaL? Un shrinkable, and Unspottable, Selection shown in the windows for ONE !\10TH. Laies' Tailoring Departnlent City Stores, ST Di\ VID'S. TERMS- CASH. SALE! SALE!! SALE!! Great Clearance Sale to make room for NEW SEASON'? GOODS now on at EVAN DAV!ES. Genera D?per and Outfitter, LETTERSTON. draper ana Ptease Note —This is a Genuine Sale, and not a lot of rubbish bought fof the purpose of making one. Bargains in al! Departments A favour or a call wiH oblige. '4 1 SEND YOUR PRINTING j TG(THE H GUAIT OFFICES. I ADVERTISE IN THE "COUNTY GUARDIAN I SAY Oh, meroh&nt, in .un. hour of e e e, If on this pspor you shoald e o e, Take our advice aMi now be y y y, Go sbaightwa1 «t and ttdTert i i i; You'll &nd the pm*" o< ttotae « u, Negipct <an mEw mt we q q q. Be Wise at WMe, omkof ywwr & a & 26, A silent bvmftwo <tM gt k k !L