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A statement of accounts of the entertain- ment given to provide coals for the poor, will be published next week. A report of the concert at Gershrom Chapel on Wednesday evening, will appear in our next issue. SHORTHAND SUCCESS. Mr. Albert Rees, a pupil at the Pembroke Dock evening classes has been successful in obtaining Pitman's elementary shorthand oerti- ficatj A MUNIFICENT OFFER. At Pembroke Dock county court, on Wednes- day, Judge Bishop very patiently listened to a case in which the parties were two Pembrokt ladies, Miss Edgell and Mrs. Martin. Event- ually judgment was given against the defend- ant, and an order made for the payment of 10s. a month. Mrs. Martin bursting into tears id that she could not do it. I'll pay 6d. a month," she added.—"You'd better go now," said his honour. SACRED CONCERT. On Thursday evening a sacred concert was held in the Meyrick Street Wesleyan Chapel, and was fairly well attended. The principal artiste was Madame Hannah Jones, A.R.A.M., of Cardiff, who though suffering from a cold, sang very finely. She gave "Light in Dark- ness" (Cowen), "Abide with Me" (Liddle), and "Easter-Tide" (Liddle). The Pembroke Dock Choral Society, under Mr. T. G. Han- cock, rendered a number of choruses, includ- ing "0 Father, whose Almighty Power" (Han- del), Disdainful of Danger (Handel), "0 Gladsome Light" (Sullivan), "Ah, wretched Israel" (Handel), and "We never will Bow Down" (Handel). Miss K. Powell sang "He shall Feed His Flock" and united with her sister, Miss M. Powell in the duet, "0 Lovely Peace" (Handel), whilst Mr. J. Collins gave the recitation "Deeper and deeper still" and "Waft her Angels" (Handel). Mr. E. Howell sang "Honour and Arms," Miss Effie Long- year gave a violin solo, and Mr. F. L. Skilton gave a musical monologue "If we only knew." It was quite a Hatidel programme, eight out of the twelve vocal items being of this great com- poser. Miss Jenkins and Mr. W. G. Phelps acted as accompanists. SOLDIER'S FARWELL "SMOKER." A most succesful smoking concert was held at the Pier Hotel, Pembroke Dock, on the 9th inst., to bid farwell to Privates M. J. Marren and F. J. Tidbury, army service corps, who have left for Malta and Egypt respectively. The chair was taken by Mr. Me Keon, and Q.M.S. Sergeant F. Roe, A.S.C., pleasingly assisted as vice-chairman. The genial chairman in his opening speech asked the company (about 50 in number), to drink to the health of the King, and in a few touching remarks said that the two departing guests were perhaps pleased at having the op- portunity of seeing a little of the outside world, yet in this case as in every thing, there was a tinge of Tegret at having to leave the numerous friends they had made during the time they had been stationed at Pembroke Dock. During the evening Mr. Marren and Mr. Tidbury were presented by the vice-chair- man with a pipe, each given by the A.S.C. detachment at Pembroke Dock, while the form- er was also presented with a handsome Malacca stick given by his brother catholics at Pembroke Dock. Both the recipients made suitable speeches in (returning thanks. Great credit is due to Mrs. Seaton for the able manner in which the catering was carried out. A prog- gramme which was drawn up by S. Sergt. A. Savers,A.S.C., was very successfully carried out, Corporal W. A. Duggan, 2nd Wilts. Regiment presiding at the piano. OBITUARY. We regret to record the death of Mr. James Cole, of Prospect Place, one of the oldest in- habitannts of Pembroke Dock, which occurred last Friday at the age of V3. Mr. Cole was a master mason by trade, and remembered being employed many years ago upon the Defensible Barracks, then known as Fort Adams.—Mr. 'Arthur Wilkins, a son of the late Ald. Wilkins of Pembroke Dock, who was a petty officer on H.M.S. Hazard, died last Thursday evening at the Lonsdale Hospital, Barrow-m-Furness, an attack of pneumonia having a fatal termi- nation. Mr. Wilkins, who was forty one years of age, had been an apprentice in the Dockyard and was very well-known in Pembroke Dock, his sister having married Mr. W. Smith and Mr. H. W. Lewis respectively. Deceased was buried with full naval ho- TUTS on Monday at Barrow, many thousands of people being present. The chief mourners were Messrs W. Smith and H. W. Lew's, of Pembroke Doek, and Mr. W. Dal.v, of Barrow. The whole of the officers and crew of H.M.S. Hazard also folow- ed, and furnished a firing party, whilst the local volunteer band, and the Barrow Ambu- lance Corps also formed part of the funeral cortege. RIFLE SHOOTING. OnThursday evening a shooting match was held at the Market House, Pembroke Dock betwwen the Pembroke Dock and District Rifle club, and a team selected from the local companies of volunteers. Thero were twelve shots at targets which at 25 yards represented the usual targets at 500 yards. The scores were as follows:- Rifle Club. I Volunteers. J Bevan 28 Sgt. Perkins 35 E. Thomas 32|Pte. Phillips 22 M. Gibbs 32'Sgt. Horton 29 J. Pike 30*Pte. Pellowe 35 R. Rollings 27 Pte. W. C. Phillips 21 G. W. Rees 43|Pte. Husband 31 J. Evans 32jLt. Bowling 2c J. Morgans 44|Pte Davies 20 Total 268' Total 228 On the previous evening a shoot was held under similar conditions for a medal present- ed by a tradesman of the town. The following were the best scores:—J. Evans,' 46; W. Hus- band, 44; J. Bevan, 42; J. Morgan, 42; G. Rees, 40; J. Pike, 39; J. Codd, 37; E. Thomas, 36. ""I8!«-T- SENT TO PRISON. At Pembroke Dock Police-court on Tuesday, John Down, of Manchester, was charged with pasting indecent bills in public places at Pem- broke Dock the previous day. P.C. Davies proved the case, and Down was sentenced to a month's hard labour. SUNDAY SCHOOL UNION. The annual meeting of the Pembroke Sun- day School Union, was held last week at the Wesley school room, Pembroke, when Mr. T. John was elected present for the year, Mr. W. R. Thomas, general secretary, Mr. Seth Hughes examination secretary, and Mr. C. Mathias, treasurer. DEBATING SOCIETY. Tne nival merits of being in the country and being in the town were discussed by the Pem- broke Dock Debating Society, on Monday evening. Mr. F. vV. Merriman was the cham- pion of truly rural, rustic pursuits and Mr. H. J. Adamson made out a good case for the dwellers in cities. TFME'ERANCE EN TERT AINMENT. There was an excellent attendance at the usual weekly entertainment, at the Temperance Hall, on Saturday, when the programme was furnished by the members of the Bethel Bap- tist Band of Hope. The Rev. R. C. Roberts presided, and the programme was as follows:— Pianoforte duel, Misses Osmond and Biddle- combe; recitation, four little girls; dialogue, Miss L. George and party; solo, Miss Stephens; action song, boys and girls; violin solo, Miss F. French; dialogue, Master Greetham a-id Miss C. Biddlecombe; trio, three little girls; dialogue, Miss C. George and party; sketch, "The child's dream," Miss French and party; pianoforte solo, Miss L. George; solo, Master C. George; action song, The Drummer," boys and girls; duologue, Mr. Jenkins and Miss M. George; violin solo, Master H. Silcox; costume song, The Jacks," nine boys; solo, "Goodnight," Miss Nancy Williams. Many of the items were encored. The opening speech was delivered by Mr. C. Brown.













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