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Wants Ratepayers to Pay!

County Council Politics.

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Meeting at Fishguard.

Meeting at Haverfordwest.

Meeting at Pembroke Dock.


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Liberals Awake. !


Liberals Awake. To the Editor of the "County Guardian." Sir,—" To be forewarned is to be forearmed." While the farmer slept the enemy sowed tares in his wheatfield.Those tares in a short time will be seen sprouting, and unless the greatest precaution is taken the ta,re.s will destroy the crop of wheat The County Council elections are at the door, and if the Liberals are wise in their generation they will follow up their vic- tory of 1904, and elect a new council of progres- sives who will, as before, administer Balfour's unjust Education Bill of 1902 in such a manner that we in Pembrokeshire will not have our goods distrained upo'i and sold to provide funds for maintaining Church schools and the teaching of the Church catechism and dogma to Nonconformist children. In England, where the Conservatives dominate the councils, we read of passive resisters. Those are conscien- tious men, and in many instances the most enlightened leaders of Nonconformity, who, rather than pay this most unjust rate, have had some of their most valued goods sold, and others have, as a protest, served long terms of imprisonment rather than submit to endow their alien Church of England in Wales, or assist in propagating its- doctrines. It is high time foir Nonconformity to open its eyes. The Church of England until lately posed as the great rampart of Protestantism against the aggressive Roman Catholicism. But to-day we find .that it is controlled as effectively by the Anglican Ritualistic party as the American oil wells are controlled by Rockfeller. Is it not full time to enlighten our people concerning the many secret societies which honeycomb and undermine the old Establishment to its very foundations? An article or two should be written on the Secret Society of the Holy Cross, its clerical members, its objects, and also its publications." The "Priest in absolu- tion," for instance. A book published by this society of clerics, which the late Archbishop of Canterbury (Dr. Tait) denounced in the House of Lords as a book that no modest person could read without regret," and that it is a disgrace to the community that such a book should be circulated under, the author- ity of clergymen of the Established Church." A book which the Church Times character- ised as dealing with filth and disgusting sub- jects." Who are those that love darkness rather than light?" and who "hate the light, neither cometh to the light lest their deeds should be reproved." What, again, of the "Corporate Reunion Society," whose avowed object is the reunion of the Church of England with Rome, and the nunneries and monasteries of the Church of England, its confessionals, ornaments, rites, and ceremonies which are borlowed from, and are identical with, the Papal Church of Rome? "The great rampart of Protestantism indeed. If the bishops and clergy at any time in its history could lay claim to such a title, by this time a large army of them have recovered their guns and have joined forces with the Roman Catholics against the Protestants of England, and Wales. The battle of the Reformation mut be fought over again, and that in the very near future. Non- conformists, awake Protect your children I Guard your interests and beware of the wary Jesuitical priest and parson. In a few days our counties will be deluged with leaflets, which, like the proverbial "red herrings," will be used to draw you from the real and true issues at stake, and which, if you followed, will again lead us into the sloughs of cleri- calism and priestcraft.—Yours, etc., OBSERVER.