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MILFORD PORT SANITARY AUTHORITY. MEETING AT NEYLAND. A meeting of the Milford Port Sanitary Authority was held on Tuesday at the South Wales Hotel, Neyland, when Mr. T. Llewellyn was voted to the chair, and there were also present: Messrs. F. S. Reed, J. Lawrence, J. Ll. Davies, S. W. Dawkins, J. H. Bishop, T. L. James, B. Thomas, and C. Matthias, and Mr. F. L. Jeffs (clerk), Dr. Griffith (medical officer), and Mr. W. Davies (inspector). Mr. J. Ll. Davies said that he felt sure that he would only be expressing the feelings of all present when he referred to the extreme regret they all felt at the death of thei.r late chairman, Mr. N. A. Roch. Ho was their chairman for many years, and his attention to duty, his strict economy as to finances, his courtesy and kindness were known to all. He proposed that the clerk be instructed to write a letter of condolence to Mrs. Roch. Mr. C. Matthias seconded, and this was carried. The next buiiiess was th3 appointment of chairman, and Mr. J. Ll. Davies proposed the election of Mr. C. Matthias. This was seconded by Mr. Llewellyn, and carried unanimously. In reply, Mr. Matthias said that he hoped their meetings would always be ItS harmonious as they had bee-i under their late chairman. RATS. Some discussion took place with regard to the number of rats at Milford Docks. The question was raised by Mr. Reed, and the medical officer said that he had seen the manager of the Docks Company on the matter, but the latter said that the rats were such good scavengers that they should not take any steps to remove them. Dr. Griffith proceeded to describe how, supposing a ship infected with the plague came to Milford, the infection might be spread by means of rats. Mr. Reed asked if Milford Haven was the only place troubled with rats in the harbour? The Chairman said that was where most of the rats were, and that was where most of the ships came in. Mr. Reed lemarkod that they must be careful that the rats did not come up to Neyland. They were likely to follow the ships. After some further discussion it was decided to writo to the Milford Urban District Council on the subject. THE HOSPITAL SHIP. Mr. Lawrence remarked that he had heard that the hospital ship was of no service, and ytt there was a considerable expenditure laid out on her from time to time. The Corporation of Pembroke had a hospital which could be used for such a corporation as this. If they could come to an agreement with them, then they could do away with the hospital ship. The Chairman: Where is your hospital ? Mr. Lawrence said that it was at Jacob's Pill, and could be got at at any time or tide. Mr. J. Ll. Davies pointed out that the doctor had authority to put in bedding, etc., at the hospital ship, and it could be made ready for patients in twenty-four hours. Dr. Griffith said that he knew nothing about the hospital at Jacob's Pill. As to the hospital ship, no doubt it at present looked rather dreary. At first she had been provided with everything, but they had never had a case, and the things had gradually rotted, until there was now only the bare boards. He could not report with regard to the Jacob's Pill Hospital without notice. Mr. J. LI. Davies pointed out that the doctor, living at Milford, could not very well attend Jacob's Pill. Dr. Griffith said that if they went to Jacob's Pill he would resign within twenty-four hours. It was bad enough getting to Sandy Haven, but Jacob's Pill would mean camping out. Mr. Bishop referred to the hospital ship as a place where he would not put a cat, let alone a human being. After some further discussion the matter dropped, Mr. Lawrence stating that he might bring it up at the next meeting.


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