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HAVERFORDWEST SCHOOL MANACERS- The monthly meeting of the Haverfordwest School Managers was held in the Shire Hall on Friday afternoon, the Rev. James Phillips presiding. There were also present:—Revs. 0. D Campbell (vice-chairman), 0. Jacobs, and D. Akrill Jone.s, and Messrs. H. J. E. Price, W. T. Davies, and 1. Reynolds Rev. D. Akrill Jones pointed out that if the average attendance of schools in the urban districts exceeded 120, the head teacher received an additional iP,20 in the) case of boys' schools and £ 10 in the case of girls' schools. This constituted an injustice to the head teachers of the Prender- gast schools for the accommodation made it impossible for them to obtain the ElO or £ 20.— Mr. W. T. Davies said a letter had been received from the Board of Education com- plaining of there being in Prendergast school three over the number for which there was accommodation.—The Chairman said that when the scale was drawn up no one supposed the number would be reached by the smaller schools.—Rev. I). Akrill Jones: Had I knowm at the time I should certainly have objected.— Rev. 0. D. Campbell said it was to the honour of th'9 teacher that there was an increase. There were three or four over the 120, and if the number was reduced the teacher would lose L20.-iNIr. Reynolds: The only way out of it is to increase the accommodation.—Mr. W. T. Davies: Or lower the number to ninety- The Chairman: We only followed the example of neighbouring boards.—Mr. Price thought it was a question over which they had no control, but the chairma-i said they could make a recommendation.—Mr. Reynolds thought the bonus system should be abolished, and the Rev. D. Akrill Jones gave notice that at the next meeting .)f the managers he would attention to the injustice of their present scale of salaries for head teachers in the Haverford- west group of schools in its application to the Prendergast boys' and girls' schools and the advisability of its revision. A letter was received from Miss Emma Brown, a supplement arv teacher in the Prendergast Infants School asking for an in- crease of salary.—On the motion of the Rev. O. D. Campbell, seconded by the Rev. D. Akrill Jones, it was resolved to recommend the Edu cation Committee to increase Miss Brown's salary to L26 per annum. A letter was read from the Education Com mittee expressing their desire that cleaners should be paid an inclusive sum, out of which they must find all materials necessary. The amounts suggested for the various cleaners were:—Prendergast Council Schools, £18 15s.; Barn-street Council School, e9; St. Martin's Girl's, £ 14 15s.; Dew-street Infants', k7. The managers thought the salaries were insufficient. A letter was lead from Miss Eminent ex- plaining why she had refused to grant transfer certificates to certain children.—Rev. D. A. Jones said that as a body of managers they had a regulation governing this, which he him- self had proposed. According to that, no children should be moved from the infants to the toys' and girls' departments until they had been in the first class for at least six months. If they could make this regulation they should be able to see that it was carried out. He wished to know why the Attendance Com- mittee rent a contradictory order behind their back. He thought they should have their posi- tion defined. Not only did this savour of discourtesy, but it gave them no control over their head teachers.—Rev. O. Jacobs acquiesced in what had been stated by Mæ. Jones.—Mr. W. T. Davies said the Attendance Committee met on the previous Saturday. The children referred to had left the infants' department and were attending the higher department. Their names were not on the books and they were losing grants.—The Chairman: We should have had no difficulty if there had been only provided schools. If we send them from St. Martin's school they will proceed somewhere else.—Mr. Price: I don't think it is fair to say th,i.t.-Air, W. T. Davies: The managers have nothing to do with the attendance.—Mr. Camp bell: Why are we called manag-ers l They are even putting teachers into our schools without consulting us.—Mr. Price. said perhaps the corfrrjtt-ee did not know of this resoluticr They should draw the committee's attention to it. Was once a year enough to draft scholars I—Mr. Jones aid all educationists were agreed that once a year was enough.—"The following resolution was finally adopted on the motion of the Rev. Akiill Jones, seconded by the Rev. 0 Jacobs:—"The managers irespec* fully suggest that the question of drafting the infant scholars to the boys' and girls' school be left in the hands of the managers as they have a resolution directing the matter, which is in the hands of the head teachers." Miss Emment also wrote asking for an it". creise of salary, and asking that infant mis- tre-ise.s should be dealt with more generously, but no action was taken in the matter. A letter was received from the County E-dic,t tion Authority concerning the salary of the head teacher of St.. Martin's Girls' School (Miss Evans). Mr. George wrote:—"I am directed to inform you that the Education Committee have considered the application of the head-mistress of the above school, and have come to the con- clusion that she is entitled to be placed under the high scale of the late school board. She will, therefore, be paid at the rate of £ 125 a veil- from January 1, 1907." It was announced that an examination wUl be held at the County Intermediate Schools on July 6, 1907, for boys and girls who will be over fourteen years of age ou August 1, ±907, and desire to obtair probationernhips to prepare for becoming pupil teachers. Mr. T C. Rees (headmaster of Barn-street Boys' Council School) wrote stating that the certificated teachers of the county had elected him to represent them on the ne <vly-formed fede-ation of Welsh teachers, which meets at Shrewsbury. It was quite possible that once in three months or so he would have occasion to do the journey to Shrewsbury on Friday after- noon. He would be glad to know if the managers were agreeable to his accepting tne service thus imposed on him.—It was unani- mously agreed to grant the request, Mr. Rey- nolds remarking that it was an honour for one of their teachers to be selected. The attendance officer .,M(r. Rees) presented his report for the three weeks ending January 25:—Dew-street Infants', 79.3 per cent.; Pren- dergast Infants', 70 per cent.; National Infants, 79 per cent.; St. Martin's Girls', 89.4 per cent.; Prendergast Girls', 91 per cent • National Girls', 80 per cent.; Birn-streoc Council Boys', 91.3 per cant, Prendergast Boys', 37 per cent.; National Boys', 86.4 twr cent.








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