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HAVERFORDWESl BOROUGH SESSIONS. These sessions were held at the Shire Hall on I Monday before the Mayor (Mr. James Reynolds), Dr. F. R. Greenish, Messrs. H. J. E. Price, C. C. Saies, and J. Rowlands. A FIRST OFFENDER. William St. John was summoned for being drunk and incapable on the 1st inst. He pleaded guilty, and as this was his- first offence he was mulcted in 2s. 6d. without costs. "A MAD LUNATIC" John Charles M'Lyon, of Milford-road, an old offender, was summoned for two offences. The first was for using profane and obscene lan- guage on January 3L Defendant pleaded guilty. P.S. James said at nine p.m. on the 31st ult. he saw the defendant in Market. street. He was annoyed by a dog, and he made use of the language complained of. He was under the influence of drink, but not so as to be charged with drunkenness. Defendant said the dog followed him up Market-street and attacked him. He was sorry he had used bad language. There was a second charge of being drunk and disorderly in Market-street on February 1. Supt. James gave evidence as to the defen- dant's condition on the day named, but the latter, though he admitted using profane lan- guage, denied that he was drunk. He had a pain in his ears which made him an absolutely mad lunatic. Defendant was fined 10s. and 7s. 6d. costs for the first offence and 10s. and 8s. 6d. costs for the second, and was told that next time he appeared before the bench he would be %ent to Carmarthen. SON ASSAULTS HIS MOTHER. A youth of apparently sixteen years or so, named W. J. G. J. F. Owen, of Barn-street, was summoned for assaulting his mother cn January 25. Mr. W. J. Jones appeared for the com- plainant, and said as the youth had pleaded guilty and expressed his sorrow he did not propose to offer any evidence, nor did the mother wish to proceed with the case further than to obtain protection for herself and to protect this lad from his own violent temper. He respectfully suggested, therefore, that the bench should adjourn the case for six months. The Clerk: Why not for a month. Mr. Jones iliought six months would be better; a month would soon expire, and it would do the defendant good to have the fear of the law suspended over him for a longer period. At the end of six months they wiDI21d see how he behaved, and if his conduet war- ranted it the bench could pasa sentence upojj him. Alter a consultation the Mayor said they would adjourn the case for a month, and, addressing the defendant, he warned him that if he gave any further cauie for complaint hr; J would be saveioly dealt with. ILLECAL EMPLOYMENT. Messrs. G. Pa'ne<r and Son, wine and spirit merchants, High street, Haverfordwest, were summoned by Mr. Ashworth, his Majesty's inspector of factc-es, for illegally employing after hours two young persons. There were two summonses—fur employing Martin Rog^s, under the age of si: r en, and Charles Jones, of the age of thirteen yeaits, after four o'clock on the 3rd of January. Mr. Ashworth detailed the case at consider- able length,, 'and said he had explained the matter to, and used the utmost forbearance with, Mr. Palmer, but he would have his own way. The elder boy was used to drive a pony and oart, and filled in his time washing bottdes, etc., in the warehouse ;and the younger boy was employed as an errand boy in the wine shop, and when he had nothing else to dc, he also employed his time in the bottling warehouse. He told how he had found these boys at work, and had warned Mr. Palmer, and after that he found them working at illegal hours. Mr. Keppel Palmer, the defendant, advanced the plea that the younger boy was engaged by Mr. Peters, his wine manager, but was told that inasmuch as he (Mr. Palmer) was the occupier he was held responsible. He then urged that what the boys did was voluntary, but when they were put in the box this plea was not sustained. The Bench imposed a fine of 2s. 6d. and lls. 6d. costs in one case, and 2s. 6d. and 7s. 6d. costs in the other. A WIFE'S MAINTENANCE. Matthew John, labourer, Milford, was sum- moned by his wife, Martha John, Merlin's-hill, Haverfordwest, for faiiing to contribute towards her support the sum allowed hfir on a maintenance order. Defendant said he could not afford to pay the order, but was willing t o pay 5s. a week or to take his wife back again. The wife, however, was unwilling to return to her husband. The Bench committed the defendant to Car- marthen for six weeks. THE ASSAULT ON A GRANDMOTHER. Thomas Jones, -tonemason, NoTth-gate, answered to his bail under remand for assault- ing his grandmother, Louise Richards, with a bottle. Supt James said the old woman was unable to appear, and he applied for a further re- mand Dr. Williams said he had seen Mrs. Richards that morning. She was in bed, and told him she was too ill to appear, said she felt too feeble and unwell to (ome to court. She was 82 years of age and very feeble. The effects of the blow had a great deal to do with her con- dition. The Clerk: Is she in danger of,her life? Dr. Williams: I cannot say at the present moment. Th3 Clerk: Is there any danger of erysipelis? Dr. Williams: I think not. The Clerk: If she dies can you say that being hit with the bottle will have contributed to her death ? Dr. Williams: It would be impossible that it should not. The only two possible sources of danger are tetanus or brain inflammation, but I do not consider that she is in any danger, only that we must remember that she is 82 years of age. The prisoner was further remanded, bail being accepted as before.



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