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AMBLESTOV- A public meeting, called at the instance of the Conservative party in the Ambleston Divi- sion, was held in the schoolroom, to nominate a candidate to fight in the forthcoming County Council election. The nomination of Mr. Victor J. Higgon, Sealyham, has been an open secret for months, and this. meeting was really to support the candidature. There was a very representative attendance, and the meeting was characterised by considerable enthusiasm. Colon-el Lloyd, Treffgarne Hall, was, on the motion of the Rev. John Rees, rector of Letter- ston, seconded by Mr. Morris, Brimaston, elected to the chair. The colonel said the meeting was called to select a candidate to oppose th", Liberals in their endeavor V: return the sitting member, Mr. James ¡ Harries, Hayscastle. He thought they were very fortunate in having a ge ltieman like Air. Higgon with them, and he was sure they had now found the right man for their f-itu-ce county councillor. (Cheers). He had much pleasure in proposing the adoption of Mr, Rlggon Ae oandilata (Cheers ) The Rev. John Reps, in seconfimgj aid they wanted to return solueonfe who Would econo- mise. Next came the Mr. V. J. Higgon, who was very well received. He thanked them for the honour they were confetrring upon him, and proceeded to say in the course of his maiden speech that county council elections should be non-political—(cheers)—quoting some remarks of his late father (Captain Higgon, Scolton) to support that view. Then he (Mr. Higgon) thought that the candidate ie- turned should, in the first instance, be an agriculturist, which he thought he could lay claim to as being now a farmer. The important question of economy was next briefly dealt with and criticisid sharply; the ,erio-is ad- vance of the -ra,i was condemned, and the present council was likened to the seed oats which an unwise farmer would sow in the same ground for several successive years., with the result that it would become wild, a metaphor, which met with loud cheering and laughter as the candidate resumed his seat. Mr. John Bateman, Wallis, .vas the 'next speaker, and teing called upon to 'eak in Welsh, regretted he could not, though a Welsh- man and proud of it. He could not wholly sympathise with the farmers in "ftieir gram'o ling about +he rates going LIp. Farmers were notorious for grumbling, they were thus since he could lecollect, and he wa3 pretty well sure they would be in that same frame of mind after he would be summoned hence—a remaik that was met with laughter and cheers He made a few humorous sallies, and exhorted the people to work for a certain Conservative victory. The next speaker, Mr. David Absalom, macL, an attack on the sitting member. Mr. Richard Bateman also made a few re- marks. The next business was to select a comri.;tt, that the candidate could consult. After son." little parleying the following were selected:— Mr. J. Bateman, Ambleston; Colonel Lloyd, Treifgarne; Rev. J. Bowen, St lawrcice: Mr. C. Mathias and Mr. Moses Mathias, Lett-ek-stor.; Messrs. Frank Thomas and W. Phillips, Hays castle. The Rev. John Rees then gave the assemb! voters some scriptural advice on electioneering, admonishing them that when they promised their votes to Mr. Higgon they must not bresk their word. The usual votes of thinks to the chairman and candidate terminated' the proceedings.




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