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HAVERFORDWEST. At an adjourned quarter sessions held at the -Shira Hall on Monday, Mr. P. F. Green quali- fied as a magistrate for the town and county of Haverfordwest. The Pembrokeshire Hounds meet Monday, February 18th, Treffgarn Bridge; Thursday, February 21st, Robeston Wathen. Each morn- ing at 10.45 a.m. THE BOY'S BRIGADE. The members of this brigade will parade in the Corn Market at 6.30 p.m. on Tuesday next, for a march out. The band to attend. GOLF CLUB. The monthly competition for the Dr. Henry Owen Cup was held on Thursday, the 7th inst. Mr. Daniel Jones was the winner with a nett score of 67. FARNINGHAM BOY'S BAND. The fine braes band, composed of boys from the Farningham (Kent) Homes for boys, which has been on a tour in Pembrokeshire, was in Haverfordwest at the weejk-end. They gave entertainments in the Tempetranice Hall on Saturday, and a sacred concert on Sunday evening. THE RECTOR OF PRENDERGAST. The Rev. D. Akrill Jones will preach four times at Cambridge in the beginning of March. On the 1st he will preach at Westgate Clergy Training College; on the 3rd, twice, to under- graduates, at Trinity Church; and on the 4th he will preach to the ordination candidates. On his way home, on the 6h, the rev. gentle- man will speak at the reception to be given by the Lord Mayor of Cardiff en that date to the members of the South Wales National Vigilance Association. HAVERFORDWEST BALL. At a meeting of the committee, held at the Council Chamber, the accounts were duly audited and passed. The net proceeds amount- ed to iE33 5s. 4d., and were divided equally be- tween the District Nurse Fund and the Haver- fordwest Cricket club. Votes of thanks to the ladies committee for their valuable assistance, especially, upon whom the bulk of the work had fallen, completed the business, and the committee were dissolved. We under- stand that the carnival held in October last resulted in zElO 10s., being divided between the Infirmary and the Cricket club (Professional Fund). SENT TO GACL. At the Shire Hall on Friday a man na r:ed Tames Dunn, well-known in the district, was brought up on a charge of having been dm k and disorderly at Solva the previous iig,,it Inspector Thomas referred to Dunn's Tecord, mentioning that there was a summom waging to be served on him at the present time Prisoner was sent to Carmarthen for fourth 2a days without the option of a fine. THE FAIR. .The monthly fair on Tuesday was consider- ably interfered with by rain. There was, however, an improvement in prices generally. lut ill some cases this was due to the -mply Le;ng mi'.|nal to the demand. Cattle sold for 9s. and :U. per cwt. (live weight), and t-tore cattle realised on an average about £ 9. The supply of sheop was not great, but they ex changed hands at greater advantage to the sjIW than thUll, I'd leing pa'd for fat lambs. There were scarcely any h(-ts brought to the town for sale A COMPETITIVE MEETING On Thursday, the 28th inst., a competitve meeting will be held at Ebenezer, Haverford- west. The chairman and conductor will be the Rev. E. Nicholson Jones; and the adjudi- cators as followsMusic, Mr. E. Anthony Goodwick; recitation, Rev. E. Nicholson Jones; handwriting, Mr. T. A. Thomas; drawing, Mr. T. C. Rees; accompanist, Mr Harry Walker, A.R.C.O., Mr. A. G. Thomas, is the treasurer, and the joint secrearies are Mr. W D. Row- lands, 24 City Road; and Mr. J. T. Rees, 5, Columbia Terrace. There is a programme which is full of promise of an interesting oom petition OBITUARY. He record with deep regret the death of Miss Florrie Davies, of the Bakery, Merlin's Bridge, on Friday last. Miss Davies had been for many years in delicate health, but despite frequent indisposition she bravely shared with her brother and sister the responsibilities of business and of oaring for her invalid mother, who died a couple of years ago. Of a quiet" and retiring disposition, Miss Davies was per- haps not widely nown, but by the members of i her family and a laTge number of friends her demise at the nearly age of thirty will be deeply mourned. As a member of Bethesda, she was ever ready to assist in any undertaing for the good of the Church, and her presence and help in the choir will be sorely missed. With the bereaved brothers and sisters sincere sympathy will be felt. The interment too place on Tues- day at Machpelah burial ground, the Rev. 0. D. Campbell officiating. MEETING OF CONSERVATIVES. A meeting of the general committee of the Pembrokeshire Conservative and Unionist Association was held on Tuesday at the Bal- four Club, Haverfordwest. Sir Charles Phil- ipps presided, and there was a large attendance of influential gentlemen and) representative working men from different parts of the coun- ty. The chairman, explaining the object of the meeting, said that it was the outcome of a desire to put the National Union of Conserva- tive Associations on a more democratic foot- ing. Formerly the six counties of South Wales were grouped together. They were now in- vited to form an association in each county. Glamorgan had done so, Carmarthen and Cardi- gan remained together, and invited Pembroke to join them. It was, however, thought more advisable that Pembroke County and Boroughs should have their own organisation. A resolu- tion to this effect was unanimously carried. Earl Cawdor was elected president of the Pem- brokeshire Association; Sir Charles Philipps, chairman; Mr. G. H. D. Birt, Colonel Roberts, Mr. W. Howell Walters, vicechairmen; Mr. R. J. Richards, secretary; Sir Charles Philipps, representative upon the Central Council of the National Union, and the chairman and secre- tary of the Borough and County Associations representatives to the National Union. ST .MARY'S PARSH TEA. The" good old annual" in connection with St. Mary's Church was held on Shrove Tuesday in the Masonic Hall. Mrs. Davies, the Vicar- age, superintended the arrangements for the tea, ably assisted by ladies of the congregation. The variety entertainment held in the evening was undoubtedly a success in every way. The performers were excellent, and the hal! was comfortably filled. The first item on the programme was a pianoforte solo by Miss Lansdowne, L.R.A.M., Hill House College. An amusing duet by the Misses Williams, Hill House College, followed, entitled "Where are you going to, my blue maid," This was follow- ed by an instrumental duet by Master Ronald and Austin Cook, which gained well merited applause. Miss Violet Boughton gave an ex- cellent rendering of "The Humorous Quack," a recitation which fully deserved its title. A party of young ladies from Tasker's School gave three rounds in a pleasing manner. The dialogue Baby Dear" by Miss Maggie Rees and Master Gordon Mathias, fairly brought the house down and had to be repeated. Th troupe of pierrots who did not come from Lon- don provided quite an entertainment in them- selves and rendered sevral items which, jud- ging by the applause they evoked, were thor- oughly enjoyed. Space does not permit any special mention of the songs and soloists, but a word of praise is due to Mr. and Miss Randle and Miss Ada James who must have felt amply repaid for the trouble they must have had to train them so admirably. Miss Lansdowne opened the second part of the entertainment and fuly kept up the reputation she gained earlier in the evening. The Old Ladies" dance by the Misses Marion and Gwladys Barham was most quaint and deserves the highest praise for a realistic display of what graceful dances were in vogue a century ago. The Misses Bacrham wore handsome dresses of brocaded silk of the Georgian period, and their damce was the stately and graceful minuet of our great-grandmother's time. Master Tom Davies gave a pleasing xendering of the, song "The Land of Nod." The humorous trio "A bird in hand," by the Misses Maggie Allen, Bessie Davies, and Gladys Jenkins, proved very acceptable, and reced/ved a well deserved en- core. Last but by no means least, came the farcical sketch, The Persecuted Policemen," illustrating a day in the life of our London "Bobbies." It would be difficult to single out any one for special praise. They all without an exception deserved it, and we should think the goodly applause and peals of laughter, were proof of the excellent way in which all did their work. Mrs. Tamlyn has already won a name for capable stage management, and this last success will only add another leaf to her "laurels." The music rendered by the bond of the Boys Brigade, under the leadership of Sergt.-Major Pearce, constituted a pleasing variation.









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