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o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o: o: o: 0: o: 0: o: IF YOU WANT o: I o: o: GOOD PRINTING o: 0:0: AT 0: o: o: CHEAP BATES o: o: o: o: o: o :o :o :o :o :o :o .0 :< 1 :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o: o: T o: o: o: R o: o: o: Y o: o: 0: THE 0: 0: 0: N 0' o: o: E 0; "GGAJUJIAN" OFFI'JE, o: o: W OT,D BRIDGE, o: o: 1): Ft A V £ ? FOB D VVF.ST. 0: o: o: 0: o: o: o: 0:0: o: o: o: o: 0:0: o: O :o :o :o .0 :c :o :o J :O :o :o :o :o :o :o: ARE YOU BARGAIN HUNTING? LUTAS LEATHLEY'S ANNUAL SALE is where your hunt should terminate, and it need not be a long hunt either. By dropping a post card addressed to them a rge variety of Bargains m Dress and Blwse Materials will be sent for your selection, together with ordinary Price List and BARGAEN SALE LIST clearly showing the great reductions. Bargains are also offered in BLOUSES, DRESS and UNDERSKIRTS, CORSETS, UNDERCLOTHING, BLANKETS, TABLE COVERS, TOWELS, and all kinds of Household Requirements. Gloves, Boots, Aprons, Stockings, Handkerchiefs, Gent's Shirts and Underyests, Umbrellas, etc., etc. DO NOT DELAY UNUL THE BEST BARGAINS ARE SECURED. HONEST REDUCTIONS. Cash refunded if not thoroughly satisfied. February 1st until February 28th. (Patterns need not be returned.) LUTAS LEATHLEY & CO., Department 2A, The Warehouse, ARMLEY, LEEDS. THE FAMOUS CABLE TEA. The proprietors of the Famous Cable Tea write, In consequence of the reduction in Tea Duty of One Penny per pound, we have decided, as from May 14th, 1906, to reduce the Wholesale price of the Famous Cable Tea One Penny per pound, but the Retail price will be changed from 2/2 per lb. to 2/ This will leave a smaller profit to the Retailer, but the Retailer must look for his compensation in in- creased sales. This popular Tea, at the popular price of 2/ should have a largely increased sale, as the Proprietors are determined to keep the quality fully up to the standard. Our Local Agents, MESSRS. WM. JOHN and SON, Quay Street, Haverfordwest, supply the Famous Cable Tea, in 101b. and 201b. and 501b. Boxes, and to whom all your Orders should be sent. 7* NEW Motor & Cycle Depot Has now been OPENED in the lower part of West Street, FISHGUARD All work will be done on the premises by a qualified mechanic. Cycles built on the premises from £ 6 10s. All Motor repairs promptly at- tended to at lowest prices. Agents for several First-class Motor Cycles and Cars. All kinds of Accessories kept in stock. Motor Spirits, &c. HALL & THOMPSON, WEST STREET, fishguabd. BLAND and SOIM, Carriage Builders HAVERFORDWEST. Steam Factory, Old Bridge, Haverfordwest MERRYWEATHER ON WATER SUPPLY AND FIRE PROTECTION of COUNTRY MANSIONS. EXPERTS SENT TO ALL PARTS TO Report on EXISTING Arrangements. WRITE FOR PAMPHLETS: JERSYWEATHE2 & SOUS, 83, LONG ACRE, LONDON, I.C. A B«.t in 1787 Best ever since. A Te«t of Reliability.. 100 Ye n' Reputation. Frequently ordered by Specialist*. Awarded Certificate ol Merit for the cure of all obatructioni. Irregularities, anaemia, and all female complaints. They have theapproval of the Medical Profession, Buxes 1/1) and 2/9, of all GheminU, or by post, 1/2 and 2/10.. C lr fYrhV?™ Waterloo Road. London.S.l< rndlton ha.ving XEARSLEY'S SOUTH AFRICA ROYAL MAIL ROUTE UNION CASTLE LINE. London and Southampton. To Cape Colony, Natal, Dela- goa Bay, Beira, etc., callnig frequently at Madeira, Las Palmas, Teneriffe, Ascension, and St. Helena Weekly Sailings. Fast Passages. Superior Accommodation. Best Route. For Rates of Passage Money and all further information, apply to the Managers: DONALD CURRIE & CO., London, or to Local Agents. Sole Agent in the District for MESSRS. WORTHINGTON'S CELEBRATED IILD & BITTER ALES In 9, 18, and 36 gallon"casks. India Pale Ale in Bottle. Agent in the district for Messrs. Guinness' Extra Stout in Cask and Bottle. < The Wine and Spirit Stores, Fishguard. I-R H'.T?.1 P T I H !A7 T WHOLESALE & RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, SEED MERCHANT, MALTSTER, &C. R.L. invites attention to his choice selection of old WIl,ES ane SPIRITS: GOOD SIIERRY, pale or gold, from 15s to 30s per dozen superior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s to 42;4 per dozen. AMTILADO, pale or gold, 30s to 60s per dozen- Port of various ages, including Cocksburn's and Offley's of the best vintages sound Clarets, from 15s to 30s per dozen. Ingham's MARSALA. Our noted Special Club SCOTCH WHISKEY, guaranteed pure Malt and well-matured, at 21s per gallon, or 42s per dozen. HAVE NOW A CHOICE SELECTION OF GRASSES, CLOVERS, &c., IN STOCK. HENNESSY'S Brandy in Wood and Bottle. » Fine Old Irish Whiskies. I Nicholson's London Gin, Old I « Nichoisons London Gin, Old I Jamaica Rums & Jersey Brandies. i IEE1J' J^EFKESHMENT ItOOMS JgPIDGE STREET, JJAVERFORDW :>-T. CATERING AT MODERATE ?•(•• ES. VISITORS AND PARTIES W! i.l FIND EVERY COMFORT. REED'S WEDDING, BIRTHDAY AND HOME- MADE CAKES ARE NOTED THROUGHOUT THE COUNTY. TIMBER, MAHOGANY AND J* HARDWOOD TURNERY and JOINERY. ¡: .TI0l'll At o 5, Albion Place, I Cumberland Road, BRISTOL TKLEGRAFHIC APDKB88 HEAVEN, BRISTOL. AUTUMN AND WINTE119 1906-7. DAVID DAVIES, OUTFITTER AND HOSIER, 18, High Street, Haverfordwest, IS this day making an important Show of NEW GOODS- Every department will be found well assorted with the latest Styles for this Season, especially HOYS and MEN'S OVERCOATS and MACKINTOSHES, SUITS, &c. Everything kept and made to measur e for MEN&BOYS. Agent for Nicholson's Celebrated Rain Coats. 18, HIGH STREET. GEORGE ACE, SPECIALIST IN UP-TO-DATE MOTOR CARS. Official repairer to the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland. Head Office and works, TENBY. Branches at SWANSEA and HAVERFORDWEST, DEGS to announce to his numerous Clients that he has appointed a t> New Works Manager, a Certificated Kngineer with large experience in British and Foreign made Cars, officially recognised by the Automobile Club of Great Britain and Ireland, who will personally supervise all repairs to Cars in future also in order to co^ with inoroumig business, several qualified Motor Engineers have been engaged. My CMan therefore r«lv on thorough Expert attention to their commands. AIj*j KINDS OF S^-PATRS UNDERTAKEN including special facilities for Engiu^ and Ignition Renairs Vulcanizing Tubes, Covers, &c. Accumulators charged. Motor Cars for hire. Garage Accommodation for over 100 Cars, Southcliff Street. GEORGE ACE, Cycle and Motor Works, TENBY. FREE Yw BOOK! AND^thou^and^ ari now writing Why not yon? ■ In it SOTCHC?«^real^DBM 1 of bargains, a Month's Free Trial and a HANDSOME FREE PRIZE WITH BYBBY PURCHASE. BUY AT FACTORY PRICES t DIRECT AND SAYE HALF YOUR OUTId. Y. WI SEND POSTCARD FOR THE I SAMU EL, MANmchester! 1 DT J.Collls Browne's Wtlcrzwn ORIGINAL and KgSgB ONLY GENUINE. ■ If The Best Remedy known for Admitted by the-Frofession f COUGHS, GOLDS, I^S I Remedy ever discovered. 1 1ASTHMA.BR0NCHITIS, £ 11 I ■ nn|ieilllDTIMi The only Palliative in I ■ uuHounriiui. K&asg newmlgii. toothache, m m. ——- oh*n* will eoui, rheumatism, m QHOLIM KJi Overwhelming Medical Teeti- <f DVIlNTCIYi mon7 accompanies each bottle, IOJU) ZW MOTTZMB BT ALL as 1/1 J. a/9. and 4/1 oaah. IMPORTANT NOTICE. Georae Bennett & eo. WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. E TO C liKEN ACT, 1901. TO PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and EMPLOYERS of j CHILDREN under 14 YEARS of AGE. On January 1st, 1.902, a new Act of Parliament came into I force which prohibits license holders from selling or delivering any intoxicating liquor to children under fourteen years of age, except in quantities not less than one reputed pint, in corked and sealed vessels. On and after the aoove mentioned date children under 14 sent (1,S messengers should bring a bottle, as it is impossible. to cork dJd seal a jug. Every person who knowingly sends any person under the age of 14 years for the purpose of obtaining any description i I intoxicating liquor, excepting as aforesaid, will be liable to a penalty not exceeding 40s. for the first offence, and not exceeding £ 5 for r r subsequent offence. THOMAS, CARRIAGE BUILDER, • BRIDGE END SQUARE HAVERFORDWEST. o: :0- Repairs promptly attended to. Hew and second-hand Carriages always in stock. WHAT DO YOU WANT TO GIVE FOR A REALLY GOOD BICYCLE? You do not want a neck-risking price you do not want to pay out in repairs three times as much as the first cost of Bicycle, do you ? Then Call and See, and Try one of our aCS 8s Od SPECIALS. Ten guineas can't buy a better bike. If you can't call, send for a copy of our List. W. JENNER, Motor and Cycle Works, Letterston. ALL KINDS OF REPAIRS EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. » EVAN JONES, I STONE AND MARBLE MASON I OARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, (NEAB RAILWAY STATION.) Tombstones and Headstones worked to any design in stone or marble at prices to suit all classes. Designs and Estimates sent free on application. TEETH. TEETH. TEETH. MESSRS. E. ENGLAND, LTD., Can be consulted from 11 to 5 p.m., at MISS JOHN, Bookseller and Stationer, 3, Victoria Place, New Bridge, Haverfordwest Every alternate Tuesday and Saturday. Also at Chester House, 8, Picton Place, Haverfordwest, Daily. Next Visit, Saturday, Feb. 23, & Tuesday, Feb. 19, and will also attend at CHARLES STREET, MILFORD HAVEN (Mr Meyler, Chemist), every other Tuesday. Next Visit, Feb. 26. AT Mr. MEnaWs, CHEMIST, MAIN STREET, FISHGUARD, every other Thursdry, Next visit, Feb. 28. AT MRS, JAMES', GWALIA HOUSE, CARDIGAN, every other Saturday. Next Yisit, Feb 16, Also at Miss OwEN's, DEWI HouSE, CROSS SQUARE, ST. DAVID'S, every other Thursday. Next Visit, Feb. 21. -0- CONSULTATION FREE OF CHARGE. TEETH. 1. Perfection in eating and speaking. 2. Parfectly natural and life-like to appearance. Teeth extracted painlessly with Nitrous Oxide Gas. Watches, Clocks, &c. The Largest Show. The Best Quality Goods ,-at The Lowest Price. This Season is as us.ual at BISLEY H. MUNT'S Watch, Clock, and Jewellery Stores, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, AND MILFORD. Show Room on Ground floor for Silver Mounted Glass & Leather Goods & many low-priced Novelties. -t* IAI lrtl vT a Year Round Remedy. j* BEECfiAITi> PILLS may always be depended upon to exert a powerful and beneficial influence on the ills which beset the human race at various seasons of the year. A few doses will act most effectively on the vital organs, drise 'out the impurities in the blood, cleanse the stomach, strengthen L*e digestive organs, and tone and invigorate the entire system. ° ]BeecIicun}} 9J.ittJ ° act like a charm In setting you right. Every person, young or old, occasionally needs to assist nature over the trying times. # If you would s* avoid sickness and be well, and always have good digestion, an active liver, clear skin and bright eyes, make a habit of occasionally taking BEECHAM'S PILLS. They may be taken with safety at any time, being Always in Season. I SoJrf tv»rywhere la boxes, price /J {56 pills) & 219 (168 pills). ^Ol——IOI—IQI IQ^ [ESTABLISHED OVER 50 YEARS.] W. H. REYNOLDS Cabinet Maker, Upholsterer Decorator, and U ndertaket 18 & 20, HILL 8TREET, HAVERFORDWEST. GOOD HOME MADE FURNITURE » OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. S SEDB TEADS, REDDING, jjjj |^j A GOOD ASSORTMENT OF WALL PAPERS ALWAYS IN STr Great Clearance Sale CF I MEN'S AND BOY'S OVERCOATS AND I ACKIN.Tos:a::ES- ALSO SEVEAL C IT I T C TO LINES IN U 1 1 O CLEAR AT VERY LOW PRICES. I Immense Reductions in Woollen Shirts, Underwear, &c. TERMS CASH. NO CREDIT. NOTE ADDRESS- TOM DAVIES, I THE COUNTY CLOTHIER, i 24, High Street, Haverfordwest. CORN, BUTTER, SEED, AND MANURE. I. REYIsTOLDS BEGS to inform the Publio that he has taken over the business carried on succeasfuliy by Mr Joseph Thoman at Swan Square, Haverfordwest, for nearly half a century, and will continue the CORN, BUTTBR, SEED, AND MANURE TRADE as heretofore. ALSO GROCERY AND SACK HIRING. A Large Stock of perfectly new Sacks always kept. Usual Charges ADDRESS: > Swan Square, Haverfordwest. MESSRS. JENKINS & SONS, Jeffreys Square, LONDON, Have now decided to supply tea at wholesale prices to private families \t exceedingly low prices for cash within fourteen days or the tea, if not suitable, to be returned free of expense. A very superior quality from 1/9 to 1/11 per lb., not less than 4lbs. The above firm has been doing business largely in Pembrokeshire and the six adjoining counties for the last 30 years. All orders and communications must be sent direct to Welsh ad- dress, viz., Pentre Parr, Llandilo. It is important that you should give it a trial, and the above- named will be glad to send samples free of charge. Local Agent E. WILLIAMS, Grocer, SOLVA the Celebrated" K," the Easy-fitting ( Footform," and th6 Laàies Norvic Boots and Shoes, GO TO L. EVANS & SON MARKET STREET, HAVERFORDWEST. FOOTFORM BOOTS Are the c'erfectionof Work- manshi PI Perfection of Style, Forfootion of Fit. The New K" Boots are so named as being the latest and most up-to-date Speciality of jf J? this celebrated K make, and will be i v found exceedingly moderate in price. M VL The "Norvic" Shoes are made in fourteen different styles. Each style of Boot or "•« £ f Shoe has been carefully worked out in every detail, and is a model of good taste J? and smartness combined. They are made /JKL by an old established firm of high repute- j'ffw and only the best workmanship and mate, rials are employed in their manufacture.