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PATER WARD COMMIT- j TEES. ALBANY STREET ONCE MORE. INTERESTING DISCUSSION. A meeting of the Priter W ard Commit- tee was held on Monday afternoon at the Bush Street Council offices, when there were present Aldn. A. McColl, J. Hutch- ings, and \V. James; Couns. J. Grieve, C. Yoiin £ i, B. Hancock, W. Phillips, J. !i, \Y. S¡::il L. THE SANITARY CART. ']" Sanitarv Committee considered an account £ 10 for repairs to the sanitary cart, some of the work of which was done Ihr!■1 ary. It was stated that the tall been given by the Chair- man iMr. C. Young), and eventually it decided to pay the bill. 1 fIE SEWAGE WORKS. T'i i c- Ciialrj,,iari of the Sanitary Commit- tee (Mr. Young) stated that the amount spent on the outfall works to date was :fA 16 Os. 8d., and the amount spent on fiie tunnel was £ 721 8s. 2d. They had now completed 1,850 feet of the tunnel invert, and there remained 650 feet still to be done. In reply to lr. Phillips, Mr. loang udded that the work was proceed- ing satisfactorily. Three hundred feet 1:> i had been done since the last meeting, and this included perhaps the worst part of the tunnel. It was probable that the next scciion would be much easier. In reply to Ald. Jones, Ir. Young said that the penstocks were also going on all f IH HIGHWAY MATTERS. In reply to the Chairman of the Highway Committee (Mr. W. Phillips), the Surveyor said that the repairs to the road leading Ironi Hill Street, Bufferland to Pennar, had not yet been completed, as the snow- I fall had delayed them, the men being re- quired in other directions. Mr. Hancock remarked that the path ought to be put in repair before the schools re-assembled. Mr. Morgan remarked that the work of repairing this road would be an awkward piece of work. The Surveyor: If you leave it to me I will make a good job of it. ALBANY STREET AGAIN. A long discussion occurred with refer- ence to the drainage of Albany Street. It was stated that the Bush Estate had done nothing more in the matter. It was suggested that notices should be served on the leaseholders, but Mr. Srni:n ob- iected to this. He thought that it would be better to have a meeting in the street to talk over the matter with the lease-hold- ers. He believed that a good many of them did not understand the matter at the present time. They should not put these people to considerable expense until they had heard what they had to say. Mr. Young considered it would be the interest of these people to have the drains put in a proper condition. Ir. Grieve pointed out that they could not do anything with the ratepayers' money, but something must be done. The Chairman said that the officials had condemned the sewer which had been put there bv the Bush Estate. Was it not their duty to ask the Bush Estate to remove it. Ir. Hancock said that the Bush Es- tate had submitted no plan, and the Town Clerk replied that the Estate' contended that a plan was nassed thirty years ago. The Surveyor said that no sanitary au- thority in England would allow such a "int", of things to go one. Fancy people a a room, under the boards of iy stuff was flowing in drains to he Surveyor, the Chairman said that the Lush Estate had been re- quested to remove the sewer. They had replied to the effect that the sewer was placed" there with the approval of the Sur- veyor. The Surveyor denied that he had ever approved this sewer, and suggested that the Council should exercise their powers and compel the Estate to remove this sewer. Mr. Smith pointed out that there were similar circumstances in other parts of the borough. It showed that there must have been great carelessness and incompetence on the part of someone. Ald. McColl said that some of the houses were comparatively new. Why were not the pipes properly laid then? Where were the committee then ? Houses were built and were never looked at from the start to the finish. People went into them before they were half built. A great responsibility would rest upon the Council if they did not see that their paid officials did their duty. In reply to Aid. Hutchings, the Surveyor said that no drains were cl shown on the plans of the houses when they were sent in. Eventually it was decided that Ald. -L I I I McColl, Conns. Phillips, Smith, and Young, the Surveyor, Inspector, and Town Clerk should meet Major Wynne and dis- cuss the matter. WATER MATTERS. The Chairman of the Water Committee (Aid. McColl) announced that the water had been laid to Cross Park, and the cost would be nearly A letter was read from Mr. F. S. Reed, on behalf of Air. T. Griffiths, of Pembroke, stating that the latter was desirous of having the water laid on five small houses at Golden. The Chairman said that. the cost would probably be £1 f), but he had not gone fully into the matter. It was decided to leave tlie matter in the hands of the Chairman. The Chairman mentioned that they had been flooded once at the pumping station at Milton. Supposing they had a sudden thaw this might occur again. He sug- gested r hat they should lay a dfain at the east end of the pumping station. Thev t could uitilise some of the twelve-inch pipes thev had there for tnat purpose. The committee agreed to this course being adopted. The Chairman said that the value of the coal consumed at Milton for the past four weeks was f:3 lis. Id. The engines worked lot Hours 40 II mutes. They now had enough coal to last them into the middle of March. A NEW USE FOR SEATS. Aid. McColl said that a few days ago he was watking down the old waterworks lane when he saw a number of men stand- ing on the seats which the Council had pro- vided there, so that they could see a loot- bail match. They refused to move when spoken to. and he believed that one man, if he had spoken to him, would have come down and blackened his eye. He thought uini the ponce Miould be requested to turn these people from the seats if they could hot use them properly. THE MARKET HOUSE MYSTERY. The Town Clerk reported that lie had interviewed Mrs. Humphries, the caretaker of tic. .'eu.uroke Dock Market House, with reference to the lights burning there all night, which matter was discussed at the hist meeting oi the committee. She stated that she always opened and closed the Council Chamber personally, and never (d persons entitled to use the room to have the key. She said that she had been informed by the secretary of the Oper- f ic Society that Mr. Phillips, during his mayoralty, gave permission to the society to use the room.; and they used it one Mon- day, after whic n she locked it up. On the day, after whic n she locked it up. On the following thiy the magistrates used the room, and she thought that the gas must have beeii lighted to warm the room, and that the place must have been closed again without this being noticed, as she found it burning on the following Thursday morning. The Town Clerk also reported that he had received no reply to his letter to the secretary of the Operatic Society. Mr. Morgan (chairman of the Market Committee) said that Mr. Phillips said at the last meeting that he did not give per- mission. The Town Clerk: lie did not give it for this time. [r. Hancock I think it was agreed that Mrs. Humphries should be cautioned. The Town Clerk: She was cautioned, and she was rather frightened about it, too.





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