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MILFORD. Mr. Herbert Price, the district coroner, held an inquest on Thursday on the body of Ada Rose Davies, aged two years, the child of James Francis and Sarah Ann Davies of ITubberst-on. The child died on Christmas Day from severe burns. The mother said that on the Monday she went see a neighbour, leaving the deceased with her brother, aged 5 years. There was a guard in froilt of the fire. Autness had not been out of the house more than two minutes when someone ran up and said the little girl was on fire. She found the child's dress on fire, and put it out, and with the assistance of a neighbour applied linseed oil to the burns. The child did not tell her how it happened, only said she would not do it again. Dr. Ross spoke to attending the child, which he found in a state of collapse, and with no hope ol saving its life. The jury returned a ver- dict of accidental burning. Considering the season, supplies have kept up very well at the fish market. On Monday 157 tons were landed, and on Tuesday and AYednesday 80 tons each day. Prices have been fairly remunerative. On Monday hake, of which there were 555 kits on the market, made 45s. per .ll; on Tuesday 130 kits made 60s. per kit; and on AYednesday 100 kits made also 60s. per kit. Soles were zell on Monday and Tues- day, and on AYednesday tlO per trunk. ACCIDENT ON A STEAMER. cargo was being removed from a steamer on the Hakin side of the docks, an empty skip struck the combings of the ship, and then fell into the hold, where it struck William Madden, a dock company's em- ploye, crushing him slightly. He was taken on a stretcher to Dr. Griffith's sur- gery, where it was found that no bones had been broken, or serious injury sustained. On Christmas night the steam trawler Dorothy was in dock, when her condition attracted attention. The waterman, George Rokeby, found there was a large quantity of water in her engine room. Mr. AYard, the docks manager, and Captain James, the harbour master, arrived on the scene, and the dock police were sent for; also the dock's fire engine and hose. The water was speedily pumped out of her, and it was then found that some one had care- lessly left the sea cock open. CHILDREN'eS CONCERT. The annual Christmas concert given by the children attending the Church Day and Sunday Schools, took place in the National Schools on Thursday night. In the unavoidable ab- sence of Mr. James Thomas, the chair was taken by Mir. F. Sankey. The programme was of good length and included songs, duets, trios, sketches, Tecitations, dialogues, piano- forte and violin solos, ventriloquism, etc. THE PASSING OF 1906 Large congregations assembled both at the Parish Church and the Wesleyan Church on December 31st, "to watch the New Year in." In the former paaco the vicar, the Rev. E. J. Howell, B.A., delivered a heart-search- ing homily. Those whose visit to church is confined to an annual oppearance on New Year's Eve must have felt very uncomfort- able. At the Wesleyan Church the eea-vice was conducted by the Rev. J. Ward. The hooters of the st.eam trawlers did not as for- merly announce the advent of the New Year. The Dock authorities ore to be commended for putting a stop to this useless and noisy practioe). Although the evening was fine the number of people perambulating the streets was much less than in other years. The rowdy element was conspicuously absent. THE STORM. Milford Haven had its share of the storm last week, and it is over a dozen years since the place was visited by such a severe snow- storm. The first flakes fell on Boxing Dty morning, asd the streets were speedily wrapt in a mantle of snow. It cleared at noon, but a sharp frost ensued, and it snowed heavily in the night, the ground in the morning being covered by a layer of six inches. Heavy falls continued, especially on Friday. Thurs- day night a phenomenan was experienced by a simultaneous visitation of a thunder- storm. RUGBY FOOTBALL. Lord Kensington has kindly consented to act as president of the newly-formed Ruby Foot- ball Club, and Mr. J. Jones, Dowlais House, as vice-lresident and chairman of the commit- tee. Mr. George Harries will act as captain of the club. The hon. sec., Mr. W. J. Jenkins, and Mr. Jenkin Jones, attended a meeting of the newly-formed West Wales League at Whitland. Practice has commenced at Priory Road, but an effort is being made to secure a ground on North Road.




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