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Family Notices

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HAVERFORDWEST RURAL DISTRICT COUNCIL. A meeting- of the Rural District Council followed, Mr. Llewellin presiding. THE FOOTPATH BY THE G.W.R. The first matter under consideration was a resolution of which notice had been given by the Rev. W. H. A. Walters, regarding the rescinding of a former resolution deal- ing with the footpath from Treffgarn bridge to Salem Chapel. The Chairman pointed out that the re solution Mr. Walters wished to rescind was carried in July, 1S05. Mr. J. T. Fisher asked what had the engineer of the G.W.R. to say about the matter ? The clerk said Mr. Cookson, the engin- eer, had asked Mr. Walters to withdraw the aspersions he had cast upon the G.W.R. officials, in saying they had misled that council. The Chairman thought Mr. Walters C, ought to withdraw those remarks. Mr. J. C. Bowen asked could they be in formed what Mr. Waiters had said ? The Chairman asked was it necessary ? Several Guardians thought thev heard all that was necessary, and the clerk was instructed to write to Mr. Cookson, stating that as Mr. Walters was not pre- sent at the meeting to move his resolution, the matter had fallen through. THh MFDICM. OFFICE!' The clerk reported that the Narberth District Council had appointed a committee to meet a committee appointed by that council to consider the question of joint appointment of a medical officer. On the mot-ion of Mr. W. G. Eaton Evans, the Haverfordwest sub e-ommnlee was (instructed to try and arrange a date convenient to both committees to go into the question The clerk reminded the council that at present they were without medical officers, and he asked if the council had any direc- tions to give? No action was taken. SOUTH HIGHWAY COMMITTEE. This committee met on December 12th, when 17 members were present. Mr. Fowler, of Druidston1 wrote calling attention to the condition of West Lane. The committee instructed the surveyor to confer with Mr. Fowler, and to endeavour to remedy his complaint. THE NEW ROAD REGULATIONS. At a meeting of the South Highway com- mittee the new rules and regulations pro- posed by Mr. W. G. James for the better supervision of the roads were under con- sideration in detail. It was unanimonsly agreed to accept the recommendations, with the exception of the bonus proposed, which were regarded as impracticable. In point of fact it was contended that the other pro- posals were practically already in opera- tion. The North Highway committee had also reported upon Mr. James' proposals. They decided to recommend their adoption, and that they should be printed in Welsh and English for distribution among the road- men. The reccommendation, however, as to granting bonuses was not entertained. Mr. W. Eaton Evans asked was he right in assuming that the south committee had decided that the rules suggested by Mr. James were already in force. The Chairman: Yes. Mr. W. E. Eatbn Evans said that being so why had the committee passed a re- solution recommending their adoption? The clerk said the North committee had arrived at a similar decision, the rules were already in force, but they formally recom- mended them. They added that they would like to see them printed and distrf buted among ths roadmen. Mr. J. T. Fisher thought the sucgestion wos a good one, and lie should like "to see it adopted. Mr. AY. G. Eaton Evans said he ap- proved of it, and he moved a resolution that the rules be printed, and distributed by the surveyor among the road men in each district. Both reports were then adopted. WISTON ROADS. A letter was read from the Wiston Parish Council recommending the Dist- trict Council to take over a piece of road leading from Deeplake to South Dairy Chapel. Mr. G. J. Harries said he had a peti- tion in his pocket in support of the letter. The Chairman said it was all very nice, but the road was in good order now. Mr. Eaton Evans said he had seen a pony and trap right up to the axle in mud in this road. Mr. Dawkins asked was it not a high- way now ? The Chairman said it was not. He suggested that the matter had better be considered by the committee. Mr. Eaton Evans said they had always refused to take over these roads. Mr. Lewis mentioned that a large num- ber of the inhabitants had spent a consid- erable sum—about £ '50—upon this road. Mr. John Bowen thought if the road was put into good repair the Council ought to taiie it over. The Chairman said the letter would be considered by the committee. GOOD WICK FORESHORE. A letter was received from the Harbour Department of the Board of Trade stating that their attention had been drawn to the fact that shingle and other matter had been removed from the foreshore at Good- wick, and asking what steps the Council proposed to take in the matter. The Clerk explained that the Council had given an undertaking that they would prosecute in such cases, but this had not been notified to the Council. Mr. J. C. Bowen thought they should ask the coastguard to notify such cases to the Council instead of the Board of Trade. It was agreed that a letter to this effect should 1 e sent to the coastguard. THE FISHGUARD DRAINAGE. The engineer who had pi-epared plans for the Fishguard drainage scheme wrote asking for a cheque for £:25 on account of his expenses, saying that it appeared to him the Fishguard drainage and sewerage scheme was shelved. Mr. Kepple Palmer a-ked would the £ 25 come out of the parish or the Coun- cil's funds? The Chairman said it would at present come out of the District Council's funds, but if they proceeded with the matter they could recoup themselves. Mr Kepple Palmer thought they -h' uld inform the engineer that they were awaiting the granting of urban poweis to guard. The Chairman said the new powers would probably be granted in April, and the matter dropped. NORTH INSPECTOR'S REPORT. The North Inspector reported that since the last meeting he had inspected several dairies in the district and enforced appli cations for registration under the Dairies, Cowsheds and Milkslxops Urder, 1885. He hoped in a few days to have a com p J etc ust of the dairies and purveyors of milk in his district. He had also visited the bakehouses in Fishguard, and served no- tices to carry out iruporvements which in each case had been complied with; struc- tural defects and in-attention to cleanliness were the chief complains. As far as lie was aware the district was free from in- fectious disease. New buildings in course of construction were periodically inspected. A certificate of occupation had been granted to the owner of a new house at Trehowel, Llanwnda, and for two houses at the Slade, Fishguard. A plan of a bungalow for Mr. B. P. Thoma-s, London, at Aberbach, had been received for consideration. SOUTH HIGHWAY INSPECTOR. The Inspector for the South district reported that he had instruoted the work- men to fix the pump at Broadway in such a ay as the flags could not be removed for dipping. Freystrop Parish Council had agreed to cover in and protect two wells, one of which he had referred to in a previous report. Under the instructions of Dr Williams he had the water -it Har- oldston dairy analysed. The analyst re- ported that the water did not contain or- ganisms, but one part of the chemical I analysis was unsatisfactory, owing to the proximity of a churchyard to the well. That water was not now being used. This analysis was in connection with the typhoid outbreak at the. Workhouse. Nothing had been done by the Education Authority to abate the nuisance at Bolton Hill. He had seen the architect about it twice, and also written him a few times. The date of the first notice he served was March p 'hh. 190(-, and afler repeated warnings lie applied to the Council for permission to serve statutory notice on October 3rd, but nothing had yet been. done. He left it to the Council to decide what should be done further. A case of typhoid fever in a house at Hook had been notified to him. He had visited and disinfected the place. A case of diptheria in a house near St. Bride's had also been notified.





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