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COMPETITIVE MEETINC. On Thur day evening a competitive meeting was held at the Temperance Hall, Haverford. west, in connection with the Bethesda Baptist Sunday School. The Rev. S. Nicholson Jones had charge of the meeting as conductor, and the adjudicators were: Mr J. Harries, Nar- berth (music); Rev. Jesse Roberts, Pisgah (literature) Mr F. J. Warren (handwriting and drawing); Mrs E. Nicholson Jones and Mrs C. Sidney Davies (needlework and prize bags). The accompaniments were played by Miss Gertrude Reynolds, A.T.C.L. Mr Vincent Davies gave a rendering of To Anthea" as an Eisteddfod song. Three competitors entered for the solo for children under 16, winner Miss Hilda Lewis. Music at sight, with words, attracted thir-e compete rs, and Mr. Jame-i Jamei, vho nude four mistakes in tone and three stops, was awarded the prize. The unpunctuated neadirg, for %i,hi -ii fivt competitors entered. created some an >ise-u e.)t, and the prize wtnt to AIT. Wilfred LE-1. Daffodils" was the subject of the reci- tation for children under 16. The prize was awarded to Hilda Lewis. Two competitors, "Primrose" and "M.B.B. entered for the sopiano solo, The Children's Home." The adjudicator described the com- petitors as very close in point of merit. The first prize winner was Miss Burgess, but the other competitor, Miss Annie James, )f ,;>,on- deirgast, so captivated ihe audience with her sweet voice oni easy rendering that a second prize w as awarded her. Several essays on "Woman's Suffrage were sent in, and the adjudicator in awarding the prize to Mr. Fred Gibbon, described it as a good sensible essay, well written and correctly punctuated. In the needlework ;ompetition the first prize for the best child's pinafore was awarded to Miss Garnon, Prendergast, and a second 'J( ;ze given by Mrs. Sydney Davies, was given tj Miss Miriam Davies. There were four com- petitors Only one choir entered for the juvenile choir competition under 16, and this had been trained by M'L Allen, of Albert Street, who unfortu- nately was laid up with influenza There were four competitors for the recita- tion for adults, the piece chosen being "The Advice of Polonius -to his Son" (Shakes- p:'are). The prize was awarded to Mr. T. P. Thomas. Three sang in the open solo for children under 12 The prize was awarded to Hilda Lewis. Mr War-ren delivered his adjudication in the handwriting competition under 14, for which sixteen competitors entered. Mr. Warren expressed pleasure that the teaching of hand- writing was still receiving due attention in the elementary schools. The first prize was :vardc.d to Summer, and the second prize to TImal, both pupils of Johnston schools, of which Miss Annie Davies, of Haverfordwest, I h For the baritone solo, "Lead, Kindly Light," 1her was only one competitor, Mr. T. P Th> mo.?, vho was awarded the prize. Six competitors fame.forward in the •iv proiuptu speech, and the prize was awarde-a to Mr. Max Metzger. Mr. T. P. Thomas was the only competitor in the solo for adultis, and he was awarded the prize. He song Rock of Ages." Sir. Warren regretted that there had not been more competitors for the drawing "Map of Africa." Only six maps were sent in, and hp awarded the prize to John Tamlyn. Mr. Wanen suggested that on another occasion it might be well to fix an age limit. For a poem of 24 lines on "Portfielrl Ra .•c- course," the prize went to Mr Geo. Jenkins, of Barn Street. Nine poems were sent in. Three prizes bags were sent. in,. and the. prize was awarded to Mrs. Fortune, of Barn Street. There were no entries for the male voice competition, March on God's Soldiers Bold," or for the tenor solo, "If with all your lie lit-" (Elijah). Votes of thanks ended the proceedings.





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