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FISHGUARD. DEATH. The death occurred on Thursday last at Newport Road. Lower Fishguard, of. Mrs. Elizabeth James, wife of Mr. John James, after a very short illness, at the age of 47 years. The funeral took place on Monday last at Macpelah burying ground, Dinas. REV. THOMAS PHILLIPS'S WILL. The will of the late Rev. Thomas Phil- lips, Llanelly, who died on November 23rd last, son of Mrs. Phillips, Fishguard, and nephew of Mr. Thomas, jeweller, Fish- guard, has just been proved, and shows that Mr. Phiiliips left estate valued at £ 655, and probate of his will has been granted to his widow, Mrs. Jessie Mary Phillips. CHRISTMAS AT THE NATIONAL SCHOOL. On Friday evening last, happy and hilar- ious scenes were witnessed at the National school, when the distribution of gifts from the Christmas tree therein fixed took place. The children were highly delighted with the presents they received and enjoyed them all the more because of the fun which the process of dividing their presents among them provided. Besides the child- ren there were also many grown-up people present. WATCH-NIGHT SERVICE. The watch-night service at St. Mary's Church on New Year's eve was attended by a large number of people, including not only churchmen, but those from the differ- ent denominations as well. The vicar, Rev. W. Evans, M.A., officiated through- out ana preached an impressive sermon, calling upon his hearers to eschejft the faults and bad habits they had been addict- ed to during the past year and to resolve upon new ways, as another year was com- mencing, Finally he wished all the con- gre A Happy New Year. The ch-urch remained decorated since Christmas Day, and of the large number present most of them seemed to thoroughly ap- preciate the service. fHE SITUATION AT 'FRISCO. Seeing that there are several Welshmen in 'Frisco from Fishguard and neighbour- hood, the following account of things out there may prove interesting to some of our i-eaders :-Statistics go to show that since the fire new buildings have been erected at the rate of one each 48 minutes. How is that? Labour is at a premium. Brick- layers and plumbers are being paid seven to eight dollars per day of eight hours, car- penters six dollars, hod-carriers four to live dollars, plasterers eight dollars, and so on down the line. Coal stevedores' rates are six dollars for nine hours; overtime, Sunday, and holidays, one dollar per hour. these ii-ien are living like fighting cocks, and most of them spend their money as fast as they get it. Again, there has been distributed in the city some 150,000,000 dollars insurance money, so that you can readily imagine things are humming. The look-out to me is that, barring a "General Black Friday." we are cooing to have lively times for the next ) few years. TABERNACLE SUNDAY SCHOOL. The quarterly meeting of the above Sun- day School took place on Sunday after- noon last. Despite the inclemency of the weather a good number was present, and a most pleasant afternoon was spent. The diligent superintendent of the school, Mr. John E. James, presided. Several hymns were rendered by the choir, under the lead- ership of Miss Maggie Bevan. The duties of accompanist were ably carried out by Miss M. Thomas, Goodwick House. Ap- pended Vs the programme:—Recitation, 46th Psalm, Mr. T. H. Roberts, Hill Ter- race; hymn, Arglwydd, Iesu'r Bugail Mwyn," choir; prayer, Mr. O. R. James, West Street; recitation, My Mother's Prayer," Master Geo. Baden Collins, Lower Fishguard; recitation, "I am a Little Soldier," Master D. Ll. Narbett, Square; duet, My Mother's Bible," Masters Bertie Jenkins and T. H. Roberts; recitation, Love one Another," Miss M. L. Owen. Lower Fishguard; recitation, Cyfaill Pechadur," Master Lawrence Davies, Lower Fishguard; recitation, Yr Ysgol Sul," Miss H. M. Owen, Lower Fishguard; hymn, "Is my name written there? choir; recitation, Mother, what is Death? Master Clifford Williams, Hill Terrace; solo, "Bring them in," Miss Mary L. James, West Street; recitation, Y Beibl," Master Willie Owen, Lower Fish- guard'; recitation, Amddifad a'r Angel," Master Ebenezer Rowlands, Rope Walk; solo, I have a Saviour," Miss Ethel Roberts, Anchor House; solo, "Dim ond lesu," Miss M. Rowlands, Rope Walk; hymn, Sing them over again to me," choir; solo, Miss Annie Thomas, Smith SLreet. Addresses on The Sunday School were given by the Rev. W Mor- lais Davies, Messrs. John E. James, Thos. Edwards, Edward Davies, and O. R. James. Solo, I know He's "Mine," Miss Maggie Bevan, Main Street; prayer, Rev. W. Morlais Davies. CANTATA AT TOWER HILL. A very pleasant evening was spent on Monday at Tower Hill Chapel, when a children's cantata entitled A cold water concert was performed. The youthful singers and reciters went through their parts exceedingly well. They had been carefully trained by Miss E. A. Howells, who has shown herself on several other occasions capable of much painstaking labour where the teaching of children in anv musical direction is concerned. Miss Howell also acted as accompanist during the evening, and the chair was taken by Mr. T. Meyler. chepaist. The^^Dyiuv* eral songs by well-known local vocalists, and many encores were given. The follow- ing is a list of the items enjoyed by the audience:—Solo, Mr. Bateman; piano- forte solo, Mis Lena Blank; song, "Greet- ing," Miss Nancy Bateman; "The Wel- come song," by the -children's choir, fol- lowed by prayer and scripture reading. ",The beautiful, lovely and true," das the next item, and I'd never make cider" came after. Pianoforte duet, Misses Blank and Collier; exercise, Dare to do right solo, Miss M. Blank; children's song, Enlisted for life solo, King's Busi- ness," Miss Lalla James; recitation, Miss Annie Yaughan Thomas; children's song,. A Band of Brothers pianoforte solo, Miss A. Thomas; recitation, Miss Maud Blank; song, Mountain streams solo, Miss M. J. Howells; recitation, Master Clifford Williams; pianoforte duet, -Misses Lalla James and Maud Blank; recitation, Master John Morgan; dialogue, "The dew drop"; recitation and song "Long, long ago"; pianoforte duet, Misses Howells; solo, Miss Lalla James; recita- tion, Miss Bella Jones; song, Miss M. J. Howells; drill, "Cold water is King"; solo, Mr. John Roblyn; solo, Miss Nar- bett; solo, Miss Bevan. At the conclusion of the meeting, Mr. T. Lewis, chemist proposed a hearty vote of thanks to Miss Howells for training the children so well, and Capt. Thomas seconded.