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Annual Meetings at Tabernacle.—The an meetings at Tabernacle Congregational Chapel will take place on Tuesday and Wed- nesday next, when the preachers will be the Revs. D. Lloyd Williams (Machen), D. G. Wil- liams (St. Clears), and Lloyd Morgan (Pont- ardulais. We are pleased to welcome home another "old Fishguard boy" in the person of Mr. Beuamin Thomas, son of Mrs. Sarah Thomas, High Street, who has been for a period of over three years at Johannesburg, South Af- rica. He arrived home la:;t Friday. Mr J. Worthington, J.P.—Residents of the district, and people in every part of the county, will be sorry to hear that little or no perceptible change for the better has taken place lately in the condition of Mr. J. Worth- ington, J.P., who is confined to his bed. Mr. Worthington has been in bad health for some time past, and a great number of sympath- isers deeply regret his long absence from their miist. Lecture at Tempeiance Hall.—The Rev. D. Davies, Cadle. wiil give a lecture this (Fri- day) night, at the Temperance Hall, Fish, guard, when the subject will be "A Tour through Egypt." Mr. Davies was at one time minister of Tabernacle Congregational Chapel, and is a close relative of Mr. Walter Wil- liams,1 C.C., Fishguard. The chairman of the evening will be Mr. W. R. Williams, Mr. Walter Williams' brother, who himself holds an important official position under the Gov- ernment in Egypt. Social at the National School.A delight- fully pleasant evening was spent on Friday last at the National School, when a social was held in order to provide a tea-urn and a full set of crockery and other articles to be used at the school on the occasion of similar entertainments. The organisers were Mrs. Capt. Lewis and Mrs. W. J. Vaughan. Light le/reshments were provided, and danc- ing was indullged in till midnight. Not the least enjoyable part of the programme, how- ever, was a song given by Miss Tavener, and a violin solo, excellently played, by Miss Carev, who was accompanied by her lather, Mr. T. H. C arey, Mus. Bac., organist of St. I Mary's Church. The accompanist for the evening was Miss Lily Rosser, A.L.C.M., and Mr. Sidney J. Pitt acted as M.C. Jiechabites at Cardigaii.-Tlie annual meet- its- of the North Pembrokeshire and South Cardigan District of the Independent Order of Reehabites was held at the Temnerancc Hall, Cardigan, on Wednesday, April 18th. The Fishguard delegate was Mr. W. O. Thomas, Railway House. Mr. Enoch Davies, builder, Lower Fishguard, was elected District Chief Ruler for the ensuing year. There ports showed that the distiict societies are in a flourishing condition. The delegates received a corria!]. welcome from the Cardigan Temperance Association, by whom they were entertained. The Congress was visited by the chairman and secretary of the local Tem- perance Association, who both gave addresses. The meeting will be held next year at Hebron. Forthcoming Eisteddfodau.-The Rechabite eisted Ifod, which was postponed from Easter Monday, will now take place at the Temper- ance 11 all on Friday, May lltli, when Mr. W. L. Williams, C.C., Cefnydre, will act as chairman. The adjudicators will be: Music, Air. W. D. Evans, L.T.S.C., Solva; recitations, ltev. W. Evans, M.A.; essay, Mr. H. A. Wil- liams, Letterston; handwriting, .Mr. 0. Gled- liill, B.fcsc.; prize bags, Mrs. W. U. Thomas and Mis. J. Evans. The conductor will be Mr. J. Evans, L.T.S.C., and the accompan- ists, Miss E. A. Howells and Miss Ruby Davies. All further information may be obtained of the secretary, Mr. P. Williams, Castle Hill, Fishgua d. Another eisteddfod, which pro- mises to be an event of considerable import- ant*, wiT be held at Tower Hill, Fish- guard, "11 June 15, when the prize in the chief citotxj competition will be iE20, and lor the male voiee choir £15. The adjudicator of the music will be Mr. J. T. Rees, Mus. Bac., Aberystwyth, The presidents will be Dr. Owen, J.P., Sir Marti-ine Lloyd, and Mr. E. D. Jones, J.P. Programmes can be ob- tained for 22d. post free from the secretary, JIr. O. D. Jones, Council School, Fisliguftrd. Aew Freemasons' Lodge.—The consecration of tjje new Kemes Lodge, No. 3,152, took place tJtj Friday, the 20th inst., in auspicious wea- tiler. The ceremony was conducted by the V. W. Biti, Canon Bowen, PGC, DPGM, and liis officers. W, Bro. J. D. Perrott, PGW (Aber- ystwyth), W. Bro. J. E- J ones, PJ GW <Lia?i- Hy." W. Bro. F. Muncaster, PSGO (Tenby), W. Bro. B. M. Beer, PJGD (Pembroke Dock), W. Bro. W. Bowen, PPGSW (Llanelly), W. Bro. JJ, Davies, Pro. uC (Nash), W. Bro. T. G. Gregory, pro. UDC (Tenbv), W. Bro. R. Lock, J'DGDC <Tenby). After the Lodge was formed W. Bro. Cuthbert Thomas was installed by <lM; V. W, Cnon Bowen as the first W.M. of the Kemes Lodge. Bro. Thomas then in- vested his officers: Bro. Tombs, SW, Bro. iBonvoiini, JW, Bro. T. Matthews, secretarv: W. Rees (BDGP, China), treasuicr; Bro. T. Lewis, SD; Bro. Rev. W. Evans (PPGC), J I); Bro. H. R. Felix, Org; Bro. J. M. Owen, 1G; lh. T. H. Evans, steward; Bro. J. Lewis, Ty. The visitors were numerous anli distin- guished. Amongst them were: W. Bietlren W. G. Beer, PM, PGJD (Pembroke Dock), W. T. xoill, PM, PP>Std B (Pembroke Dock), W. H. Owen, PM, PPGP (Pembroke Dock), J. Otitvby, WM (Pembroke Dock), A. IT. Brook- mun, PM. PPG, JW (Tenby). W. E. Jenkins, PM, PIMP, J. A. Davies, PM, PPGP (Yar- bertla), E. Palmer, PM, PPGP (Tenby), L. H. Thomas, WM (Haverfordwest), S. G. Rogers, PM, PPG StdB (Tenby), Thomas Rogers, PM, PGDW (Haverforwest), Cliarle-i Mathias, PPGR. PM (Tenby), T. G. Marshall, PGC (Waiwyn's Castle), E. H. Ellis, PGS, Brethren J. R. Phil- lips, D. Lloyd, W. R. James (Narberthi. J. H. Col. F. D. Phillips, W. D. Phillips illav fordwest), England (Tenby), D. Evans Jones (Risca), J. C. Yorke, Jas. Thomas, T. Evans (Fishguard). After the ceremony the banquet was held at the Commercial Hotel. An Enthusiastic Agricutuiist.—It will be re membered that some time ago Mr. J. C. Yorke, J.P., read a most instructive pap. r before the North Pembrokeshire Agiic ul; 11: .1. Society at one of their meetings at tin; Com- mercial Hotel, Fishguard, on the hrud of Welsh Black cattle, upon which subjcct. he may weU he regarded as an authoiify. A other paper will be read before the sane soc e*y 011 Thu sday afternoon next, at the same place, by Mr. Edward Perkins, Peny: gwarne, whsn the subject will be M.nui and its application." There arc few ii., i who can spea'k with more authority upon this subject than Mr. Perkins. He has be. 1 a practical farmer all his life, and has stuciitd farming on scientific principles. He wis well known for many years as one of, h.. leading agriculturists in the neighbourhood of St. David's, and more recently he has been the pioneer of modern methods of farming in the district of Peneae Some ten years ago he re-, signed the control of his farm in favorr of his son, and many thought tlaat from tlilt' time forward he was going to enjoy a well- earned rest, and that he would henceforth live in retirement. But Mr. Perkins held dif- ferent views, and lie availed himself of this larger leisure to further add to his sto: c of knowledge. He commenced a course at Aber- ystwyth College, and studied chemistry in or der to analyse the properties of the land he had to deal with. He has carried oil expe: iiiients in th's direction ever since, and the fruit of his enquiiing mind is noticeable to-div on eveiy hand, for others have benefited from the vari- ous experiments he has conducted during these years at Pencaer, and many farmers are in- debted to him for the hints lie has given them. Mr. Perkins has nevrv aspired frr public honours, though he has field offices in his time, but his has been a most useful career throughout, and his neighbour- have a'ways lega'ded him as a :trong teadc:' in all matters affect ing them as a community. He is widely iead, and has a large fund of general knowledge. To show how open- minded he is in farming matters, as well .is in everything else, he was at one iime 1 famous breeder of Welsh Black cattle, and took nrizes all over the county, but then, took nrizes all over the county, but then, changing h: opinions, he took to Short- horns, and now acrain he has returned to h's fovn:er favourites, and has once mo; e adopted the old breed. It is expected that what he wi'l have to say on manure on Thurs- day next will be of deep interest to all farm- er: both in the district where he lives and in other parts of the county.