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Y Geninen.






DREADED EACH DAY. AN INSURANCE AGENT'S TRIALS.—ZAM- ULlv CURES CHRONIC PILES. Ten yea ot weariness and pain—energy japped and health unaeiiniiuietl—aieaamg l..OJ A" Ll ol eacli uity—diese ale ALI\ I'.XJVIUJJ- U.l'S mtn.oiics oi his bullermgs fioiii plies. .1. Iiii, IIgioii is an agent iur tHe i luutii- lial Assurance Co., and lives at 7, Eliza Villas, .Stratford i-oad, -ko.v, LoaUO:l,.G. LIE OVVCB necddl. ancl nappmes io ¡..alU-.1..Ul' aUl1 "ILI tile liui story oi nis debt io a lAmdun ,Ouiiialist as folio.vs: "As all insurance agent Have to walk and cycle many miles t-vcij ay.o when A TEN yoa iliat i sulleied till. "lles for ten years, you can imagine what jrtuie I have iudured. I .simply used to dread tie morning and iiong for the nights. I have iiown of worse cases of piles, but the demands [ my work made my ca.vj exceptionally dis- .essing. I got no chance to ease tf^e pain or jduce the inflammation irom morning to ignt, and instead had to aggravate tiieni. tatktng was bad enough, but cycling was a .Leat deal worse. '"1 tr.ed everything I knew isoiiie of itie or- inary s^-called cuies gave me temporary re- itf, but invariably the awful trouble returned gam. This happened so often that I began u regard mysell as incurable, and the pio- .^ect was gloomy indeed. What with the pain and weariness it caused, my energy ,as sapped and my health undermined. "Ab.)ut four months ago a fiiend persuaded .ne to obtain a box of Zam-Buk, and before "eliriiig I applied the ba;1m according to in- structions. The effect was astonishing. Zam- Juk seemed to cool, soothe, and heal at the ame time, and next morning, for the first t me for years, I really felt comfortable. I can assure you it made a new man of me n a night. Needless to say I presevered and a large box of Zam-Buk cured me com- pletely. From that time to this, piOes and 1 have been entire strangers. I believe I would have ridiculed the possibility of such a cure if I hadn't been the subject. I am never without a box of Zam-Buk now, and while on my rounds I am continually hearing remarkable stories of-its efficacy." Zam-Buk cools, soothes, and restores nor- mal conditions wherever it is applied. The family medicne chest is incomplete without a box of this natural balm, valuable alike to housewife, breadwinner, and the little ones for skin diseases, piles, pains, swellings, in- juries, etc. Owen Jones, the celebrated Welsh harpist, died somewhat suddenly at his home in Angelsey, on Sunday, aged 46.