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UNSOLICITED. (ORIGINAL OPEN FOli INSPECTION). 215, Oxforcl-st reet, L'uiitycvmmer, 'Vc. 10th, 1905. Dear Sir,—Please send me a pot of Tour No. 2 Ointment. I have a great faith in it. It you lonk back I have had your valuable oint- ment since Nov. L'7, 1903, to put on mv breas'. It has done wt riders on me. My breast has come all right hy now. It (lid ache for a IOlIg time after I had the water out of it. I use to have pain right round my left side up to my shoulder effected irom my breast. My leftside was going cold IlIll of shivers. But thank you very much for your valuable ointment. I feel quite well now, and my breast is quite supple. You can use these words its truth. Now I am going to try this ointmerit on the side of my son. He is suffering this few months, growing too fast I think, lie is only 10 and 4 months, Be complains c f his side, and I think there is a little swelling thete so I want to try a pot of No 2. If you got something better I am willing to try it, and I am sending 2s Ud for S:1 me. Yours faithfully, MRS JEREMIAH MORGAN. The relative strengths of the Mannina Oint- ment (Trade Mark) are described and known as foUllwM :-No. 1, full; No. 2, medium; No. 3, mild. No. 1, the most powerful variety, is to be used in Cancerous growths of all kinds, such as cancer of the breast, lip, etc., and also for Tumors, etc., at 2s 3d, 4s 6J, and 8s 6d per pot. No. 2. This is a milder form than No. 1, and is to be applied in cases of Ulcerated Legs, Carbuncles, Vistula, foul wounds of every de- scription, Poisoned Hands, etc., Abscesses, Scalds, Burns, Erysipelas, Scurvy, etc., at Is l id, 2s fld, and 4 s Gd per pot. No. 3, being of a still milder nature than No. 2, is to be used for all skin diseases, such as Eczema, Psoriasis, Kingvvorm, Chapped and Bleeding Hands, Chilblaitis, Itch, Mange, etc., at Is 1 d, 2s gd, and 4s 6d per pot. el SCHEDULE OF CURES. Cancerous growths in the Breast, Bleeding Cancer in the Neck, Ulcerated and Virulent on Leg, Poisoned Hand, Eczema from Birth, Abscesses after Vaccination, Rodent Ulcers on Hands, Blood Poison on Foot, Ulcerated Sores and Eczema, Virulent Abscess on leg, Blood Poison in Hand, Foul Wound on Leg, &c. rJ'be Ollltllleut tuny lie obtained from LI)e nina" Ointment Co., Nittill kSLieet, Fishguaid, or fioiii Mr. Thofi. Lewis, chemist, Fi-hguttiti F. D. Phillips, JAaveifordwest; H. A. W illiams, Leiteiston Albert Diivirl, St. David's; J. Williams, Newport, ft in.; T. Meyler, cheiiiis\ Fishguard; IUJU 1'. LiewtliyU) cbeunst, Uoodwiek, &o.