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• Fishguard Easter Vestry.

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TANDINC JOINT COMMITTEE. A meeting of the Standing Joint Commit if e of the County was held on the lotli At, the Shire Hall, HaverfordwesT. There were pre- sent Mr. X. A. Koch (-(haÜ'n¡¡Ul, Mi. Tr- Howell Wallers, Mr. J. C. York*, Mr. T. Lletvellin (Haythogi. Mi. C. F. Egerton Allen, Air. Thomas. Air. E. Robinson. Mr. A. W. Massy. Mr. C. Matliias, Mi. E-. H. Jauie- Mr. J. Howard tjriiniiits. The Chief Constable uioie mpolwgisiug for his inevitable absence that day in consequence ni having wet with a tierious liecidertz ow Monday, the 2nd inst.. since when he had been confined to his room. The Chairniafi: I am sure *•« '-1' all ei- iremely sorry for'ihe accident. PLANS. The Clerk said 1htl plan* 101 the tew poke siaiiou a: Hakin were lorwarded to the Local Gov t rumeiit Board with all application to borrow £ 850. An inspector visiied Hakin. on March 1st, and he (itit clerki received a letter r from the Local (Jove nnient Board sanctioning the oan on March Jth. With respect, to the alterations at ihe Se-sions-hous*, Milford, a j conveyance of the land had been completed, and -auction had been given to borrow £ 100.' A.- regards the Session-house at Narberth. Deputy Chief Constable James put in a report pointing our certain defecis. It was resohed III leave this to .Mr. Buckby. Mr. Brewer and f the Surveyor. The thief Constable presented his report, per- Deputy Chief Constable James. The number of indictable offences was 39, for committing which 21 persons were arrested, and proceeded against by summons. This showed an increase of 8 upon the corresponding quarter iasf year. The ntunher proceeded against for other oftences was 386, all increase of 7tJ on la"1 year's numbers. The charges against 16 were withdrawn. 26 dismissed, 46 ordered to pay costs, and 302 convicted. Of the falter number 16 were imprisoned, 235 fined, and one school attendance order was made. In a schedule appended the Chief Constable described the principal variations from last year's figures as follows: Indictable ofieiiecs-siinpi-e larceHy. increase. 7; no-n indictable offences-—<omrnc>"»t assault, increase 17; elementary education, im- crease 15; strays and obstruction, increase M: county bye-laws, increase 11: drunkenness, de- crease 28. FISHGUARD SESSIONS ROCE. The Clerk reported that jn Consequence of r. failure to agree upon the rent of the Fishguaid Market house, which was used as a Seswom- house for ttie Cemmaes Division, they re- ceived notice to quit, which expired at Christ- mas. He wrote to the Clerk to ask if the sezisiohs could be held there next Thursday, and he had a letter from the Justices' Clerk, staling that the magistrates had to d a deputa- tion ihat had waited upon them that they wer quite satisfied with the accommodation, and t Il ) bought a higher rent should be para, having regard to the whole of the circumstances and the convenience h was to have it tiiere. The rent paid now was Jtj4 per year. Mr Robinson asked if Mr. Yorke had any- thing to say on the matter? Mr. Yorke; 1 do not wast to say anything^ I am a shareholder in the company. The Clerk, replying tu questions,'said some- time? the inagistiates sat Mr a long tim*, Irotit 12 ro 3 or 4 o'clock in The afternoon. TheN, had a long sitting last Monday. Supt. James: Yes at an occasional (uuH; when a man was committed for trial. The Clerk said he had a letter lrOIA the. Clerk to the proprietors of the Market koute asking for a-j-ent of a per annuna. The Chairman asked 11 any ol the wiagjs- trates of the Ceinmae-s division were there. Mr. Yorne :Yes. 1 am, but 1 do ne! want to speak as I am a iarge shareholder. Amsv«i- ing the Chairman Mr. Yorke said the Cemfciaes Bench sat at Eglwyswrw, Newport, and Fish- guard. He lielieved they paid t: per year at Newport. Mr. Robinson didi-rt think it was go Much. At Newchapel, where they had 12 sittings, they ouly paid E5. 1 was in a roum adjoining a public house. £ 2^r" ^aT11*s believed' Eglwyswrw tta«' Mr. Robinson moved that thev offer CC-at- Fishguard. Mr. Egerfoh Allen suggested that ther should ask the -Cemmaes magistrates if they could find a room at a cheaper late. •Nr E. R. James Oid not think there- wai auo her lullmb-e joorn at Fishguard. The Clerk said there Was a meeting et the (eulIII,H'S "Ia^,ra!e* on 11.1. l'th, aiwi sowe- day ,0 !*al *r-Tork" said if they used th. roM, befoie • agreement Was made they would have t* at 1 tl. rate of per aJUJ.UK1. It was finally resolved to ask pemiissio* te use the room on 17th, to ma*, a* •fter for UOf' aooePted fo f'T arid afrange tor aantiier room.