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J MAIN iKOADS AND BRIDGES. A meeting of the Main Roads and Bridges Committee of the Pembroke County Council was held on the 10th at the Shire Hall, Haver- fordwest. Mr. X. A. Roch presided, and there were present: Dr. Giiffith, Messrs W. Howell Walters. W. T. Davies, J. Harries, T. Llewelliu, (Havthog), John Thomas, 1. Reynolds, J. M. Evans, B. Powell, E. Robinson and T. E. Thomas (Trehale). THE HAVERFORDWEST TIOAm. There was an application from the Haver- fordwest Town Council for £ 37o, the agitto sum for Haverfordwest main roads. The Chairman asked had the Surveyor re- ported upon the state of the roads? The Surveyor; I have not been directed 10 inspect them. I can only say they are not. to my satisfaction. Mr. Robinson sa". very soft material was used, and if a recommendal 1011 went from the Committee to use Porthgain stone as beinf; more suitable it would probably have a good effect. "ext time they inigh: then use Porth- gain one. Mr. W. T. Davies quite agreed with Mr. Robinson. Mr. Reynolds and himself had brought the matter up in the Corporation but had been defeated. They passed a resolution .to try Porthgain at a Committee mecinig. but it was rejected by the Town Council. j The Surveyor said lie saw the roads every day, and they were not very satisfactory. Mr. 1. Reynolds said the material was very poor andt not suitable for the traffic, but there was a feeling in the Council in favour of local stone. He thought they ought to impress upon the Council that proper sTones should be used to bring the roads into proper condition. He moved 1 hat the account of k375 be paid as soon as the Surveyor would give a certificate that the roads are in good condition. Mr. E. H. James said lie had been given to understand that rubbish was put on the roads instead of good metal, which would cost more monev. Mr. W. T. Davies seconded the motion winch was carried. KlLGERllAN STATION ROAl, A recommendation was hi ought up from the County Council that the Committee would con- sider an application to declare the road from Ki gerran Station to the borough of Cardigan a main road. Mr. Robinson said there was' a great deal of traffic over the road, and it ought to be de- clared a main road. They had not many roads in the North of the country, far less than they had in the South. He moved that this be declared a main road, subject to the Surveyor's certificate that the road was in good order. The Chairman raised the question of sub- sidies, and pointed out that the road ought to be in good order before it was taken over. He mentioned Sr. David's road which was put in order by the county. Mr. T. Llewelliu said the county did not pay one shilling towards it. The Rural Dis- trict Council paid every penny of it, and it was uow one of the best roads in the County. The Chairman repeated that the county put the St. David's road in order. Mr Llewellin was just as insistent that the District Council did the whole of the work. Dr. Griffith asked how did the Committee stand with >-egard to subsidies? The Clerk said the question was referred back to the Commiitee. The subsidies amoun- ted to J.; J." 5, The Chairman said L3,205 was granted to the Haverfordwest Rural District last year, and that was expended uf on main roads, ther;tc he was right in saying the county had done St. Da\id's road. Mr. Llewellin dissented strongly, and said in the Haverfordwest, district they paid a rate of 2s in the £ for their roads; and in other districts, where the rate was only Is, they got £ 'i00, £ 500 or £600. The discusion was continued in a very dis- cursive way ail was terminated by the adop- tion fit the resolution, moved by Mr. Howe:] Waliets, and seconded by Mr. Peynoldi that a report be received from the Surveyor as to the state of the Kilgerran road before taking any steps. THE SURVEYOR'S REPORT. The Surveyor reported that the total amount expended on the roads, deducting repayments, wa: £ S.!99 G" 3d this year. against zP6,255 9. Id last year. The average cost per mile was. 1.50 7" lOd thi. year, as against £55 Os 2d last, year. The average cost, per mile was high be- cause 35 mile; were new roads, requiring a heavy outlay to get them into order. The Chairman: That includes St. David'si (Laughter). 1 The Surveyor said St. David's was in very good repair. The cost of 1 lie Milford road was very heavy, owing to the heavy haulage from Johnston Brick Works.



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