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HAVERFORDWEST ENTIRt HORSE SHOW. (NOTES BY A BREEDER.) Tiie uaverfordwest Entire Horse Show at- tracted quite as many lovers of horses as any pre- vious exhibition. There was a slight falling off in the number of entries, but the standard of former years was well maintained, and farmers will have no difficulty in selecting the type of horse which will best suit their particular mares. Horses have sold so badiy in Pembrokeshire during the past two yeais that there will not be quite as many bred m the immediate future. In the class for thorough-breds tnere was only one entry, namely, Quebec. lie is a fine type of racer, and will no dgubt have a very marked influence on his progeny. In the class for aged cart stallions six en- tered the ring. Buceaneer ill. was placed at the top. Weight, of years have told no rale Oil this horse. lie came out as fresh as ever. A big horse, with good legs and feet, nice flowing feather, and possessing the masculine character, he would undoubtedly have won the championship of the day had there been such a .prize, as lie stood head and shoulders above anything on the field. Second came Toft Masterman, a classy ho; se of good character, with good joints and ieet. Shavingion Helmsman was placed third. He showed better form than last year, and is more popular than ever. Welston Starlight, a big, masculine-looking horse, was fourth. Er call Fame, fifth, carries his years well, and will be in great request, as his stock are very promising. The class for younger cart stallions brought ior:h ten entries. After a tough light, the judges eventually selected Extra Special III. as leader He is by that great sire Duns- more Jameson, but lacks his sire's masculine character. He moves well at the walk and trot, has nice feet and sloping pasterns, but is a trille weak under the knees and hocks. Lunesdale lviing was the runner-up. He came out in great form (rather overdone), has nice character, with plenty of width of bone, but is on the short side, and did not move quite so well as the winner. Third came the hitherto all-conquering grey, Scarborough t hiet. lie has more character than either of the preceding two, and piobably more width of bone, but is too much of the collier type. Tile fourth place was aiioftetl to Dunsmore Nairn, a big horse of good charac- ter, with nice, fiuity bone and silky feather. He did not take kindly too his surroundings, otherwise he would have easily gone up to third place. Hitcheu Beau Harold walked and trotted with great freedom, but was rather on the leg. Still he has character and should produce good geldings. Lydstep Pioneer a two-year-old, and Lydstep Adven- turer, are two full brothers. Both have taLl their gwwth rather ,well, and must have time to furuisli. The younger is the more correct of the two, with good knees and hocks. Both move well. Majestic, another two-year- old, is very promising, and his breeding is right. Lydstep Chancellor has plenty of bone, very good, sound feet, with the very best pasterns, great knees, and correct joints, moves well, and has true character. Agility was an easy winner in the hackney class, going with tremendous dash both fore and aft. He is a dual purpose hackney, with immense bone. Royal Delight went well, and has nice, graceful action, but he is of the saddle type. Newington Connaught is another two-purpose horse, moves very weli. and is a good getter. Activity again is of the saddle type only. Three only competed in the class for cobs. Solelands Swell was an easy winner, going well from the shoulder and snatching his hocks well under him. Silver King ma-de a very good show over the green sward, and Up- to-Date will develop into a very good horse with time. He is only three years old. but is very promising, and has all the good points of his great prize-winning dam. The show was an unqualified success, and it is to be hoped that the energetic commiitee will insist on the prize-winners fulfilling the con-in 1011s to the letter, instead of (as in former yearsl merely taking the lioiiouis and then carefully avoiding the travelling as speci- field. Perhaps a little new blood on the committee would be an advantage.




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