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/A You get Sit) the Blood Blood is the Life! It is the Strength. It is Everything. Everybody, yourself included, is liable to a long list of Diseases. WHY ? Because our impure air, impure water, impure food, impure surround- ngs generate impurities in the BLOOD. When the Blood is vitiated, BASH, PIMPLES SORES, BOILS, SCURVY, ECZEMA, IRRITATIONS, ITCHINGS BAD LEGS, CANCER, KING'S EVIL, RHEUMATISM, tNEURALGIA, SCIATICA, and a host of other mental and physical evils become possible. Most of the ailments we suffer from can be prevented by keeping the BLOOD PURU I The evidence of thousands is forthcoming to prove that HUGHES'S Blood PILLS Purify the Blood. and KEEP IT PURE you suffer from HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, BACKACHE, BILIOUSNESS, WIND, DESPONDENCY, CONSTIPATION. PILES, BAD LIVER, WEAK NERVES I STOMACH, KIDNEY, and NERVE TROUBLES, Remember that the ROOT of the mischief is in the Blood. You must get at the .!flood before you do real good. HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS have an immo;o ate action upon the Blood and the whole system. TRY THEM. LOOK J/W NONE FOB THIS | VA, „ G ENUlKE TRADB MARK WITHOUT ON EACH IT. Box. They are sold by a Chemists and Stores at Is. ld., 2s. 9d., 4s. 6d., or send value in stamp or P.O. to maker, JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D.S., Manufacturing Chemist, PENARTH, Cardiff. B I A ;.1 0 L IS THE YET DISCOVERED FOR Indigestion Heartburn Flatulence. Liver and Kidnej Disorders. -0- PREPARED ONLY BY H. A. WILLIAMS, CHEMIST, LEI T E-. R 51 0 N All Goods Advertised on this Page are Sold by the following T. LEWIS, A. DAVID, ST. DAVID'S. f, MEY LKJl, FISHGUARD D. L. LLEWELLIN, GOODWICK. T. M. PHILLIPS, H WEST p. D. MEYLER, MILFORD HA V EN G. II. APPLEBY, NEW M LKOK!H. A. WILLIAMS, LETTERSTON. II. I.LUYD, SOLVA. Veterinary Specific "pon HORSES, CATTLE, SHEEP, PIGS, &c -=- -1! The above liemedy is so effective in auch a number of diseases, that it may be considered A MEDICINE CHEST IN ITSELF. It IR (specially recommended to Farmers as a most valuable Remedy in <"101,10, SCOUR, &0. And unlike at. er remedies for Colic, it does not prove an irritant if Inflammation or Fever is present. ALBERT DAVID, Saint David's. -9 m—ir ii i—m—rt—ni mi i aim b_j—i— A SAFE AND PERMANENT REMEDY FOR ALL SKIN AND BLOOD DISEASES. IF YOU SUFFEB FROM ANY DISEASE due to an impure state of the t Blood, you should test the value of Clarke's Blood Mixture, the world-famed i. Blood Purifier and Restorer. It is warranted to cleanse the blood from all impurities, from whatever cause arising. For Eczema, Scrofula, Pctirvv. Bid Legs, Abscesses, Blood Poison, Glandular Swellings, Rheumatism. Gout, Blotches, Spots, Blackheads, Pimples, and Sores of all kinds it is a Safe and Permanent Remedy. The r.4 ftor of tho rAr-mi, v DOCTOR" silys I- y We have seen hosts of letters henrinar testimony to the truly wonderful ciima ■ effected by Clarke's Blood Mixture. It is the finest Blood Purifier thil, Science I and Medical Skill have brolIht to ii;lit, and we can with the utmost confidence | recommend it to our subscribers and the public generally." 9' T, !tR[ LTHE iJ'IOR!J.lJ-F ¡:: fLftfED lEiL OOD PU;lIFIER Can be obtained of ail Chemists and Stores, 2/9 per Bottic. t BEWARE OF WORTHLESS lrtilTATIONS. J :!C£':iU!n-If"I.3" 1 MW—J—«TIW IllSPWia i— -Pi' r~~— 4 I BABY'S Painless I 1 GUMS I Iterhtng | WITH "——— ^)>s°f> I It is very agreeable to the taste Prevents inflammation and Convulsions. No Narcotics Price is. lid. Made only by BARCLAY & SONS, Ltd., 95 Farringdon Street, London, And Sold by All Chemists. COUGHS AND COLDS Pulmonic Linctus cures coughs. Pulmonic Linctus warms the chest. Pulmonic Linctus stops the tickling. Pulmonic Linctus aids the breathing. Pulmonic Linctus cuts the phlegm. Pulmonic Linctus restores the voice. Pulmonic Linctus soothes the throat. Pulmonic Linctus relieves asthma. Pulmonic Linctus relieves bronchitis. Pulmonic Linctus relieves after one dose. Pulmonic Linctus cures when others fail. Pulmonic Linctus has cured others. Pulmonic Linctus will cure you. Pulmonic Linctus is obtainable only from— THOMAS MEYLER, Chemist, Fishguard. Sent anywhere post paid on receipt of stamps. One size and one price-One shilling. jJ6 :=. < i .11 d jour I'. *« ior ,r."i J jr.var. SMCCOSS an.l hi". VMU F_- ;• J.I |or morc than 'I'll IKT V Yi.\ .School Uoiidti, 3fui'K;min, N.WJI j iNIr. J. 1-1. liall, Ju!i., I!M)2. M -do("8 35 HAS I |i m qureo | 1 iSold everywhere, 9}d.t Is., 2s. 6d. I 0 |i m qureo | 1 iSold everywhere, 9}d.t Is., 2s. 6d. I 1 | COUGH Sl COLD, j 1 Mr. W. H. Shaw, Sept., 1902. 1 8 72, Ashbourne Road, Liverpool. I a We always have a bottle in the house, having t R proved its efficacy times without number. S M—I ■ ■