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THE WExYLTHY LODGER ALLEGED FALSE PRETENCES AT PEMBROKE DOCK. AMERICAN'S EXERCISE "WITS THE LONG BOW. At Pembroke Dock Police Court on Friday, before Ald. J. Hutchings, Mr. W. Angel, and Ald. A. MeColl, Charles Perkins, alias Charles Herbert, described as an American seaman of Boston, Jla.-f., wr.s charged with unlawfully obtaining by false pretences food and lodging to the value of £ 1, and 5s. cash, from Arthur Jones, of South Park Street, Pembroke Dock, between March 12th and 19th. At the outset accused said that his name was Herbert, and he was a retired captain in the merchant service. Arthur Jones, of South Park Street, Pem- broke Dock, a coal merchant, said that on March 12th, accused came to his house about mid-day and asked if they had any rooms to let. Mrs. Jones said that they had some rooms, and accused said that he WANTED FURNISHED APARTMENTS, and to be boarded as well. Prisoner said he would lodge and board him for a £ 1 per week, and he replied that he would not be particular as to a shilling or two, if they looked after him well. Accused aid that he came from Milford, and had come up in a boat, and explained that be had left his luggage with a man named Beynon, at a farmhouse the other side of Miltord. He said that he would write for it, and borrowed a postcard and pen and ink. He had some dinner, and then invited prisoner to come into his room for a chat. He proceeded to tell him that he had recently sold his ship at Newcastle for 26.000, and had also sold shares to the value of £ 5,000. The Chairman: I suppose you thought you had a good lodger, .Mr. Jones.'—I thought I had a splendid one—the best I ever had in my life. Continuing, prosecutor said thai, accused told him that an old friend of his lived at Milford, and had recently married. Later on they had another conversation, and accused said that he thought they would get on well together. After a while he askect prosecutor if he would sell his two houses, as he LIKED THE PLACE well, and thought he would settle down. Pro- secutor sa il "1 11 speak to the missus about it," and afterwards talked it over with his wife. Later on prosecutor agreed to buy tne two houses for 6200, and they could live on there afterwaids rent free with him, and he would pav them for his board. He fur- the.. ,,<lid hf intended to build a number of ^mall houses in the town, as he thought they would rent well. On the Thursdaj I accused said he would go and see a solicitor about transferring the houses, and settling the matter. as he was going out. He asked Mrs. Jones if she had any small change. She lent him 6s., and then went away. On Wednesday, accused told prosecutor he had been a sailor for 26 years. He had been educated at Rugby, and his father had wanted him to be a doctor, but he did not like it. He added that he was a native of Milford. He said that his name was Per- kins, and his sister called him Charlie. UNSUSPICIOUS. The Chairman: The man came without any luggage. Weren't you suspicious?—No; he said he was a native of Milford. Continuing, prosecutor said that accused never returned, so he gave information to the police, and last Tuesday a warrant was issued for his arrest. Accused when asked if he had any ques- tions to put to prosecutor, began a ramb- ling statement, and was pulled up by the Chairman.—"Oh, well," retorted he, "I don't care what vuti do. Go ahead your own way." Mrs. Elizabeth Jones corroborated this evi- dence. She mentioned that accused fre- quently had his meals in bed. On Thurs- day morning he asked her if she had any small change, and she lent him 5s. When aceused asked her if she had the small change he had a cheque in his hand, and he said that he would get it changed and be back in a few minutes. On the Wednesday she saw a cheque on the floor in accused's room. and she picked it up and gave it to him. He said "Thank you." He added that the cheque was of the value of £ 110, and it was a good thing it fell in the hands of honest people. She had not seen accused since Thursday evening, and had received no money from him at all. HONESTY APPRECIATED. Prosecutor was recalled, and said that on Wednesday accused came to him and said, "Mr. Jones, I've come to an honest house. Your missus has picked up a bill value iCI10, and brought it back to me." P.C. Evans said that on March 22nd, he proceeded to Cardigan Police Station with a warrant for the arrest of accused, who had been taken into custody. When charged accused made no reply. On the way to Pembroke Dock, however, he said that he did not know where Pembroke Dock was. When they arrived, he remarked, "This place is strange to me." When searched the only thing found upon accused was a pawn- ticket for a watch. Accused, who had taken shorthand notes of some of the evidence, had nothing to say, and he was committed for trial at the next Quarter Sessions for the County.






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