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FISHGUARD AND DIS- TRICT. I- is anticipated that there will be an ex- traordinary large number of candidates for the seats'to be contested on the new Ur- ban District Council in Fishguard. It is said tba: the names of many who have not hitherto taken part in the public life of the town have been chosen among their friends for nomination, and that several old campaigners are going to put on their armour a-fresh. A certain amount of activity is displayed in some quarters already, and the more cautious are beginning to send out "feelers" in vari- oas directions. In proportion to the number of inhabitants few country towns can boast of so many de- bating^ societies as Fishguard and Goodwick. This form of intellectual recreation and mu- tual improvement must bear its fruit in the future, and cannot but have a salutary effect upon tne lives of the generation now rising. Jaruou* men everywhere have borne testimony to the benefit they derived in their youth frorn taking part in debates, as witness the number of University men returned to Parlia- i, ie, t during the last General Election who were presidents of the Union in their year. One of the most gratifying features about these debates is their high tone, and the variety of the subjects discussed. It is also very pleasant to see the interest taken in them by CLOSJ who belong to the teaching profes- sion. Education would become still more popular in Wales if those who are best quali- fied to instruct and teach availed themselves e,ver-v UPP''rtunify to improve the minds O' :rie young after they have passed through the usual elementary course in the different sciijci-. Probably nothing inspires greater love or knowledge than to see those whom we have been used to respect for their learning descend to our own level and make them- selves enial and willing to help amongst lis. The greatest pedant is seldom the man wh. :a:; the best degree, and humbugs are generally found out in their work. After touching upon the three R.'s. we are reminded of what was heard the other day, that Pembrokeshire is distinguished by its three B.'s—bread, butter and beauty: and the greatest of those is-but we shall leave others to judge which is the greatest. The most scarce at the present time is undoubt- edly the second of these three commodities, for housewives complain that it is hard to find enough of it at any price. The quality of the home-made bread of Pembrokeshire must also come under the category of female praises and adulation, but the Rev. S. B. Williams on Monday night seemed to wish to divide the honours equally betv >een the two sexes when he alluded to what Pembrokeshire, as he had heard, was famous for. His statement was that it was a land where the men were chivalrous, and the w.jmen beautiful." and as a student of human nature Mr. Williams' authoritv should be accepted bv all. for did he not also assure us rhar he was glad of the wart on Oliver Crorrwell's nose, which helped him to under- stand the man behind it? Thi again brings us to another Oliver, and reoi'i- to our memory what old Dr. John- -n said of Oliver Goldsmith. Goldsmith, he, would not be Goldsmith without his str Je3 or swagger. or words to that effect. of his hearers were ready to agree with him, but some men we wot of, and whom we all Lave met in our time, would be nothing at all without their bounce and swagger. The Rev. J. T. Evans, rector of Stow-on-the- Glos, is now on a visit to his native heath. Bethel Baptist Church. Rev. W. Davies, Newport, will preach on Sunday, both morning and evening, and in the atternoon at 2, address a meeting on behalf of the Baptist Missionary Society, on whose behalf he has laboured diligently for over 15 years. All friends of the society are invited. Six Months' Leave. After an absence of nearly six years, Capt. D. G. Lewis, son of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis, Fishguard Arms, arrived home last week, on a six months' leave, and looks the picture of health. Capt. Lewis is chief officer of the s-s. Peru, belonging to the Pacific Steam Navigation Company, and is to be compli- mented upon his highly successful career since his last visit home. Funeral. The funeral of Mrs. Bet Jones, Lower Town, whose demise we reported last week, took pj-aoe on Friday afternoon last, at 2 o'clock, at Harmon Cemetery The Rev. W. Evans, M.A.. vicar, and the" Rev. W. Morlais Davies GfS?iated at the house, while at the church and graveside the vicar took the service. The Rev. James Lamb was also present at the fune- ral. Deceased was the wife of the late }1- James Jones, harbour master, Lower Town, and many years ago kept the Ship Inn at that place., Tower Hill C.M. Chapel. A very enjoyable evening was spent at the To we- Hill vestry on Friday evening last, when a social was held in connection with the Young People's Society. The chair was < taken by Mr. O. D. Jones, headmaster of the Council School, the president of the society. 'He briefly stated the aim of the society, and mentioned the work done during the winter. No one has taken a keener interest in this society than Mr. Jones and his work during tha > inter months proves that he has the weUiie of the voung people at heart. Ample preparations had been made under the super- intendence of Miss M. D. Roberts, B.A., Coariiy School, who is also the vice-president of the society. A long-programme was gone through, those taking part being: Miss Mor- gan,Council School: Miss M. H. Symmonds.Miss Maui Blank, Mr. Bateman, Mr. 0. D. Jones, T. Matthews, B.A., Mr. T. Lewis, Rev. '-sr ^anib, Mr. T. Meyler, Mr. U. w. Lewis, ■Mr J. Phillips, Mr T. H. Evans. The ac- companists were Miss M. D. Roberts, B.A., and iviiss Annie Evans, Bodmor. New Organ. < A- rieVv> organ has been procured for the ia^er::acle Chapel, and will be used for the ir. time on Sunday next. The need of a ^sw J~^rumem at this place of worship was fl"re*y and this installation ought to prove a great acquisition to. the choral portion "t i Lie service. -to- Tacarnacle Sunday School. _'ly^'teriy meeting of the Tabernacle lo°k place on Sunday afternoon o £ r- James, superintendent of the cresVU m?1' in his usual able manner, ame Th %e was a fairly good attend- flowing programme was gone 1a, eCTation' 103i'd p':ai:-in- Clifford this" £ vn; solo. "Jesus loves me. race-rlvPvVYTThos- H. Roberts, Hill Ter- recitat:on la+v? i. James> West Street; Hiil Te-rano- chapter John, Edith Williams, Eo'c Anl IT' Looking this way," Mary L^on-»rd i)ivi°r J?use! recitation, 23rd Psalm. W? Mo-Iak not'- Paris House; address. Rev. Mai-y Perkins pS', patstor! recitation, Psalm, ba K 't aik Street; recitation, Man Bible, P °pn:i-ecitation' "Mv Mother's tion, -CaHvn rFei^;us' Park Street; reeifa- Tet ra"?; sol?) ^afe i/lT" Williams Hili Johnnie Perkim, "lHrL- arms of Jesus- chanter St. iVattv>« ^treet; -recitation, 5th solo. \iws'v' lolet Davies, Paris ;-ec^ar,;on, "The ^faas'„c°uacil School; Hill Terrace; soVi v ,Annie Thomas, B. Narhett: hvnin na V babaib" Miss yr r^u Sunday School. ^Mr ThfW1'th £ raed o& sirs?. jp&ftnas: Hockey Match. oKF&fcfc IasA ".VW ww srs 7 at 2 p.m. when the teams l: I he san^s lows:—Eishguard Countv Soh"6? U £ as fol~ Evans: backs, W. John T TJ w- backs. Miss A. M. Richards' T>ns' half" E. Williams: forwards T n Rees, Miss Thomas. S. H. Evans, Miss n BV,Davie^ T. Davids County School: Goal T backs, J. Nicholas, P. Martin- half K T ?,as' M. Martin. Miss F. JonesMis] o"5*' Mlss forwards. W. Tyson, j. Tossell, | ToS^S' Roberts, B. Thomas. Referee, Mr o! o'ied' t ishguard^ won the toss, and decided t0 p'ay against .he wind. From the bully-off pl?.y was slow for nve nnnutes, when 1. Th:>mas got possession, and rushed the bali to the Saints' goal, where Nicholas relieved well. Not to be denied, Fishguard again pressed, but the Saints' halves were playing well and repeatedly stopped the rushes. From p'av'nesr the centre, Tyson got possession, and raced "along the line. He was cleverly stooped by Tom Evans, who found touch. Fro-n the throw-out Trevor Thomas again got po=se=s on, and with H. Evans initiated a fine combined movement to the Saints' quar- JV. Lxciting olay was witnessed here, and f om a bully-oft for sticks inside the ring, T. Thomas notched the first goal. On re- suming. the Saints' pressed, but the home backs were too much for them, Willie John playing finely. The home forwards now Pressed, and from a corner conceded by the S.ants, Byron Davies scored a second goal. Play now ruled evenly until half-time. On resuming the home forwards pressed con- tinuously. and had distinctly hard lines in not scoring, but the Saints' backs, especially Nicholas, were playing well. Tyson now got possession again, and transferred the ball to mid-field, where Miss A. Richards and B. Rees relieved well. Play now ruled in the Saints' quarter until time was called, a pleas- ant game coming to a conclusion with the score 2-0 in favour of Fishguard School.










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