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Tasker's High School For Girls, HAVERFORDWEST. 1 FI^ADMLSTBESS.—MIS S ANDERSON, BJL, (Assisted by highly qualified mistresses.) pBBS 21 6a 8d per term. Speoial subjects—Greek, German and Fainting, 15s per term. P-e-opens Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 2 p.m. + Country Pupils are only allowed to board at the Hostel, specially provided for pupils of the ochool, or at houses approved by the Govern- illg Body, of which a list can be obtained (with any other information desired relative to school arrangements), either from the Head-mistress, PJ" from Mr. J. W. Phillips, Solicitor, Tower "ill, Clerk to the Governors. St. David's County School I CAUBMAN THE VERY REV. THE DEAK OF ST. DAVID'S. VICE-CHAIBMAN CAPT. S. ROACH. HBAD MASTER: MR THOMAS THOMAS, B.A (London.) ASSISTANT MASTBB Mr. H. P. JACKSON, M.Se. (Vie. ASSISTANT MISTRESS: MISS K. M. GREE:N ^•L.A. (GT. Andrews), Cambridge Teacher*' diploma. Assistant Mistress Miss E. H. MOSELEY, B.A.: (Wales), with Honours. PUPILS prepared for the London Matriculation BE Oxford and CAMBRIDGE Locals; the Legal, Medi- and Pharmaoeutioai Examinations; the Entrance ooholars'nij. Examinations of tne University College# Wales, and the South Kensington Soienee and Examinations. TUITION FEES :— £ 4 per annum or £1 68 8d per TERM two (brothers or sisters) 27 per annum 01 £2 68 Sd per term three (brothers or sisters) RIO per "nnnU1 or;ka Rs 8d per term. Pupils taking Music will be charged an extra fee For terms and further particular^, Prospectus, At Apply to the Head Master, or to MR W D. WILLIAMS, The Registrar, St. David'8. Haverfordwest Grammar School FOUNDED 1613. SUCCESSES gained in 1901-2 include the following: Exhibition, Magdalen College, Oxford (£70 per annum). Exhibition Jesus College, Oxford. {( £ s° per annum). Entrance to R. M. C. Sandhurst. Assistant Clerkship R.N. (9th place 01 over 100 candidates). 1 London Matriculation 2 Oxford and Cambridge Higher Certificates, and 1 Pass Responsions. All the above obtained direct from School. Haverfordwest is a Centre for Cambridge Local Examinations. There area few Vacancies for Boarders in th. Headmaster's House. Apply HEADMASTER, School House, Haverfordwest. TOOGOOD & SONS, ROYAL SEEDSMEN. ALL KINDS OF FARM AND GARDEN SEEDS. SPECIALLY SELECTED SEED CORN TOOGOOD'S SCOTCH BLACK TARTAR OATS. TOCGOOD'S BLACK TARTAR OATS. TOOGOOD'S NURSERY WHEAT, a most productive variety. OlWER EARLY FROM- R. E. THOMAS, CARTLETT MILL, HAVERFOTLDWF-ST. Report OF County Analyst OF A SAMPLE OF SODA WATER" taken by the Inspector under the Adulteration of Foods and Drugs Act Manufactured by T. Lewis & Co., Fishguard: EXCELLENT. RABBITS! RABBITS! RABBITS GAl E GAME: GA INI E 11 Fresh Eabbits and Game, any quantity, bought daily, by THOS. JOHN, Croeswen, LETTEKSTON. Best prices given for good clean rabbits, &c. Carts' will call at J' any address by arrangements. P.S.—Try ycur friend and you will be pleased. sel4 THE SV^AKSBA MERCANTILE BANK, Limited, OF AV> PdUK STREET, SWANSEA *IAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM" £5 to £ 500 | Y0 ^KMEBS and ALL CLASSES of respeco- Hacd ^°u>eWoiders upon their own Note ol ATI 'J1 other kinds of securities. a rRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE. Apply to H. B. JOES, Manager, Or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, LoW Representati Personal attendance every Wednesday afternoon, ..n at other times by special appointment at Vlo- toria Road, opposite the Dock gates, Milford Haven. eel Bpst. TO7 -p»st ever since. Test o* Reliability. |pi' j.q g Approved v of JOO years; awarded certificate of ruent; JV2aad2Vi(Ly £ }€Jieal Profession. Sold by all chemists, or by post v *"Uterg, Kearaley, 42, Waterloo Road, S.K. §§§ HARDY'S Q BROMPTON COUGK LOZENGES. I I Sole Agent in the District for MESSRS. WORTHINGTON'S I CELEBRATED MILD & BITTER ALES In 9, 18, and 36 gallon casks. India Pale Ale in Bottle. Agent in the district for Messrs. Guinness' Extra Stout in Cask and Bottle. The Wine and Sl'*ij-t Stores, 1 isligiiard. ROBERT T .TP.T? "XS, WHOLESALE & RETAIL WINE & SPIRIT MERCHANT, SEED MKiiHAHT, MALTSTER, &C. R.L. invites attention to his choice selection of old WINBaiana SPIRITS: GOOD pale or gold, from 15s to 30s per dozen superior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s to 42s per dozen. AMTILADO, pale or gold, 30s to 60s per dozen. Port of various ages, including Cocksburn's and Offley's of the best vintages wind Clarets, from 15s to 30s per dozen. Ingham's MARSALA. Our noted Special Club SCOTCH WHISKEY, graaBteei*an Malt and well-matured, at 21s per gallon, or 4 per dozen. HAVE NOW A CHOICE SELECTION OJ GBABSES, CLOVERS, &C., IN STO ————- HENNESSY s Brandy in Wood and Bottle. I Fine Old Irish Whiskies. I Nicholson's London Gin, Old Jamaica liums & Jersey Brandies. TIMBER, MAHOGANY AND HARDWOOD. /k. TURNERY and JOINERY. S IfZ S Ninwu TBLBPHOITB 306 — /» Albion Place, '-S&S Cumberland Road, ERISTOL TELEGRAPHIC ADDBESS HEAVEN, BRISTOL. n B% POftTHCAIN QUARRIES &BRICK w,ORKS, These Works are now re-started, and are prepared to supply BRICKS, SLATES, and BUILDING GRANITE. Also Unbroken Granite for roads on reasonable terms. Please apply— MR. THOMAS BOWEN, Porthgain Quarries, Ltd., LETTERSTON. MESSRS. JENKINS & SONS, Jeffreys Square, LONDON, Have now decided to supply tea at wholesale prices to private families it exceedingly low prices for cash within fourteen days or the tea, if not suitable, to be returned free of expense. A very superior quality from 1/9 to 1/11 per lb., not less than 41bs. The above firm has been doing business largely in Pembrokeshire and the six adjoining counties for the last 30 years. All order s and communications must be sent direct to Welsh ad- dress, viz., Pentre Parr, Llandilo. It is important that you should give it a trial, and the above- named will be glad to send samples free of charge. Local Agant-E. WILLIAMS, Grocer, SOLVA DTJ.Collis Browne's The ORIGINAL and |pKgl ONLY GENUINE. Mf The Best Remedy known for Admitted by ^Profession V S pnilPUQ PHI no flfjKLilill Most Valuable gf uuuuno, UULIJO, Remedy ever discovered. |ASTHMA,BRONCHITIS,^M^St^1I^Mtr"u I » CONSUMPTION. 113111 The only Palliative in I Acts like a charm in NEURALGIA, TOOTHACHE. M ^D.»rrhoe^ra ||S|» fiOUT, RHEUMATISM. M SOLD IN BOTTLES BY ALL CHEMISTS, at 1/11. 2/9. and 4/6 each. POSTCARD will bring you lt3 richest reward in If. SARIUEL'S GREAT FREF. t;ARG F,4 AIN BOO.i J -a Yolunie that will stop the inoney-wasting gap between you ane tlic,*mctcry, ELI-I save you the middle profl,'s oil your purchases. &HIDUSANDS OF STARTLING j BARC,Aiii OFFERS IN i \nw\ ^IBP^yaTeHss. JEWELLERY, ELECTRO. (I '■ PLATE, SILVER, CUTLERY, &c. Siy-vF.R 316; GOLD 3/G; ()-CT. liAI,L-'k*.kIZKVI) BL,r]ZO'rHAIRi,,G StT GF-NUINE BKILJ.IANrs, 7JG; ELk:CTR()-SIF-VER-PL -r, -c -c cRuE 316; N CLocics, 1/ & ACME t a handsome timekeeper combiring the beat features W '9K3m li'm (I |l':ll tt HAMDSOME FREE PRIZE *t SOFA SOLID SILVER ALBERTMi fj\ Full particulars in Free Book of H. Samuel's OVSS TWOrafjjro/ iff A GREAT BONUS CELEBRATION, KAW MMF H an event whereby every purchaser of 3/- value IN WEAR. GREAT BONUS CELEBRATION, KAW MMF H g an event whereby every purchaser of 3/- value IN WEAR. urjv.'r.rds rocsives at once a valuable addition £ Jj!j to his purcliase. SEKB POSTCARD FOR 303K TO-DAY. B KB e?ASffll!g!!?l 200 MARKET STREET, SLIlB SAn/SUEL, MANCHESTER. CYCLE DEPOT, ST. DAVID'S. m /I WILLIAM JONES, NUN STREET, ST. DAVIDS, Begs to thank his numerous customers for past paticnage, and is now i t, prepared to supply all leading makes of Bicycles—Rudge-VVhitworth, Star, Coventry, Eagle, Royal Enfield, Swift, etc.—at prices which will mpaie favourabiyjwith those of other local firms in the county. aummw._ a IRONMONGERY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. Phonographs and Records kept in Stock. BICYCLES ON HIRE. i IMPORTANT NOTH i. Georae Bennett t!& eo. WIKJB AND SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. S.A-Ll; i TO CHILDREN ACT, 1901. TO PARENTS, GUARDIANS, and EMPLOYERS of CHILDREN under 14 YEARS of AGE. On January 1st, 1902, a new Act of Parliament came into force which prohibits license holders from selling or delivering any intoxicating liquor to children under fourteen years of age, except in quantities not less than one reputed pint, in corked and sealed vessels. On and after the above mentioned date children under 14 sent as messengers should bring a bottle, as it is impossible to cork and seal a jug. Every person who knowingly sends any person under the age of 14 years for the purpose of obtaining any description of intoxicating liquor, excepting as aforesaid, will be liable to a penalty not exceoding 40s. for the first offence, and not exceeding S5 for any subsequent offenee. TOM DA VIES' Great Clearance Sale £1,675 worth of stock must be cleared before removing toNew Premises in High Street. A Rare Opportunity. 4 Genuine Bargains. Terms—Strictly Cash during A Sale. Note address— THE COUNTY CLOTHIER, 11, Market Street, H A VERFORD.WE S T. ::i I EVAN JONES, STONE AND MARBLE MASON CARTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, (NEAR RAILWAY STATION.) Tombstones and Headstones worked to any design in stone or maiirffc at prices to suit all classes. Designs and Estimates sent free on application. Watches, Clocks, &c. The Largest Show. The Best Quality Goods —at The Lowest Price. This Season is as usual at BISLEY H. MUNT'S Watch, Clfcck, and Jewellery Stores, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, MILFOBD. Show Room on Ground floor for Silver Mountedss & Leather Goods & many low-priced Novelties. Sambriae Hotel, Solva. Mrs. PROPERT, Proprietress. WINES AND SPIRIFS OF CHOICE QUALITY; ALE AND STOUT ON DRAUGHT OR BOTTLED. CIGARS AD TOBACCO. l" GOOD FOB C- 1^ A*Good^ppetitTtaEK,M^^ comes only by having a perfect acting liver and good digestion—both can easily B °kta*nCC* I The? are a reliable remedy lor the cure cf EE BILIOUSNESS, LASSITUDE, POOS APPETITE, I 1-WPALRPP DIGESTION, C6STIVENESS, 1 WIND & PAINS IN THE STOMACH, DISCOMFORT AFTER MEALS, E and all other trt^^Ses which arise from a disordered liver or stomach. flj hey cleanse the system,give tone to the digestive organs, and will, if taken ■ according to directions, restore you to sound and vigorous health. I BEECHAM'S PILtS fe specially suitable for Females of all &zes. Every woman I ji w values health should res 1 the instructions wrapped round each box. WIND & PAINS IN THE STOMACH, DISCOMFORT AFTER MEALS, E and all other trijubves which arise from a disordered liver or stomach. flj They cleanse the system,give tone to the digestive organs, and will, if taken ■ according to directions, restore you to sound and vigorous health. I BEECHAAI,S PILLS fe specially suitable for Females of all &zes. Every womllll I ji who values health should res 1 the instructions wrapped round each box. Sold everywhele in boxes, price (56 pi'h! Ik 2 9 1)68 J'iJJs). i GEORCE PALMER & SON. Per SPECIALITIES. bottle. Extra Special Liqueur. The perfection of Scotch Whiskey, of great age and soft- A ness, equal to the finest French Brandy T"S» as a stimulant Glen Staart' Scotch Whisky. An ideal blend of carefully selected Pure Highland O jCi Malt Whiskies, well matured and mel- O/O lowed by age Dunboyne Irish Whisky. Very cho.ce, pure Pot Still Dublin Whisky, guaran- *3 J(\ teed over 12 years old, in Sherry Wood O Port. Genuine Oporto Wine, excellent value 2s. Invalid Port. Specially recommended.. 2s. 6d. Old Lodge.' A perfect type of a really old Tawny W ine, stored many years in Sherry. Pale, dry, superior is. 6d. Champagne. AckermaL, -Laurance's I Dry 1 Royal' (i bots, Is 2d bots, 2s 2d) 4s. Pale Brandy. Suitable for domestic pur- Royal' (J bots, Is 2d :$bots, 2s 2d) 4s. Pale Brandy. Suitable for domestic pur- poses 2s. 6d. Cognac Brandy. Genuine French, good age 6d. Eau de yie Yieille. A pure Grape Brandy C c great age. An invaluable stimulant OSi Martell's and Hennessy's Brandy 5s. 6d. Rum. Fine old Jamaica 2s. 6d* Very old Jamaica 3s. Hollands. De Kuypers, Anchor Brand 2s. 8d. p Coleman's Wincarnis, Hall's Wine, Quinine Sherry, &c. Cigars and Cigarettes of the choicest brands, at Lowest Store Prices. High Street, HAVERFORDWEST. Branch Office-Barlow-street, Milford Haven. TO GROCERS. THE FAMOUS CABLE TEA Is the TEA that every GROCER should push the sale of. It shows a SATISFACTORY profit considering the HIGH QUALITY of the TEA. It is sold at a POPULAR orice. ♦ And on its merits should be an increasing Trade with every Grocer who keeps it. DISTRICT AGENTS: WILLIAM JOHN & SON, HAVERFORDWEST. HENRY HILLS AND SONS' CHEMICAL MA N URES AMLWCH, ANGLESEY. MR. W. REES CARVER, Auctioneer, of 1 Vl Fishguard, has been appointed Agent for the Sale of our Manures at FISHCUARD, GOODWICK AND ABERCASTLE. # A good stock of Manures* will be stored at the various depots, and all orders promptly atten- ded to. We solicit the continued kindly pat- ronage of the surrounding Agriculturists, and assure them all of our best services in the future. de LEWIS HUGHES, Manager. THE SLADE TIMBER YARD, FISHGUARD. J. M. GUILD, (Late W. Williams & Son.) Timber Merchant, AS a large and varied stock of Good Build- in Timber (in Red Pitch-pine, White and Spruce), Flooring Boards and Match- boards, Yellow Pine, Spruce, Archangel White American White Wood, Carolina Pine and Oak- sawn Boards, Prepared Mouldings, comprising Architraves, Sashes,Sills, Skirting Boards. &c? also Split and Sawn Roof and Ceiling Laths' Wire-cut and other Nails. Speciality—Welsh Oak, Ash, and Elm, Shafts Spokes, aud Felloes, Shovel and Mattock Sticks, Ladders; Cart Material cut to size Wheelblocks turned and Gates and Barrows made to order. Estimates given to supply Buildings. OFFICES-SLADE, FISHGUARD. SOLYA AND FISHGUARD. JOSEPH DAVIES, Carrier, Solva runs a Con. Y veyanoe every Thursday io Fisbguard, leaving Solva at 7 a.m. At Croesgroch m •- S..TT1- Mathrv Cross Roads a Mathrv Cross Roads sao a.rn BLAND and SO- j Carriage Builders HAVERFORDWEST. Steam Factory, Old Bridge Haverfordwest 0 ",R S 2 IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS}^ OB Everv mother who values the Health and A y Cleanuness of hsr child should use Wr A HARRISON'S J w "RELIABLE" W A NURSERY POMADE. A W One application kills all Kits and Vermin, 9 r a beautifies and strengthens the Hair- V In Tins, 4§d. & 9d. Postage id. A M CEO. W. HARRISON. CHEMIST, BROAD ST„ READING. £ £ r AgentBr r AgentBr EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ "WOMAN'S KEY TO HEALTH," which will be tklit J E on receipt of stamped ad ".resefd envelope. It containa information of vitaB :ntf<rest to eve-v W^TQAD, aiid tetlB ki, w th" variou -iilmf-nts incitlegfe- to th" sex can be cured :U:d healtl. restoreti Alibout m^ Iicines or drugs. Address r"- Hilda DCManiiers, 2;)7, Higb H lborn, ] ondon \C. 13^14 I I r FIRST SHOW I of the I SEASON. YfUtiam james, The Draper and Outfitter, < FISHGUARD. is now prepared to show the finest selection possible irt MILLINERY and Fancy Goods, the best and largest ever shown in the neighbourhood, and can confidently Invite inspection & comparison with anyone in the County. There is no necessity for William James to boast that he is the largest D paper in the County, And the leading Draper in 4 the County. The volume of Trade which he commands will speak as to that. The two beautiful rooms which he added to his premises last summer adding greatly to the. facilities for atten- tion to customsrsj ,o k and he begs to thank his numerous- friends for their kind approval and appreciation. A CARGO OF sri'l-ni-nys- PHATE FOR THE WESTEM COUNTIES ASSOCIA TJOi^ BAS JUST ARRIVED AT PORTHGAIN. Apply to the local agent: Mr Eè. Powell. )3 15 liaverfordwest and St. David's THE City Hotel Oiunibns or Brake "i!r. -j antil farlbr.r notice, run on S-s U- r cays unly between St. David's and H-ivei.'or'c- wt, leaving St. David's at 7 a.m., retureinp from Haverfordwest on 1.e arrival oi the 2.40 train. Fares 2s 6d. Extra charge for inggage. G. MA RT FN. Propru-t or EVERY WOMAN Should send -'mrs fot ou 32 p-i 'Uustr.v Book, ci Dtft ini&tion how ali regularities >n.t,> l>e eritiveljr avos ;• d or removed .ecormut tj:J«- J i etnint-ot P ■•nlv ^ate, z>u:e Geiiiiii-e R IIOBOH- is of «*• tnouiaiB. I Mr. P. t ¡Jth<i.