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You must I vfJSxthe r ° ip | Blood t is the Life! It is the Strength. It is Everything. Everybody, yourself included, is liable to a long list of Diseases. WHY ? Because our impure air, impure water, impure food, impure surround- ngs generate impurities in the BLOOD. When the Blood is vitiated, RASH, PIMPLES SORES, BOILS, SCURVY, ECZEMA, IRRITATIONS, ITCHING? BAD LEGS, CANCER, KING'S EVIL, RHEUMATISM, NEURALGIA, SCIATICA, and a host of other mental and physical evils S become possible. Most of the ailments we suffer from can be prevented by keeping the BLOOD PURE I The evidence of thousands is forthcoming to prove that -r-r-w-V HUGHES'S Blood PILLS Purify the Blood, and KEEP IT PURE. you suffer from HEADACHE, INDIGESTION, BACKACHE, BILIOUSNESS, WIND, DESPONDENCY, CONSTIPATION, PILES, BAD LIVER, WEAK NERVES STOMACH, KIDNEY, and NERVE TROUBLES, Remember that the ROOT of the mischief is in the Blood. You must get at the Blood before you do real good. HUGHES'S BLOOD PILLS have an immedi ate action upon the Blood and the whole system. TRY THEM. FOR THIS GENUINE TUADE lIARK WITHOUT ON EACH IT. Box. They arc sold by all Chemists and Stores at ci., 2, '.Id., ts. 6d., or send value in stamp mak'-r, -JACOB UJGHES, M.P.S., L.C :anufucturing Chemist, PENARTH.' 1\" ■ HA j YOU TRIED Cir () M* Iff? T^. i J- J.1 B L'1\F: ? f&,¡" It '(t'dv,' hi' every wound, with marvellous prop mcs in curing and healing all kinds of Sores. bkin ¡lsh, Kcxer-na, Burns, Scalds, Scurvy, Gal. lirlg, inj Child con and Woman, Piles, Scabby Heads Chaps, Ringworm, S-,itf Joints, Irritations and inflammations of all kinds. Noted for 1.3:" BAD LEGS. TR i- IT. feold by a. Chemists and Stores at Is. lid., or send value in stamps or P.O. to makej JACOB HUGHES, M.P.S., L.D. S., PENARTiL Cardiff. Ask for _P.An:,r. and see that the nam Jacob Hughes is -In each box, without hieh none is genuine.

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