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A Pretty Wedding at Steynton.

Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest…

Chill Causeg Skin Disease.


Ploughing Competition at Sealyham.

« Haverfordwest Town Council.


« Haverfordwest Town Council. The Mayor (Mr. H. J. E. Price) presided at the monthly meeting on Tuesday evening, when there was a good attendance. It was reported that the new pumping plant at Crowhill was now working, and the Water Committee were given power to frame a re- vised scale of charges of water supply. In answer to Mr. Reid's question as to whether there would now be an increased supply, Alderman T. L. James pointed out that the present consumption per head was 27.45 gal- lons per day. Mr. W. H. Davies, Horn's Lane, was ap- pointed a lamplighter. The Sanitary Committee reported that they had directed the Surveyor to repair the roads and streets in sections and stop traffic thereon during the process. Alderman Thomas James urged the use of Porthgain stone in preference to any other, but his motion to order 100 tons was ruled out, for lack of notice, it being also pointed out that the estimates for the year had been framed A Committee o fthe whole house recom- mended by a majority not to ask the Local Government Board for leave to borrow L2,500, for the covering and improvement of the Market at present, but to ascertain the cost of keeping the present structure in repair for two years. Alderman Thos. James proposed, and Mr. E. Reid seconded, the adoption of the report. Mr. J. H. Bishop, who had opposed in com- mittee, moved an amendment that the im- provement scheme be carried out forthwith. He charged other members with having turned a complete sumersault on the question, and urged that in the interests of the Market the work should be done. With a revised scale of rents the increased debt would be met. Mr. W. T. Davies seconded, and said if the Market were covered he would find a man who would sign a contract for ten years to pay E150 a year more rent for the Market than was received at present, viz., £ 800 net annum. In the course of a lengthy discussion all present agreed that the improvement ought to be carried out, but, on a division, it WM decided by 8 to 7 to defer the work until the ^'ater loan expires two years' hence. Ihe Borough Accountant brought up a satis- factory financial report, showing mat the Council was L946 14s. Oid. better off than twelve months ago.