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Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest…

Chill Causeg Skin Disease.


Chill Causeg Skin Disease. YOUNG WIFE'e 1rROUBLE COMMUNI- CATED TO BABY—^AM-BUK CURES BOTH. I Blood-chills are often responsible for the outbreak of irritating rashes or feverish erup- tions, which may develop into a chronic skin disease. Mrs Joyce, of Alfred Street, Westbury (Wiltshire), has proved the relia- bility of Zam-Buk in such cases. Mrs. Joyce :About fifteen months ago a rash appeared all over my body. It seemed to be under the skin, and the irri- ration was almosi unbearable. In some places it was like wjatery pimples which broke. I went to the doctbr, and he told me it was due to a chill in the blood. I had two or three bottles of midicine, but it did not do me much good. I then tried several boxes of ordinary ointment, which I got at the chemist's. It eas(jd the irritation a little, but the rash did toot get any better. My baby was born in |une, and when she was six weeks old a similar rash broke out all over her. I took iher to the doctor, and had several bottles lof medicine, but it did not get better. Tqe doctor told me there was nothing to be blarmed about. I kept the places dry by pinvdering on his instruc- tions, and for a few jdays she seemed a little better, but then it aljl came out again. Her hands and feet gO covered with running sores. They commenced like little gatherings and afterwards brokej My own disease got very bad, too, and Ij did not know what to do. It was just abo it, his time that I read of Zam-Buk and sent for some. The places covered by the first a] iplieations showed some improvement, so I s< nt for proper supplies and persevered with he treatment. I used Zam-Buk regularly for some time, and am thankful to say that kve are both well now. The disease is completely expelled, and new skin has been grown oyer all the sore places." Zam-Buk cures infl4mmation of the skin, rashes and eruptions que to chills, cold-sores, chafing, chaps and crocks, blotches, pimples, acne, eczema, ulcers, pfeoriasis, scalp diseases, abscesses, boils, poisoned wounds, festering sores, bad legs, sore tracks, diseased ankles, ringworm, itch, etc. Al^o invaluable for cuts, bruises, piles, deep-seated pains, colds and chills, sore throats, etc.


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