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A Pretty Wedding at Steynton.

Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest…


Pembrokeshire and Haverford- west Infirmary. ANNUAL MEETING OF SUBSCRIBERS. The annual meeting of subscribers to the Pembrokeshire and Haverfordwest Infirmary was held in the Grand Jury Room at the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest, on Saturday, and was well attended. Mr. E. Eaton Evans, the hon. secretary, was voted to the chair. After the minutes of the last meeting had been read, the Chairman said there was noth- ing arising out of them excepting to say that the recommendation which was made by the Rev. T. G. Marshall with regard to the ap. pointment of laymen in each parish to look after the house to house collections had been considered by. the oInJIlittee and had been acted upon with a g6od deal bf'success. He hoped, however, that the funds of the insM tution would receive even greater benefits from this source during the next year. RAISING THE FUNDS. A letter was received from the Rev. W. C. Hingeston Randolph, vicar of St. Brides, stat- ing that a sum of £ 8 10s. was forthcoming for the funds of the Infirmary as the result ot an entertainment he'ld in that locality on the suggestion of Lord Kensington, Ltn; chairmaa of the local committee, who was i opinion that that means of raising mOlH v was more suitable for the locality than a house to house collection would be, TÜ" rev. gentleman in his letter further suggested that special posters should be sent to to* various parishes about the time of the har- vest festivals, stating that an entertainment would be held for the benefit of the Infirmary funds. The posters would be a good re minder. Commenting upon the letter the Chairman said he thought the suggestion was a very good one. If the parishioners in any parish thought an entertainment was more suitable as a means of raising money than a house to house collection, the Infirmary Committee would be glad to fall in with their views. It was agreed that a letter should be wri. by the Secretary (Mr. Jones) thanking the Re. Hingeston Randolph for his suggestion. BOARD'S REPORT. The report of the Board of Management was submitted, and contained the following:- The out-patinets in 1905 numbered 721, com- pared with 760 in the year 1904, a decrease of 31 which, in all probability, is owing to an ir crease of discretion on the part of subscrib- ers in giving tickets. The in-patients num- bered 118, compared with 114 in the previous year. The number of days spent by patients in the institution was 5,854, compared with 5.372 in 1904, an increase of 482 days. It is gratifying to note that there is an increased balance in the treasurer's hands, viz., kiol 4s 4d., compared with k82 14s. 6d. in the pre- vious year. It is to be regretted, however, that the annual subscriptions show a falling off of £ 20, but donations, collections in chur- ches and chapels, street and house-to-house collections manifest extended interest on the part of the general public. The donations include: R40 14s. 2d., the result of Mrs. Howell. Walters' theatrical entertainment in Haverfordwest; £5 16s. 9d., the proceeds of a concert at Neyland; and C7 14s. Id. from the employees of Sir J. T. Firbank, Ltd. The street and house-to-house collections include: k26 Is. Id., the proceeds of collection in Haverfordwest; klO Is. 4d. collected in the parish of Burton; R5 12s. 6d. in the parish of Amroth; Z4 17s. 2d. in the parish of Roch, and 92 14s. Id. in the parishes of Walwyn's Castle and Robeston West. This is a not- able feature, and it is to be hoped that the very successful efforts on the part of these parishes may excite emulation in many other parishes in the county. The collections in churches and chapels show an increase of R15. Altogether these signs of widening pub- lic interest are highly encouraging. The Board have also to report that a legacy of £ 300 has been left to the institution by the late Mr. John Palmer, of Pembroke. So far the report has been of a cheering nature to those interested in the welfare of the In- firmary, but, unfortunately, it remains, to allude to a matter of serious importance which has been a cause of grave anxiety to this Board. Their attention having been drawn to the existence of cracks in various parts of the building, they considered it advisable to em- ploy the services of Mr. Caroe, an eminent architect, to report on its condition. As a re- sult of his report, though there is no mime- diate danger, yet inasmuch as the proverbial expression, A stitch in time saves nine, holds good, they have decided to take (or re- commend to be taken) the necessary steps to remove the causes of these defects. This unfortunately, will entail considerable expen- diture, which is to be regretted. It is hoped that the carrying out of the work will not! seriously interfere with the comfort of the oatients or staff. To the medical and nurs- ing staff the thanks of the Board are sicerely ?The Chairman moved the adoption of the report, and this was seconded by Mr. F. P. Green, who said it seemed to be a very fav- ourable one. The increased expenditure could be accounted for by the special expenses that had been incurred. The Chairman said it would be observed that they had a larger balance in hand than they had last year. Rev. J. H. Davies asked if it was possible for the meeting to be informed as to what contribution came to the institution from Milford Haven? He thought it would be well for them to know, seeing the number of bad ,-ase; that came to the Infirmary from that PThe Secretary said the Infirmary had a special contribution from Milford Haven in 1904, but they had nothing last year. Chairman: No doubt we shall have a con- tribution very soon. Rev. J. H. Davies: Milford is a big place. Chairman: We have subscribers there, of The report having been adopted, the report ->f the Medical' Officers was read. From it it appeared that during the year several in- natients had died, 69 had been discharged (ured 23 relieved, 3 practically relieved, 3 martially relieved, 3 incurable, and 13 re- named in the institution at the end of the vear. A large amount of good and useful work had been done, towards which the effi- ciency of the nursing staff largely contributed. The report was adopted on the motion of the Chairman, seconded by Mr. F. P. Green. In proposing the adoption of the accounts, the Chairman remarked that the late Mr. John Palmer, of Pembroke, had left a dona- tion of £300 towards the funds, and it would come in very useful towards the cost of the unfortunate expense which they had before them in connection with the foundations of the building, and it would have to be under- taken during the ensuing year. In proposing the re-election of Sir O. H. P. Scourfield, Bart., as president, the Chair- nan said they all knew the great interest that gentleman took in the institution, and the large amount of money he had contributed towards the funds.. The resolution was seconded by the Rev. James Phillips and carried. The retiring vice-presidents were re-elected on the motion of Mr. F. P. Green, seconded by Mrs. S. B. Tames, and the Rev. J. H. Davies, in pro- posing the re-election of the Medical Officers, said that the services rendered by them and S the abilities they had displayed certainly en titled the medical gentlemen to their best thanks. (Hear, hear.) The resolution was seconded by the Rev. James Phillips and carried unanimously. On the motion of tihe Rev. J. H. Davies, seconded by Mrs. James, the treasurer, hon. secretary, auditor, and dispenser Were re- elected. A vote of thanks was accorded the Medical Officers on the motion of the Rev. James Phillips, seconded by Mrs. Massy. A vote of thanks was accorded the hon. secretary, Mr. E. Eaton Esau, on the motion of the Rev. James Griffiths, seconded by Mrs. S. B. James, and, in replying, Mr Eaton Evans said he was very glad indeed to do anything he could to assist such a good cause. None of them, he felt, could be doing a better work than in attending to the objects of such an institution. Votes of thanks to he clergy and ministers of all denominations, the house visitors, audi- tor, and chairman concluded the proceedings. +

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