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A Pretty Wedding at Steynton.


A Pretty Wedding at Steynton. The marriage of Miss Rose Williams, young- est daughter of the Ven. Archdeacon Williams, rector of Steyton and Johnston, on Friday last, was the occasion of much Local rejoicing '>,nd festivity. It was, however, shorn of much interest to the villagers, because, just prior to the event, rain began to fall heavily and continued without intermission for the rest fo the day. The decorations and pre- parations made by the villagers for celebrating the happy event were, therefore, considerably r. arred. The bridegroom was Capt. ihoma. Olivei Ramsey Sladen, formerly of the Car- diganshire Artillery Militia, and now a sub- magistrate *t Pretoria, South Africa. He is the son of Gen. Sladen, of Rhydolgog, Rad- norshire. The church had been tastefully decorated, and a large crowd of leople wit ressed the event, despite the heavy rain. The blide was in creme satin, trimmed with old Brussels point lace, and a veil of the same material. She carried a lovely shower bou- quet, and wore a gold pendant, se1 WJ' turquoise and pealis, the gift of the bride groom; and a gol 1 bracelet with the naiic "Rose" representi-J by a ruby, cpal, sap whirs, and emerald, the gift of <h.i parisnio*i nrg She was given a.vay by her first Cou^ =in Mr. George Checkland Williams, and was accompanied by tlu ee bride.;¡alds, h' sister (Miss Williams) and the Misses Slav en Msters uf the liidegroom), who (.re dress.!? of white cheffon, with blue trimmings and i-egliorii hats, with pink flowers. Each ci, -,ied a posy, the gift of the bridegroom, and wore gold bracelets, witii turquoise and peans, also the gifts of the bridegroom. Captail filaden, of the Scott Greys, the hr-degroom s brother, was best man. The ceremony wat: performed by the bride's father, the Ven. Archdeacon Williams, who was r: listed by the Rev. E. A. Weale, the curate of ihe parish There wa3 no choir in attendance, but Mi. R. D. Gilbertson was at the organ, and played Alendellsohn's "0 for the wings of the Dov' as the bridal party entered the church, and afterwards the Wedding March. A recption was held at the Rectory, vhicii overflowed with the large number of wedding "uests. Amongst those present v ere Mij- Phiiipps and Miss Gladys Philipps, Pict-.n Castle; Canon and Miss Lloyd, Slebech; Mr. and Mrs. W. Howell Walters; Gall. and Mi^ Sladen. The wedding presents v ere very. numerous. Amid the good wishes of their friends and showers of rice the happy pair left for London by 4.¡J p.m. train from Mil- ford Haven. The bride's travelling dress was of navy blue cloth, with navy blue hat and pale blue feather.

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