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NARBERTH NEWS. f $ .The Miniature Rifle Range has been opened, and the tick tack" of the bullets now keep the somnolent babes of Narberth awake on Tuesday and Friday nights. The formal open- ing took place on Monday evening last, when the Rev. J. Morris, M.A. (the Rector of Nar- berth), fired the first shot and, recorded a "bull." The club is, we understand, affili- ated to the Working Men's Miniature Rifle Club's Association, which is trying to organise a number of clubs in this county in accord- ance with Earl Roberts' schemes for the train- ing of civilians to shoot. Narberth folk have always assumed the superiority of their town to the neighbour- ing collection of houses called Whitland, but now that we are to have a newspapfer all our own, we feel sure the dispute is ended. But Pembrokeshire has too many newspapers as it is, and this fact will be emphasised shortly when the only paper in request will be-the Guardian." The repeat concert of the National school .children will be given on Friday evening next. The concert of the Board school 'children will be held later in March. Mr. John Hawes is assiduously training his mites," as he terms them, in singing and acting, and we are looking forward to a splendid entertain- ment. We have just received a programme of the eisteddfpd which will be held in Narberth in a few frionths. Great care seems to have been taken in the compilation of the pro- gramme, and the test pieces (so far as we can at present judge) seem to be excellently chosen, although we doubt the wisdom of inviting an essay on-" Socialism," not to exceed 5,000 words. Some consideration ought to be shown for the poor adjudicator who has to wade through, or wallow in, a mass of undi- gested writings, generally called essays by their authors. We also doubt the propriety of choosing the Psalm of Life" as a reci- tation for. children. Surely something more interesting to the child and less hackneyed might have been found.

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