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Haverfordwest Rural District…


Haverfordwest Rural District Council. MONTHLY MEETING. « The monthly meeting of this Council was held on Wednesday week at the Workhouse, Haverfordwest, Mr. T. Llewellin presiding over a fair attendance of members. TREGLEMAIS ROAD. Mr. J. Reynolds said when the committee applied to the Porthgain Company for stone for the roads they were told they could have the stone if they would pay for it. The Chairman: Are they beginning to mis- trust you? (Laughter.) Mr. Reynolds: Yes, rather. I move that the Clerk write the company to say that they will have their money in due course. The Clerk said the reason of the company answering as they did was probably due to ihe fact that the Council had not paid them a sum of k83 2s. lid. He was advised by Mr. R. T. P. Williams not to pay, but to let them take proceedings if they wished. Mr. Reynolds said, however, that might be they must have stones for the road from some- where, and they could get no better than Mr. Griffiths said there would soon be a Porthgain. number of claims against the Porthgain Com- pany at the rate they were going on. The Chairman asked would it not be better to refer this matter to the Mathry Commit- tee. Mr. W. G. James said it would be a long time before that committee met, and these reads were in a wretched state and needed immediate attention. Mr. Reynolds said the roads were in a wretched state, and the matter could not be deferred. Mr. W. G. James: What is the price? Mr. Reynolds: 2s. lid. per yard. Mr. Samson Williams asked what was to prevent the company from applying the money they received to the old account? Mr. W. G. James said the Surveyor could so and pick his stones and pay cash for what he had. The Clerk read a letter from the Porthgain company, which was to the effect that they would be prepared to supply stone and re- ceive payment without prejudice to the amount in dispute. Mr. Vincent John thought that as the ac- tion between the Council and the Porthgain Company would be on in about a fortnight it would be better to wait until that was over before ordering any stone. Mr. Reynolds was afraid if they allowed rhe roads to remain in their present dis- graceful state the Council might have to go before the magistrates for leaving the voads impassible. Mr. Samson Williams moved that Mr. Rey- nolds be authorised to buy the stones, and take the cheque himself at the end of the month. Mr. Reynolds: They are near and handy, and just: what we want. Mr. Vincent John: We have an action against the company in the hands of our solicitor which comes on at the next county court. I propose that we make no payment io the company until our action has been tried. i Mr. S. W. Dawkins seconded this. Mr. Reynolds said the District Council had ordered stones to be put down on these roads, and where else could they get them? The Clerk said even -if the stones were ordered at once they could not be paid for until. the Council met again a month hence, and before then the action would have been heard in the county court. Mr. Reynolds: We are bound to have stones from somewhere at once, and we cannot get them cheaper. Mr. W. G. James: I second the proposal that Mr. Reynolds should get them. If we do not make a payment it cannot prejudice our case, after the letter we have had from the company. It was finally agreed that Mr. Reynolds should himself order the necessary stone from the Porthgain Company at once. OLD HAKIN ROAD LEVEL CROSSING. The G.W.R. wrote stating that they could not spend the actuitional Eti-00 necessary to carry out certain suggestions which had been ,-na made, but they had no objection to carrying cut the work if the' Council would bear the cost. They were, however, willing to widen -he road at the end of the subway. The Chairman said the improvement was a very considerable one, as it would do away with the level crossing. Mr. Dawkins moved, that the offer of the Railway Company be accepted. Mr. Hugh J. P. Thomas seconded, but re marked that it would be very much better if they could get the 15 feet at the corners extended to 20 feet. Mr. J. S. Roberts thought there could be no harm in accepting the proposals provision ally, while at the same time asking that the road should be 20 feet at the entry. The resolution was agreed to. COODWICK TURNTABLE. The North Highway Board, to whom had been referred the proposals of the G.W.R. were of opinion that the agreement should not be approved unless the Railway Company would undertake to keep the road, where in- terfered with, to the width of 30- feet at .least. •With that exception they approved of the agreement. THE MODEL BYE-LAWS. Mr. W. G. James reported that the commit tee had examined the model bye-laws, and while they were trongly of opinion that as a 'hole they were excellent they thought seve- ral should be drafted which would speci- ally, suit this district. He suggested that a sub-committee should be appointed to draft the additions required. The matter was referred back to the Plan Committee. FISHGUARD SEWAGE. Mr. James said me committee had met at Lctterston, but they had had such short no- tice that there had not been sufficient time to consider the matter, and they asked that it might be deferred for further consideration, and the committee would be prepared to make a report by the next meeting. The Chairman hoped they would try to be ready by ne:¡t meeting, and The matter was deferred. GOODWICK DRAINAGE. The Solicitor to the G.W.R. wrote acknow- ledging receipt of the draft, and would pre- pare the agreement and accompanying plans. The Chairman said the matter would have to stand in abeyance until they received the agreement. Mr. J. C. Bowen asked could nothing be done now, as time was passing. Mr. Vincent John asked was there anything to prevent them advertising? The Clerk said they had not had the con- sent of the Local Government Board, nor sanctio to borrow money. The Chairman said they might write to the Local Government Board and ask if they might take the preliminary steps. The Clerk: The Local Government Board has been waiting for years for the District Council. (Laughter, and a member remarked that it looked like retaliation.) Mr. J. C. Bowen proposed that the Clerk write at once to the Local Government Board for the necessary permission. Mr. Joseph Watts seconded. The Chairman said they would try and get an early answer, but they must not go too fast. MAIN ROAD SUBSIDIES. ,Mr. W. G. James, in accordance with notice of motion, brought forward the question of the main roads of the county. He supposed most of those present were aware of the sys- tem under which subsidies for the main- tenance of the roads were granted. The five rural divisions of Pembroke, Narberth. Haverfordwest, St. Dogmaels, and Llanfyrnach had. each separate accounts kept, and at the end of the financial year a comparison was made. It was ascertained which district had the hea- \iest expenditure upon the roads, as com- pared with its ratable value; then that dis- trict was taken as the basis of calculation ,and while that district got nothing the others were compensated by taking as much from* the other districts as would put them on similar basis. Under such a system the county undoubtedly punished the district which had the heaviest traffic on its, roa is. Col. Ivor Philipps, and others besides him had pointed out the serious injustice the existing arrangement, and a scheme had b. e:1 prepared under which it was proposed & inuou fairer method of apportioning the bur ien by giving to each district a proportionate num- ber of main roads, and taking into considera- tion their ratable value. That was a fair and business-like way of dealing with the mat- Ler, and when it was placed before the Main Road.bommittee it was approved. When, however, the matter came up for confirmation at the County Council, a strong whip-up had been' made from Narberth and the Pembroke districts, and the proposal was defeated. He had seen the same thing at the Distriet;.Coun.! cil; a large number would come forward to defeat or carry a certain proposal. He had, :10 doubt the Narbeth and Pembroke .repre-' sentatives knew that their interests were threatened; while the northern representa- tives seemed to believe that the proposal was so fair it was not necessary that they should attend to carry it. The system in vogue in -his county was not in force anywhere else in Great Britain; and it was most unfair to the Haverfordwest rural district. At the pre- sent. moment Narberth was rated at Is., Pem- broke at s., St. Dogmeals Is., Llanfyrnach lOd., and Haverfordwest 2s. in the Z. That v.-as the position, ad he asked why should .Haverfordwest pay double any other district in the county. He proposed that a strong committee should be sent from that District Council to place the facts before the County Council, and ask them to re-consider the matter. Haverfordwest should be allowed 35 more miles of main roads, which should be maintained by the -county; and each rural district in the county ought to be placed on an equal basis. Mr. W. Howell Walters asked had the County Council refused to take over as main roads any they had been asked to do? It was replied that the Dale road had been refused, but Mr. Howell Walters said it was because the road had not been put in order. Mr. Vincent John said they had good -rea: son to object to the main roads being main- tained on the present basis. He instanced the St. Davids road as a case where they had not only to pay an increased county rate, but had also to, pay more of a district rate. On the ground that county roads should: be maintained out of the county rate he seconded Mr. James's proposal. Mr. J. Reynolds: complained of, the way in which the county roads were managed, slnd ;aid the county authorities went to the dear- est place for ston, instead of asking the District Councils to get contracts for them; but, of course, the county authorities were wiser than they were. (Laughter.) The resolution was then carried unani- mously. Afterwards Mr. James named as his com- mittee: Mr. J. S. Roberts, Mr. Vincent John, Mr. Joseph Watts, Rev. W. H. Walters, Mr. I. H. Lewis, Mr. YV. J. Owen, and himself. MISCELLANEOUS. A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board approving of the grant of C25 to Mr. Phillips for additional work; also a letter with respect to the re-appointment of the four Medical Officers of Health. With respect to the latter the Board said they still adhered to their former view, that there should only be one medical officer. INSPECTORS' REPORTS. The Inspector of -the south district (Mr. Gibbon) reported one case of typhoid fever- at Moory Hall, the other matters being purely of a routine character. For the north district (Mr. Phillips) it was stated that the district was free from infectious disease. At St. Davids he had inspected the common lodg- ing-houses and dairies. He found one dairy in a very filthy condition, ad the milk excep- tionally dirty and offensive. Unless he found I the premises improved on his next visit the sale of mill: must be stopped. At Letterston in the upper part of the village, the inhabit- ants were suspicious as to the purity of the water supply, and he found the water had never been analysed. He advised that a sample be sent away at once. This course was agreed £ o. Mr. Phillips also reported an encroachment at Station Road, Letterston, and another at the Rose and Crown, Goodwick. Also plans of new buildings he had received for consid- eration. These included plans of three houses at St. Davids; three houses at Good- wick; and 18 new cottages at Penew, Good- wick. The plans were all passed.


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