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PEMBROKESHIRE EDUCATION E NI i "I" AUTHORITY. (Cul/tillned frum another page). &nd that an advertisement be issued, if neces- sary. Stepaside.—That the salary of Eliz. Davies, r'.T be increased. yland (G. and I.).-That Margaret Bowen and Florence Davies, ex-P.T.'s, be retained in the girls' department; that Maud CoJd be transferred to Vtaterstoa School; and that Dororthy Grey, P.T., be transferred from Wa- lerston to Neyiand infants. Eglwyswrw.—That the two applications for the post of assistant at this school be referred to the managers for their recommendation. I M. and Whitechurch.—That the services of che sewing mistress be dispensed with, in accordance with the recommendation of the managers. Henner.—That the salary of B. H. Griffiths, P T., be fixed at the county rate from the 1st of August, 1905. Fishguard.—That X. Jones, S. teacher, be released as desired. Barn St.—That the Director ask for a medi- cal certificate if Frank Jones, U., docs not re- turn this week. Prendergast (Girls).-That. the articles of Caroline Lewis be curtailed, and that she be paid at the same salary as S. Levers was paid under the same circumstances, in accord- ance with the recommendation of the mana- gers. (Ifs).-That Lilian Thomas and Emma Brown, S. teachers, be given increase of salaries. Milford (Inf.).—That a salary be fixed for the substitute for Winifred Phillips. Croesgoch.—That the matter of appointment of a S. teacher be referred to the managers. Appointments.—The committee recommend that the following appointments of teachers on the conditions set out in Art. 15 (Clause 1) of the Day School Code, 1905, be made and sanctioned according to the particulars set cut in the "Record of Appointments" book now submitted, and that the Chairman be authorised to sign the said book:—Beatrice M. Stephens, Burton N.-P., M.; Mrs. Colville, Marloes N.-P., S.; Daisy Miller, Milford N.-P., Inf., S.; Anna John, Narberth N.-P., U.; Thomas B. Rhys, New Hedges N.-P., U. Hd.; inlaud Phillips, New Hedges N.-P., S.; Martha j. Roberts, Rudbaxton N.-P., S.; S. M. Evans, Pentlepoir CL, ex-P.T.; Cyril B. Davies, Ney- iand CI. (Boys), Prov. U.; E. A. V. Strud- v ick, Darn St. Cl., S.; Emily Hopper, St. Martin's, U.; Annie McKay, Milford Cl. (Inf.), S. MINOR AUTHORITIES. Rev. W.. Powell asked were the minor au- thorities consulted in the matter of making appointments ? It was pointed out that to do this in all cases would lead to delay, and might, in some cases lead to a school being understaffed. At the same time the Edu- cation Authority was always glad to receive recommendations from the minor authorities. .More than this could not be done. I FURNISHING. The recommendations of the Furnishing Committee were adopted, and call for no comment. THE COUNTY SCHOOLS. The .Chairman said in view of the fact that they were preparing a new scheme for the county schools it was very desirable that they should have a full report of the work- ing of the schools, especially in view of the fact that many members of that Authority were not connected as governors with the county schools. He suggested that the Di- rector of Education should be asked to pre- pare a report. Mr. Palmer Morgan did not see ihe necessity of such, report. The Chairman thought there was a neces- sity, particularly as there was no uniformity in the conducting of those schools. At any rate it could do no harm. M. Joseph Thomas said the staff was al- ready overworked, and he doubted the wis- dom of imposing any extra work. Jlr. i/aimer Morgan thought it was unneces- aiy, because already they had published re- ports of the working of the schools. The Chairman said certain districts asked for money, and others kept within their in- come. They ought to know why that was so: They wanted to know how the schools were worked, what was the headmaster's salary, and the amount of the capitation grant, which was not the same ail over the county. If they were to keep these schools going they must have some idea how the money was spent. Then they wanted to know what was spent on alterations and re- pairs, the cost of maintenance, salaries, num ber of teachers and number of scholars per teacher. HIGHER EDUCATION. Mr. Palmer Morgan brought up the report 6f this committee. County Schools.—Letters were read from the Board of Education recognising Fishguard and Tenby County Schools as secondary schools, and the Haverfordwest Grammar School and Fishguard County School as P.T.'s centres. Special Local Secretary.—A letter was read from the Board of Education stating that the Sp. L. Secretary for the Pembroke Dock centre was not justified in acting as he did, and that his action did not bind the .E.A. in any way to pay any expenses to him incurred without the Authority's sanction. It was recommended to authorise the payment of £ 10 8s. 4d., which with the zP,2 7s. fees at present in the hands of the Sp. L. Secretary, made up the amount which the Board stipulated should be paid by the Authority, the Board's contribution being £4 7s. 6d. Fishguard County School.—The Board of Education notified that there was a balance of iE29 16s. 4d. due to this school in grants under the Secondary School Regulations, and I that an order for payment would be sent in 1 due course. Cookery Diplomas.—Circular 539 was read i from the Board of Education, stating that after July, 1906, the Board will not issue dip- lomas in cookery, and would instead recognise, in future, persons holding approved diplomas granted by approved training schools. Shrewsbury Conference.—The Director read copies of the resolutions passed at the Shrews bury Conference held on January 26th, in regard to the training of teachers. The com- mittee desire to express their opinion that the training of pupil teachers be an Imperial charge and not a local one. Horticulture.—Applications had been receiv- ed ior courses of lectures on horticulture in various districts, and the Clerk was instructed to arrange according to the number of appli- cations received. Buildings.—The committee decided that business connected with the buildings of the county schools fell within the jurisdiction of the Higher Education Sub-Committee and not of the Buildings Sub-Committee. Tenby Co. School: Cookery Rooms, Etc.— Plans were submitted for the proposed laun- dry, manual instruction and cookery room, and the committee approved of them, and di- rected that they be forwarded to the Board of Education, and they recommend that appli- cation be made to the County Council to raise a sufficient loan for the purpose of the build- ings. Equipment of Cookery, Laundry, and M. In- struction Rooms.—It was decided that the Education Committee be recommended to make grant to all tfie county schools for the equipment of these rooms with the necessary appliance3. The recommendations were adopted, with a proviso that the county schools should be asked to furnish particulars of their appli- ances for cooking. Mr. Palmer Morgan: All this is set out ir the annual reports. The Chairman: But who is going to sit down and work these things out. If they are in the reports then the Director can soon prepare an exhaustive report. The Director of Education thought such a report as the Chairman had indicated was necessary, and he would gladly undertake it if requested, setting aside other work to do it. The Chairman's suggestion was thereupon adopted. A COMPLAINT. Rev. W. Powell drew attention to a bill for £7 or k8 for work done last September at a Neyland school, which had not been paid. The man was poor, and he was threatening to put the Authority in the county court. On enquiry none of he officials had any recollection of seeing the bill, but the Clerk promised to look into the matter at once. This ended the business.

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