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, Haverfordwest Grammer School.

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PEMBROKESHIRE EDUCATION AUTHORITY. A meeting of the Education Committee of the Pembrokeshire County Council was held on Friday at the Shire Hall, Haverfordwest. There were present Mr. S. B. Sketch (chair- man), Mr. G. P. Brewer (vice-chairman), Miss Rachel Allen, Miss Ada Thomas, Rev. J. Phillips, Rev. W.. Powell, Mr. H. Seymour Allen, Mr. C. W. R. Stokes, Mr. Joseph Thomas, Mr. W. Palmer Morgan,, Mr. T. Llewellin (Haythog), Mr. D. Davies, Dr. Griffith, Mr. E. H. James, and J. Howard Griffiths. MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS. The Board of Education intimated. that Dr. R. F. Jones (Boncath), Dr. D. Havard (Newport), and Dr. J. M. Owen (Fishguard) had been appointed medical officers for their respective districts for the purpose of the Elementary Teachers' Superannuation Act. SCHOOL CORRESPONDENTS, ETC. Mr. J. J. Davies, Ivy Bank, Tenby, wrote stating that he was leaving Tenby, and in future the correspondent of the school would be the Rev. Mr. Howden. The manageress of the Puncheston Church of England School wrote that the Rev. John "Phillips had resigned his position as manager of this school, as he was removing to North Wales, and asking to be favoured with instruc- tions as to the appointment of a new manager. The Clerk said as the Rev. John Phillips was appointed by the minor authority it would be necessary to give notice to them. LAMPETER VELFREY PARISH COUNCIL. The Clerk said Mr. John Lewis, clerk to the Lampeter Velfrey Parish Council, wrote ask- ing him for the answers to certain questions at the recent inquiry relating to the Elemen tary School. He replied to the effect that he was unable to give the information applied for until it had been sanctioned by the com- mittee. The Chairman said they would all agree that Mr. George had exercised a wise dis- cretion, and he suggested that he should now be empowered to give the information. The details asked for related to the elementary school at Lampeter Velfrey, which was or- dered to be closed after an inquiry. It was resolved that the Clerk should give the information sought. CARDIGAN COUNTY SCHOOL. The Clerk said three of the governors of the Cardigan County School, viz., Mr. E. H. James, Ivor Evans, and Rev. Aaaron Morgan needed re-appointing, as they were appointed by the late School Board. On the motion of Mr. Joseph Thomas, sec- onded by Dr. Griffith, the three gentlemen named are re-appointed. FISHGUARD NON-PROVIDED SCHOOLS. The Chairman said he had some correspond- ence with Mr. J. C. Yorke, of Langton, and he would tell the Education Authority what led up to it. When he received the first letter he was very unwell, but he did his best to answer it promptly so that Mr. Yorke should not have reason to think he was being treated with any discourtesy. In his first letter Mr. Yorke mentioned that he had ap- plied for permission to the Chairman of the County Council to send a deputation from the managers of the non-provided schools, Fishguard; but that the Chairman had in- formed him that all powers under the Edu- cation Act, 1902, had been transferred to the Education Authority. Mr. Yorke therefore applied that the Education Authority would receive such a deputation. He (the chair- man) thought that the subjects to be dis- cussed should have been set forth, and he was also of opinion from his knowledge of the business of the committee, that no good could come from such interview, and he wrote Mr. Yorke to that effect. He received a second letter from JMr. Yorke, in which he set out specifically ^hat were the grievances of the non-provided schools. The first was in con- nection with the buildings, disagreeing with some of the requirements of the Education Committee. The second point was a wish to talk over the matter of the mixed school, which had already been settled by the com- mittee. The third was a matter of the staff- ing of the schools and the salaries paid to the teachers. In his reply he (the chairman) assumed, as he had a right to do that Mr. Yorke was aware of the proper method of conducting business, in view of the fact that he had been a member of that committee and of the County Council. He pointed out that the question of the mixed school had already been dealt with, and could not be re-opened except on a motion to rescind the former resolution; therefore the deputation could receive no advantage inasmuch as the committee had finished with the matter, and sent the requistion to the Board of Education. As regarded the building, if the non-provided school managers would put them in writing and send them to the committee, they would be referred to the Building Sub-Committee, which no doubt would report to the General Committee, and the matter would be dealt with in due course. Then as regarded stafl- ing and the salaries of the teachers, that had already been dealt with by the Staffing Com- mittee. To that he received a further letter from Mr. Yorke, which he would read to them. He felt somewhat diffident about re- plying to that letter, and he submitted it to the sub-committee, who decided that the let- ter should be read to the General Committee. He would read it with pleasure, and after the explanation he had given he hoped they would see that he had tried to safeguard the committee. The letter was as follows:— Langton, Dwbach, R.S.O. Pembrokeshire. Dear Mr. Sketch,—It seems to me that whe- ther I set forth the subjects which the depu- tation from Fishguard propose to lay before .the local Education Authority, or whether I do not set them forth, I do not get any nearer your permission to attend at your next meet- ing. We are not prepared, as you request, to submit in writing a second time to a sub-committee, or a committee, the same facts which these subordinate bodies have already dealt with; and as we think have unfairly dealt with these schools. We should simply receive a reply that the subject could not be re-opened. Our object was, and is, to lay our side of the questions at issue fairly before the whole Education Authority as a sort of court of appeal on whose impartiality we have, or ought to have, reason to rely. We know from experience that the committees and sub-committees do not always fully re- present the opinion of the major body. We also knew tL;,t they are not always apprecia- tive of the judicial nature of some of their I duties, and do not always give weight to all f the evidence. We should prefer first to appeal to your Education Authority as a whole. If you decline to receive a deputation to lay these before you publicly, I can only say :lat within an experience of over 35 years of public work, it will be the first time I have ever known such a request to be refused. We had hoped to avoid the disagreeable neces- sity of appealing to the superior Education Authority, viz., the Education Department, on these matters, but I fear that unless you can agree to receive the depution as requested you leave no other course open to us. I assume you will see no objection to my pub- lishing this correspondence, which deals only with public business. Yours faithfully, J. C. YORKE. P.S.—I trust you will lay my letters before < hte local Education Authority at their next meeting. Dr. Griffith said Mr. Yorke wrote to him as chairman of the County Council, and asked would they receive a deputation re the Fish- guard non-provided schools, as he would rather come before the County Council than before the Education Committee. He (Dr. Griffith) replied, stating that the County Coun- j cil had delegated its powers under the Edu- cation Act to an Education Committee, and could not, therefore, receive a deputation. He was sorry Mr. Yorke had taken the view lie had, but both at the County Council and at the Education Committee the rule was to refer a matter to a sub-committee to make a report upon it, and they usually acted upon the report made to them. He was sure that the Education Committee had no other wish than to do what was right by any school, whether Church of England 'or provided. Mr. G. P. Brewer said when this matter was brought before the sub-committee they were unanimously of opinion that the letters should be read to the General Committee. The Fishguard non-provided schools had al- ready been dealt with, and they could not see how it could be re-opened, unless some one would propose a resolution rescinding a former resolution. He proposed that the action of the Chairman be approved by the committee. Mr. Joseph Thomas begged leave to second the resolution. Rev. James Phillips supported the resolu- tion, and thought the Chairman of the County Council and lis it ^airman u1 the Education Committee had a^ied with the greatest dis- cretion, and had taken a just view of the situation. No useful object could have been served by a deputation from Fishguard com- ing there. If Mr. Yorke wished to appeal to the electorate that was a course still open to him by publishing the correspodence. The resolution was then carried unani- mously. The Chairman said he was obliged to them for supporting his action. They might be sure of this, that he never wished to do anything but what was just and fair, and in declining j to receive this deputation he had merely been anxious not to waste their time. NATIONAL UNION OF TEACHERS. A communication was read from this Unioi. expressing the hope that the Authority would be able to send two of its members to the annual conference at Shrewsbury during Easter week. FINANCES. The Finance Sub-Committee repoit was t brought up by Mr. Brewer. J Border Schools.—The committee considered a letter from the Clerk of the Carmarthen- shire Education Committee regarding the ad justment of loans on Border schools, and it is recommended that apportionments be made according to the ratable value of the parishes at the time of the appointed day for Carmar- thenshire, as suggested by their committee. < Claims for Salaries.—The committee con f sidered a further communication from W. Ede, a late teacher under this Authority, and recommend that their previous offer to him be adhered to. A communication was also read from Arthur English, late head teacher of Longstone School in regard to his claim of £1 15s., and the committee recommend that the Clerk write to his solicitors fully explain- i ing the matter. i Pension Claims.—A letter was read* from the j Clerk of the Carmarthenshire Education Com- mittee in regard to the claim of James Wil- liams, late attedance officer of landissilio I School Board, and the County Committee recommend that this matter be adjusted when the border loans have been adjusted. The committee recommend that the Clerk write to the Tenby Corporation for particulars of the appointment of T. M. Eastlako as attend- ance officer, and that the claims of William Harries, Dd. Jenkis, and W. P. Carter for commuted allowances be not entertained. Neyland Council School: Paving Expenses. —The committee considered the Architect's report in respect of the claim of the Neyland Urban District Council for £ 97 8s. lOd. for paving outside this school, and they recom- mend that the same be paid, and "that the payment be treated as capital expenditure. Late Llandissillio School Board Loan.—The Late Llandissillio School Board Loan.—The committee recommend that the County Coun- cil sanction the sealing of an agreement for the payment of the proportion of this loan payable by Pembrokeshire, subject to the figures being verified. Late Mynachlogddu School Board Loan.— The committee recommend that the sum of C31 4s. paid to the County Treasurer in re- spect of the unapplied portion of this loan be paid to the Public Works Loan Board towards the reduction of the principal. A MEMBER'S EXPENSES. The Chairman said he was verv sorry, but ho was bound to take exception "to the'pay- ment of Zl 13s., for the Rev. James Phillips' expenses to the Shrewsbury Conference on the training of teachers. He was bound to ob- ject, because there was a resolution on the minutes that the rev. gentleman should pav his own expenses. Mr. Brewer said the Finance Committee was not aware of this resolution when they passed this item of Z-1 13s. Of course they could not now recommend it. The Finance report was passed, with the exception of this item, whi 0Q. was struck out., DEVONALD'S ( PARITY. The report of the Charit' Committee show- ed that the question of o, posing the scheme of Devonald's charity had been discussed, and finally Mr. Palmer Morgan was deputed to I wait upon the Board of Education and urge the objections to the proposed scheme. Mr. Palmer Morgan detailed the result of his visit. He also read a letter from the Board of Education of the date of February 5th, 'says:—"I am directed to state that the ob- jections and suggestions which 'have been made with regard to the proposed scheme, have been under the careful consideration of I the Board. The Board are of opinion that they have no option but to treat the founda- tion as Denominational, and as connected I with the Church of England. They propose, j however, to alter the draft scheme by reduc- ing the amount applicable under clause 17 i to £ 12, and by omitting clause 17 (C). They also propose to sutdihIte for clause IS (I) (C:) i a provision that the beneficiaries under that i clause shall have attended a Church of I England Sunday school, and to omit clause i9 (D). Subject to any observations which I he local Education Authority may wish to I )ffer the Board propose to establish the scheme so altered in 14 days from the date I of this letter. Ir. Palmer Morgan's expenses account amouting to £ 3 4s. 9d. was passed. NOTICE OF MOTION. Mr. Palmer Morgan gave notice of the following resolution he intended to move at the next meeting: "That we petition the Board of Education that all charities devoted to elementary education in the county of Pem- brokeshire be in future applied for providing higher education in our county schools for the areas interested." BUILDING. Dr. Griffith brought up the report of the Building Committee, which contained the fol- lowing recommendation, and was accepted :— Rhydberth Non-Provided School.—The com- mittee considered a letter from the Board of Education with regard to the repairs neces- sary to this school, and it was resolved to reply to the Board, stating that the Authority are awaiting copies of the plans and speci- fications from the managers. Tenders.—The committee considered the tenders^ received for executing repairs, etc., to the following schools, and recommend that ii-ic acceptance of the under-mentioned ten- ders be sanctioned, as recommended by the group managers:—Camrose North Council, ten- der of Warlow and Davies, Wolfsdale; Cam- rose South Council, tender of Wm. Reynish, Haverfordwest; Lambston Council, tender of Win. Reynish, Haverfordwest. The committee also considered the amended tenders for executing the repairs to Moylgrove Council School, and recommend the accept- ance of the lowest, viz., that of Cole and Sons, Milford Haven. Carnhedryn Council School.—The committee considered a letter from the managers ob- jectiug to carrying out some of the repairs specified by the Architect. The committee recommend that the new ceiling be omitted from the specifications, and that tenders be re-aclvertised for the remaining work. Longstone Council School.—A letter was read from the managers of Group I., urging the provision of a new school at Longstone. The committee resolved to reply to the Clerk, stating that steps will be taken immediately to build a new school. Lovestone Council School.—The committee recommend that the Architect be asked to get the closets put into proper repair. Tavernspite Non-Provided School.—The com- mittee considered a letter from the Corres- pondent requesting the Authority to allow their Architect to inspect the site of the pro- posed new closets. The committee recom- mend that the managers be informed that they must make their own arrangements as to the erection of the closets, and that the Authority cannot be advised to ask their Architect to inspect. Architect's Reports.—(1) The committee con- sidered the Architect's reports on Dinas and Llanychllwydog Council Schools. He also submitted plans and specifications of the "necessary repairs to these sehools, and it was resolved to send them to the managers for their consideration. (2) The Architect also reported on the work now in progress at the [ various Council schools, and on the repairs done by the managers to Wiston and Punche- ston non-provided schools. (3) The Architect" reported upon a site for a new school at Lamphey, and the committee recommend that negotiations be entered into with the owners of the two sites selected. (4) The committee recommend that the claim of the owner of the school building at Lamphey for rent be referred to the Finance Committee, and to suggest that the payment should be at the rale of £ 15 a year and not £7 10s. New; School at Rhydfeinog.—It was decided to write to the Clerk of the Carmarthenshire Education Committee asking whether his Au- thority intended proceeding with the provi- sion of a school at Clynderwen. ATTENDANCE. Mr. T. Llewellin brought up the report of this committee, which was accepted. It con- tained the following recommendation:— The committee considered the reports and returns of the Attendance Officers for the month of January, 1906, which showed the percentage for the month for the county to be 30.3. The committee recommend that the Clerk take legal proceedings to get the cases of prosecution, which were adjourned at the Narberth Sessions some time ago,; reinstated. The committee recommend the Education Committee to request the Standing Joint Com- mittee to direct Justices' Clerks to treat sum- monses issued by Attendance Officers as they do in police cases, i.e., to allow the sum- monses to be issued without prepayment of ices. The committee recommend that a general nohday be given to the children of all ele- mentary schools in the county on St. David's Day, March 1st next. STAFFING. The following recommendations of the com- mittee were adopted:— NON-PEOVIDED SCHOOLS. Fishguard.—That E. W. Rees, the head teacher of the boys' department, be paid his salary from the 1st of January, and that the apply teacher be also paid for the month of January. Hakin.—That a further application for the post of U. teacher be sent to the mana- gers with an intimation that the committee are prepared to appoint the person applying, and that in case the managers refuse, the Director be empowered to make arrangements and report. That the application for an in- cis-iss of salary to Henrietta Llewellyn, supply teacher, be not entertained. Haverfordwest (Boys).—That the appoint- ment of Richard Griffiths as P.T. be sanc- tioned. Lamphey.-That the managers be informed thai, the Education Authority are not con- cerned with the payment of the rente of teachers' houses. Lljnddewi Velfrey.—That the post of head teacher and assistant be re-advertised at a higher salary. t Manorbier.-That the arrears of salaries due o the montiors, Florence Evans and John Conner be paid. Nolton. That a head mistress be advertised for in nlace of the present one resigned. Penally.—That the salary of the IJ. teacher oe increased from the 1st of January, and that the P.T. be paid at the county scale as from the 1st of August, 1905. St Florence.—That the post of head teacher which is still vacant, be re-advertised. St. Nicholas. That the Director be empow- powered to arrange so as to retain Gertrude Morgan, Ji. teacher. Tavernspite.—That the salary of the head teacher be re-assessed and made a net sum. sum. airen. That, with regard to the assess- ment of the salary of the head teacher, a letter be sent to the Board of -Education, staling that the L.E.A., according to recent judicial opinion, were no parties to the agree- head teachcr with tie managers. Wiston.—That the governors of the Haver- fordwest Grammar School be asked whether they were prepared to allow something to the P.T. s from this school towards their travell- ing expenses, and if not, that the L.E.A. should arrange. COUNCIL SCHOOLS. Longstone.—That the Director arrange for assistance at this school.. Ter-, iple ton. -That the Director arrange for filling the vacancy caused by the appointment of Anna John to the Narberth X.P. School, (Continued on another page).