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Dydd Rhyddid Dyn.



Prepaid 'Wanted' Advertisement Of General Servants' Situations Wanted anc Vacant, Apartments Wanted and To Let, Houses and other Premises to be Let, Specific Articles for Sale, Articles, Dogs, Sheep, &c., Lost and Found, and all Miscellaneous Wanta are inserted at the following low rates:— Words. 1 insertion. 3 insertions. 6 insertions 18 Os 6d. Is Od Is 6d 27 0 9 1 6 2 3 36 0 2 0 3 0 45 1 3 2 6 3 9 54 1 6 3 0 4 6 63. 1 9 3 6 5 3 72 2 0 4 0 6 0 81 2 3 4 6 6 9 SCHOOLMASTER'S DAUGHTER requires ks re-engagement as Governess. Family or School. Pembrokeshire preferred. Clerical refer- ence. Good needlewoman, healthy, fond of child- ren, domesticated, musical.—F., 80, Victoria Road, Romford, Essex. p3fe8 REPRESENTATIVE WANTED.—A FIRM of Agricultural Implement makers require a Welsh traveller, with some knowledge of agri- culture and engineering, to travel amongst farmers and implement agents in Wales.—Apply, GUARDIAN Office, Haverfordwest. jail LOST, between St. David's and Middle Mill, a GREY WOOLLEN SHAWL. Finder rewarded. Apply, Office of tpae.5 FOUND, on Thursday, Feby/22, between Boncath and St. David's, ar Lady's Silver Watch.—Apply, James John, Bfenywaun, Solva. \y p3mrl5 LAND TO LET at WLCHC/RTE, ST. DAVID'S, together with hot^e and yard. For particulars, apply Wm. Jon^s, blacksmith, St. David's. \s 3mrl5 SOUTH AFRICA. ROYAL MAIL BOUTE 0 UNION CASTLE LINE. London & South- ampton. To Cape Colony, Natal, A)elagoa Bay, Beira, &o., calling frequently at Madeira, Las PAl- ma, Teneriffa, Ascension, and St. Helena. Weekly Sailings. Fast Passages. Superigi Accommodation. Best Route. For Rates of Passage Money, and all further in- formation, apply to the Managers—DONALD CURRIE & CO., London,.o tolocal Agents. To Let. 0 THE GRIBYN FARM/ Possession Michael-^ mas next. Apply to'S. T. Williams, Solva. 3rd January, 1906. ja4 A CARGO OF SUPERPHOS- PHATE FOR THE WESTERN COUNTIES ASSOCIATION HAS JUST ARRIVED AT PORTH GAIN. Apply to the local agent: Mr Ed. Powell. p3mrl5 —ii ■■ The High-Class Washing Material Viyeila Y # (RegM) Does not shrink. For Shirts, Blouse*, Night-Dresses, Dressing Gowns, etc. (Ste the Label on the Selvedge.) To be obtained from all leading Drapery or name of nearest sent on application N 'Viyella' (M.H.) Friday St. London, E.C. "Viyelia" Hosiery Underwear can also be obtained. PANCAKE DAY. HOW TO MAKE PAN. CAKES. ir Pancakes are to ba,made as delicious 81 they ought to be, the following ingredients must be used in making them :-To half a pound of Flour, add. two large teaspoonfuls of BORWICK'S BAKING PONDER—without this they cannot be well made-seasoned with a little salt. Mix these in a dry state, and add an egg beaten up, with f-pint of milk. Fry at once, with butter or lard N.B.-Tell your Grocer youmust have BOBWIOBL'S. RABBITS! RABBITS! RABBITS! GAME! GAME! GAME III Fresh Rabbits and Game, any quantity, bought daily, by THOS. JOHN, Croeswen, LETTERSTON. Best prices given for good clean rabbits, &c. Carts will call at any address by arrangements. P.S.—Try your friend and you will be pleased. sel4 THE SWANSEA MERCANTILE BANK, Limited, OF 18, PARK STREET, SWANSEA, MAKE CASH ADVANCES DAILY FROM 95 to 2500 TO FARMEBS and ALL CLASSES of respect- able householders upon their own Note ef Hand, and other kinds of securities. ALL TRANSACTIONS STRICTLY PRIVATE. Apply to H. B. JONES, Manager, Or W. D. PHILLIPS, Auctioneer, Haverfordwest, Loual Representative. Personal attendance every Wednesday afternoon, and at other times by special appointment at VIo- toria Road, opposite the Dock gates, Milford Haven, sel CYCLE DEPOT, ST. DAVID'S. J WILLIAM JONES, NUN STREET, ST. DAVIDS, Has opened a Cycle Depot, and is prepared tojsupply all leading makes of Bicycles-Rudge- Whitworth, Star, Coventry, Eagle, etc.—at prices which will compare favourably with those of other local- firms in the county. Phonographs and Records kept in Stock. BICYCLES ON SIRE: EVERY WOMAN Should send two stamps for oar 32 page Illustrated Book, containing valuable information how all Ir- regularities and Obstructions may be entirely avoided or removed by simple means. Recommended by eminent Physicians, as the only Safe, Sore and Genuine Remedy. NeverFails. Thousands of Testi monials. Established 1862. Mr. P. BLANCHARD, Dalston Lane, London. p8fe07 EVERY WOMAN SHOULD READ "WOMAN'S KEY TO HEALTH," which will be sent FREE on receipt of stamped ad dressed envelope. It contains information of vitas interest to every woman, and tells how the variou ailments incidental to thA sex can be cured aud health restored without medicines or drugs. Address Mrs. Hilda D. Manners, 257, High Holborn, London, W.C. 13del4 IT PR Y S » TO ADVERTISE IN The Pembroke County Gnardian. Systematic Advertisers know their business. A glance at the pages of the Pembroke County Guardian will show that it is held in greater es- teem by advertisers than any other newspaper published in Pembrokeshire. 1. Hints to Advertisers. When a man spends his money in advertising, iii. wants to get it back, and more, too, if he is sensible. A man is foolish to spend money in advertising if he is not likely to get it back. A sensible man maY make a mistake, and not get his money back but a sensible man won't keep on making mistakes. He wilKook for the right advertising medium, and stick to it if he finds it pays. Some people who don't know much about advertise ing in a modern, up-to-date sense, sometimes think that cheapness is the chief consideration in advertis- ing. Good advertisers don't look for cheapness. They took away from it. They mistrust every advertising medium that is cheap." With a good advertise to be cheap is to be worthless. They know that is costs money to build up a newspaper, it costs money to run a good one, it oosts money -«to get circulation and to hold it, and time, energy, ability, and money can't be sold cheap, maoh less be given away. Nine hundred and ninety-nine out of every thousand goo4 advertisers in the world have found that high price4 advertisements pay best, that so-called cheap" advertising never pays at all. A fair and reasonable rate, though apparently high, in a good newspaper is verj much cheaper-that is, it is more profitable— than so-called cheap advertising in interior papers. Good advertisers don't advertise for sentiment, any more than a man works sixteen hours a day for kis health. They advertise for business. They advertiM among those whom they are likely to do busineei with. They advertise in mediums that circulate among those whom they want to do business witbl. They don't advertise where there is no business t* I be done. __Be*t 1. 17B7. Beat erer since. Test ol Reliability. KEAR-SLEV'S".40" R IGINAL' WIDOW,WELCH'S PILLS for Ladies. Kepututioii of loo years; awarded certificate of merit; approved by Medical Profession. Sold by all chctoistf, or by pNi 1/2 and 2/10. Makers, Kearaley, 42, Waterloo Road, 8.B. 1 HARDY'S K1 BROKPTON CONSUMPTION & fiouw SKOIFII. FCJ A cartain ours for Coarfai, C«I4a, Co*. «umption. A»thma, Hoopla* Conch, Bro*. 1^5 ohitis and Low of Voie«, HlMdinr *f «h» Lungs, lnfluonia, tc. Highly r»cora- mended by the Medical ProfaMion Pr»- pared only by Goo. H«rdy. Prioe 1B. Hd. and Is. 9d. of all Chemist*, or pott fr*e. SAVER LLJ HARDY'S BROMPTON COUGH LOZENGES. WT^I The Genuine and Ortginil In boiM only M I Never Bold loose. Trice Is. l(d. See that K^| every box in wrnppcd in Government Stamp and bears Hardy's Label Depot, 42, T."ster- loo Ad., S.E. Insist on having Hardy's, Established nearly a century at BromptoH. IMPORTANT TO MOTHERS! Every mother who values the Health Cleanliness of her child shoaM 04 r.. A HARRISON'S A f "RELIABLE" f A NURSERY POIIIIADE. Oat application killa all Kits and Ysrmia, r bematifies and »trenfth«n* tba Hair, r In Tins, 4|d. ft 9d. Postafs id. J DEO. W. HAIIJMIt 6IUMIST, BMAB fl, KAWM. V WJL dim~ V ORDNANCE MAPS OF FARMS and ESTATES, 6 inches to the mile, GIVING ACREAGE AND OTHER DETAILS, May be obtained at the "Guardian" Offices, Solva & Fishguard. DRESS MATERIALS, &c., FOR THE MILLION. 4i Every Lady desirous of purchasing and wearing the ES3ESST at the lowest possible price, should see our sample patterns without delay. Astonishing Variety, Marvellous Value.. DRESS FABRICS. From ald. per yard. Double Width. Arty Length Cut from the Piece at WAREHOUSE PRICBt All Orders Carriage Paid. Write for a range of Patterns, we send- them Post Free, and do not require them returned, together with our Illustrated Price List 4 Personal and Household Requisites, Blouse and Jacket Materials, &c., &c. WONDERFUL SELECTION. LDTAS LEATHLEY 4 Co. Department 2A, s THE WAREHOUSE, ARMLEY, LEEDS. ADVERTISE in the Pembroke County Guardian