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HAVERFORDWEST NEWS. c-- St. Mary's parish tea and entertainment on Thursday evening was on novel lines. Fol lowing the tea Mr. Oldbury Brough occupied the whole of the evening with a humorous and musical recital. He was very clever, and kept a large audience pleasantly enter- tained for fully two hours. There was a very large attendance—over 60 members—at the Choral Society's rehearsal on Sunday evening in the Tabernacle School. Mr. J. Ll. Phillips, the sub-conductor, wielded the baton, and an hour's good drilling resulted in a very fair rendering of the competitive piece for Pembroke Dock, Haverfordwest, and Fishguard: "Lord, Thou alone art God" (St. Paul's). The second piece for Pembroke Dock, 0 Happy Isles" (Elgar) will be ob- tained at once and rehearsed. Except for a scarcity of contraltos there was a well balanc- ed choir on Sunday evening, ad the members are evidently bent upon maintaining the pres- tige of the town at local eisteddfodan. Any singers who wish to join the society should do so at once, as admission will shortly be re- fused, at any rate for Pembroke Dock, for very obvious reasons. The rehearsal for this week is on Friday evening, and again on Sunday evening. As a result of a special whip, and the change to afternoon practice, there was a capital attendance at the Male Voice Society s iLuearsai at St. Martin's Hall on Sunday aiieiuuon, and good work was done with the county competitive piece at Pembroke Dock on faster Monday, On the Ramparts." The same piece is also the male voice test at Haverfordwest on Whit-Monday, as well as at Fishguard. It was decided to obtain copies of the open competitive piece at Pembroke Dock, "Crossing the Plain," with a view to competing. It is very desirable in view of the double event that rehearsals should now be well attended. Universal disappointment was felt through- out the sporting world, and particularly in Pembrokeshire last week when the news be- came known that Kirkland" would not run for the Grand National. Mr. Lort Phil- lips, his most popular owner, was dissatisfied, and the veterinary opinion-that of Mr. D. Evans, Haverfordwest—confirming his fears, it was decided to scratch the great favourite.