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Mother and Daughter Cured.


Mother and Daughter Cured. TERRIBLE GASTRIC ULCERS AND BILI- OUSNESS CURED BY BILE BEANS. Mrs. Waugh, of 29, Thornhill Houses, Thorn- hill Road, Barnsbury, London, N., recently related to a London journalist, how Bile Beans rescued her from lifelong misery. "As far back as I can remember," she said, "I have suffered from bilious attacks, but about nine months ago my health broke'down altogether. At a large hospital I was told that I had gastric ulcers. Night after night I lay awake in agony from cruel pains in my chest ad body. My strength gave way, and I lost all interest in life. The medicine I got from the hospital did me no good, and I had almost given up all hope. 'R'eading about Bile Beans made me de- cide to try them- The result was remarkable. [Soon my pains disappeared, my strength in- creased rapidly, and very soon I was able to go about my work as if I had never known what illness was. For a while I was afraid my recovery was too good to last, but now, after several months of excellent health, I can safely say that Bile Beans have cured me. Even the biliousness, my life-long Rouble, haa entirely diBappaarad. J "Hy dar Graao, who fe lint JMtaM, was also a martyr to bitiousnesm. Svery hek I she had an attack which left her weak and ill, and quite unfit for her work. Her skin was quite yellow and terribly blotched. I gave her a course of Bile Beans, and now, after a few weeks' perseverance, her com- plexion is beautiful. The biliousness has en tirely disappeared, and her work never seems to tire her." In thousands of homes to-day there is a very real" skeleton-in-the-cupboard- an in- herited tendency t 47periodical bilious attacks. The sufferers live in constant fear of the next attack, are never free f{om weariness and depression, and are usually a weariness to themselves and to all around them. To all such suffere'rs Bile Beans offer not only prompt relief from presejit pain, but a perfect and permanent cure. Bile Beans are com- pounded of Nature's rarest tonic-alternative herbe. They alter the morbid condition of the functions, and establish sound health. They accomplish all this so gently and geni- ally that they do not irjitate or injure the delicate lining of the digestive canal, and may be safely taken by the frailest invalid. Sold by all chemists in sealed boxes at Is. ld. per box, or 2s. 9< for large family size (2s. 9d. size contains three times as many beans as the Is. lid.).

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