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Pembrokeshire Agricultural…


Pembrokeshire Agricultural Society. ANNUAL MEETING. The annual general meeting of the members of this society was held on Saturday at the Mariners' Hotel, Haverfordwest. There were present Messrs. T. Rule Owen, T. Llewellin (Haythog), Isaiah Reynolds, H. Rees (Spring- field), B. H. Munt, A. W. Massy (Cuffern), Chas. Mathias (Lamphey Court), W. C. Jones (Waterston), J. T. Fisher (Demant), Victor Higgon (Sealyham), W. E. Evans (Robeston), James (Honeyborough), Arthur H. Thomas, H. B. Gwyther, S. W. Dawkins, W. Howell Wal- ters, W. J. Canton, W. Morris (Ashdale), T. E. Thomas (Trehale), Arthur J. Wright, and the hon. secretary, Mr. Hugh J. P. Thomas. Letters of apology for non-attendance had been received from Sir Chas. Philipps (the pre- sident), Sir Owen Scourfield, Mr. Wynford Philipps, M.P., Mr. Owen rnuipps, M.P., and Col. Ivor Philipps, M.P. Mr. T. Rule Owen was voted to the chair, and said the first business was to elect a president for the year. Mr. A. W. Massy said he would have been glad to have moved that Mr. John Worthing- ton be the president, but unfortunately the state of that gentleman's health precluded his accepting. He had great pleasure in moving that Mr. S. W. Dawkins be the president. Mr. T. Llewellin seconded, and the resolu- tion was carried. Mr. Dawkins thanked the members for the honour conferred upon him. Messrs. John Worthington, J. C. Yorke, A. W. Massy, Lord Kensington, and Dr. Hy. Owen were re-elected vice-presidents; and Mr. Victor Higgon was elected a vice-president in place of Mr. Si W. Dawkins. Mr. Arthur J; Wright was re-elected trea- surer. Mr. T. Llewellin moved the re-appointment of Mr. Hugh Thomas as secretary. The Chairman said he bad great pleasure in seconding the resolution, and said the society would be very grateful to Mr. Thomas if he would act for another year. He had' put the society in the position that they could not find. a better secretary. (Hear, hear.) The resolution was carried, and Mr. Thomas expressed his thanks. Messrs. Geo. Thomas, W. Howell waiters, T. Llewellin, T. E. Thomas, and Wm. Morris were re-elected members of the committee. As there were four vacancies in the corn- mittee, due to, appointments just made, Messrs. Wm. Davies (Westfield), H. Rees (Springfield), J. T. Fisher (Denant), and C. Mathias (Lanphey Court) were elected on that body. FINANCES SOUND. The Secretary submitted the accounts. The year was begun with a balance in hand of £89 18s. lid.; the total receipts of last year's show were C365 18s. 6d.; and there was a balance in hand of £97 5s. 9d. There was also due from subscribers £2 13s., which left them with a balance in hand of practically £100. On the motion of Mr. A. W. Massy, the accounts, which had been audited, were accepted. THE PRIZE LIST. On considering the schedule a recommen- dation was brought up from the committee that two extra classes be added, one black and one coloured, for in-calf heifers, open to tenant farmers only. Mr. Massy wished to insert the provision that no animal shown in any other class should be allowed to compete, but after a desultory discussion he withdrew his proposition, which found no seconder. The recommendation of the committee was adopted. Another recommendation from the com- mittee was to eliminate the words, For black stock of the Pembrokeshire or Castle- martin breed," and substitute Welsh black r cattle." Some exception was taken to this recomnien dation on the ground that it would exclude white cattle, Mr. Mathias pointing out that white cattle were the oldest breed we had in Pembrokeshire or in Wales. Mr. W. C. Evans said they had been influ- enced to make that recommendation because the Black Cattle Society had now promised medals for the Haverfordwest show for black cattle. They had fought hard to get these medals, and had at last extracted a promise from the society at Bangor that they would give the medals. The medals would not be given unless they restricted the entries to Welsh black cattle. Mr. W. C. Jones, answering the objection that the alteration would exclude white eattle, said they could ba in the coloured classes, which was their proper plaee. They ought not to be entered with black cattle at all. Mr. C. Mathias said when the Royal show was held at Chester they accepted entries of white cattle from him in the black classes. He moved that the schedule remain as it was, viz., "Black stock of the Pembrokeshire or Castlemarthen breed." This was seconded by Mr. Victor Higgon, and supported by Mr. A. W. Massy. Mr. W. E. Evans moved an amendment that the entries be restricted to "Welsh black cattle." This was seconded by Mr. T. Llewellin, and supported by Mr. Munt. On a vote being taken 9 voted for the amendment and 7 for the motion. The amendment to alter the schedule to Welsh Black Cattle, was therefore passed. ADDITIONAL PRIZES. Mr. S. W. Dawkins. (the new president) said there was a tendency among farmers to turn their cows to nondescript bulls, a practice which was fatal to the objapts the society had in view, the improvement of the breed of cattle. He would therefore offer a prize of E2 2s. for the best bull calf got by a short- horn bull, pedigree to be produced if neces- sary. The offer was gratefully accepted. Mr. Herbert Fisher was added to the com- mittee of four to manage the entire horse show.

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