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GOODWiCK NEWS. ! -—— 1



SOLVA HAS ITS ANSWER. Solva has its answer now. There was a doubt once as to whether the cures about which our neighbours in Pembroke Dock spoke so hearti- ly were lasting diires. Did the people stay well ? That was 'the great question, and here is the answer For many years I suffered from kidney com- plaint, and other ti-Luoles caused by my kidneys not acting properly," says Mrs Law, of the Navy and Army lik iie, Pembroke Dock. My first trouble was al pain in the back, which, afterwards caugh t be in my loins as well, and took away all my strength. I was then alarmed with heart trouble,! and I suffered from dizzi- ness, as well as dreailful headaches. My Jimbs swei'ied up (I belie vol it was a touch of dropsy), and I suffered from nburalgia. :1 Although I triedjdiflerent medicines, I got no relief at all until Ji began with Doan's back- ache kidney pills. lb a few days my back was much easier, and I knlpw I had come across the right medicine at laste. I continued with the pitis, and was eventually rewarded with a com- piece cure. This splendid medicine relieved me of every sign ef kidney complaint, and I am most grateful for it. (Signed) Marie Law." We heard of Mrs Law's cure in December of 1901. On May 11th, 191)3, 17 months later, our representative called cyi Mrs Law, when she I said I am pleased to \be able to say that my health is far, far better; since I used Doan's pills. I was a great sffeer from heart trouble before I used Doan's pills,'Ibut since then I have felt quite a different wdpian. I can highly recommend the medicine others. If you are ill, write and fully describe your case to us. We shall be pleased to give you the best advice in our power, free of charge. lun can depend upon your letter being treated in strictest confidence. Doan's backache kid- ney pills are two shillings, vind ninepence per box (six boxes tor thirteen shillings and nine- pence). Of all chemists and stores, or post free, on receipt of price, direct from Foster- McCellan Co., 8, Wells-street, Oxford-street London, W.


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