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Family Notices



Y1TLE3H OAK and A bit for Carts, Wheel- f 7 barrows. Ladders. &c., always in stock, •iufc to si/.C! Also Spokes, Felloes, Blocks, Jcc. f 7 barrows. Ladders. &c., always in stock, to si,.o, Also Spokes, Felloes, Blocks, c -Sis da limber Yard, ffishguard. mar5 I EXPERIENCED House Parlour-maid wauted J. end of this month, must have good re- ferences. Ai)l)lv by letter only, da ing age, references, and Wiiges required to A, Guaiuiian Oiiices, HA verfordwest. lelo everybody kuow, that 9 U fei *&} CI) is an admirable feed, tha nloeat and most nutritions beverage for ths breakfast table. It 18 made in a moment xvilli trolling wa.ter or milk, and Its eustaialngr qualities tiro luvaluabla to all. C0w3HS AND COLDS. Puhnonic Linctus cures coughs. Pulmonic Linctus warms the chest. Pulmonic Linctus stops the tickling. Pulmonic Linctus aids the breathing. Pulmonic Linctus cuts the phlegm. Pulmonic Linctus restores the voice. Pulmonic Linctus soothes the throat. Pulmonic Linctus relieves asthma. Pulmonic Linctus relieves bronchitis. Pulmonic Linctus relieves after one dose. Pulmonic Linctus cures when others fail. Pulmonic Linctus has cured others. Pulmonic Linctus will cure you. Pulmonic Lmctus is obtainable only from- THOMAS MEYLER, Chemist, Fishguard. Sent anywhere post paid on receipt of stamps. One size and one price—One shilling. jy6 COLQUHOUNS SCOTCH TWEEDS AND KNITTING YARNS. To the Public. Scotch Tweeds mean value, and Colquhoun's Ladies' and Gentlemen's Scotch Tveeds, Knitting Yarns Blankets, &c., mean perfection of value. Their wear is magnificent. All goods are made in my own Mills under my own supervision, and nothing is sold as wool that is not pure wool. Any length at Mill price and carriage paid. Self-measurement forms sent, and Suits made up if desired. 400 Patterns, post free. Write for them. To Vifcol Growers. What do you do with your wcol ? Do you make the most of it ? One thing is quite certain. You can not do better than send it to my Mills and have it made into woollen cloth, blankets, or other goods. have 400 patterns to select from, and pay carriage on wool sent to me for manufacture Write for book- let which tells yo»all you want to know, and receive patterns, so that you may say what you want made and the patterns you preror. Agents wanted where not represented. A. COLQUHOUN, Dept. 77, Waukrigg Mill, Galashiels, N.B. 26ju3'06. TOOGOOD & SONS, ROYAL SEEDSMEN. ALL KINDS OF FARM AND GARDEN SEEDS. SPECIALLY SELECTED SEED CORN TOOGOOD'S SCOTCH BLACK TARTAR OATS. TOCGOOD'S BLACK TARTAU OATS. TOOGOOD'S NURSERY i AT, a most productive voriety. ORDER Early from — B. E. THOMAS, CA R T lET T MILL, HAVERFO.'tDWEST. p GEORGE FALiER & SON. ———— Per SPECIALITIES. bottle. Extra Special Liqueur. The perfection of Scotch Whiskey, of great age and soft- 0 ness, equal to ilie iiaesi French Brandy nTOi as a stimulant Glen Stuart' Scotch .Whisky. An ideal blend of carefully selected Pure Highland O /C Malt Whiskies, well matured and mel- w/ U lowed by age Dunboyne Irish Whisky. Very choice, pure Pot Still. Dublin Whisky, guaran- O jCi toed over 12 years old, in Sherry Wood Port. Genuine Oporto Wine, excellent value. 2s. Invalid Port. Specially recommended.. 2s. 6d. Old Lodge.' A perfect type of a really old Tawny W ine, stored many years in O f-f> Oporto •• O/O Sherry. Pale, dry, superior Is. 6d. Champagne. Ackerman-Laurance's Dry Royal' (J bots, Is 2d; 1 bats, 2s 2d) 4s. 4 Pale Brandy. Suitable for domestic pur- poses 2s. 6d. Cognac Brandy. Genuine French, good age •• •• •• •• 3s. 6d. Eau de yie Yieille. A pure Grape Brandy great age. An invaluable stimulant Uf Martell's and Hennessy's Brandy 5s. 6d. Rum. Fine old Jamaica 2s. 6d. Very old Jamaica 3s. Hollands. Do Kuypers, Anchor Brand. 2s. 8d. Coleman's Winearnis, Hall's Wine, Quinine Sherry, &c. Cigars and Cigarettes of the choicest brands, at Lowest Store Prices. High Street, HAVERFORDWEST. r; Biancli Office— Barlow-street, Milford Haven. I. .TIRED MEN When you ar,. t,ird of taking mysterious pre- wript.iosis, and wary of weariDiT Eloctrio Bfiv write to mo, and I wi'l -rid you a Book, vd,in' shrws how evorv man, -in and old, mav be quickly und ihoronchh- cured o' lJERVOUSNESS, i XMAU8T10N, VA!tICOCK?,E, »-r.d DBBILU1 !r eane vrhstevpr, STOMACH r, h DICINE, or ELECTRICITY. Hundreds o' lv.«r«b sent post, free, '-t two starnpr. A. J. LEIGH, ü2 an 1 W, (7rr:,t, Kus««ll Street. Lc-ndoD, W.C. Over Seve. teer. years' suocessful ro: ult.s. j A.r>vx('E TO MoTHGttd —Ats Y.)!'1 brakon in your ras by a flick child fuifferitifi wtll tae pam of cnttiusz i.Ci tli ? Go it. ,m'> to & chemist and get a bottle c Jfrs Winslow's •-o/xhiko .ysup, which ba.3 beer o«nd over 50 yeo-rs y millions of mother for the chi ^ren while toe bin;?, wit¡per¡st aaeeesa. It- is b^rxn'esti and pleasant- to the taste, it pro- i s nat'iral quiet sloop by reliavitisc th« cail.i from and the little chornb awakes "as bright a6 & h:\Ucn It eoothee child, softens the gaifts, 5 the pain, eq r«rrJaSes the bowel. •n:d is the bept known remedy for dysonrerv ami Ciiribo-t- whether from teething, or ethei a-rn-ef. Soid by che-miet* everyv: e Is lid pel t. Obtain a Good Position. l*ize spare rime proSitabiv, taking Inetracfcioi; C'i-i>e by corre.-pondence BE A JOURNALIST moat- attractive profession. Neoe offers opportunity for aovancemeBt to am bit-ions y<>r.n^ men, Moderate fees. Easy instalments. A sic tree, booklet. INSTITUTE, ST. DUNSTAN'rf nIl t LONDON, E.C. fjxee-.t/k |KI¥S Mk r* LEAD BLACK. BRILLIANT. BEAUTIFUL IN SOLID BLOCKS, Oft ASA STOVE POLISHING PASTE IN TMS. LOCAL RAILWAY TRAIN SERVICE. Up Trains, a.m. p.m. p.m. Goodwic dep. 9.15 12.15 5.20 Letterston 9.31 12.31 5.36 Puncheston 9.46 12-46-5-51 Rosebush 9 58 12 58 63 Maenclochog 10 6 16 6 12 Llan-y-cefn „ 10 16 1 16 6 23 Crnderw'n arr.10 30 1 30 6 35 Down Trains, a.m. p.m. p.m. Cl'nderw'n dep. 1045 2^45 5 50 Llan-y-cefn 10 55 2 55 6o Maenclochog 116 36 611 Rosebush 11 14 3 14 6 19 Puncheston 11 27 3 27 6 32 Letterston 11 40 340 645 Goodwic arr. 120 40 75 SOLYA AND FISHGUARD. JOSEPH DAVIES, Carrier, Solva, runs a Con. veyanoe every Thursday to Fishguard, leaving Soiva at 7 a.m. At Croestjoah Mrjthrv Cross Roads 830 a.m Report OF County Analyst OF A SAMPLE OF I SODA WATER" taken by the Inspector under the Adulteration of Foods and Drugs Act Manufactured by T. Lewis & Co., Fishguard: CMT EXCELLENT. r BRADFORD'S UNIYSB8AX.I.Y APPSOY 1 I AUNDRY AND DAIRY MACHINERY Over <6 j QflW* StlTcT add Flret Mse Awards. I. Nt:w 50- Wnin^U Maomimi (The" TIuPu"). "Vowki ■WAsniNtiTWRiNoiNa, j "Diafhkaom" Cnm. AND MaN(.L[.NQ MACHIKIB. I BUTTI* WoRUU Lal-miuj KityL-isiT*#. • Dtui Apruucu. Liberal Cash Term*. Catalogue* Port 1W THOMAS BRADFORD AND Co., H«b Holimrn, I/.ndon; iso. Bold Streat. tinnw^i | Victona Avenue, itancfaeater; Orescent Iron Worta. Batfori Advertise in the Guardian."