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Sole Agent in the District for \IassBB. WORTHINGTON'S CELEBBA- TED BITTER & MILD ALES, In 9, 18, and 36 GALLON CASKS. Agent in the District for filEBSBS. MURPHY AND Messrs. JAMESON & PYM'S Superior IRISH PORTER. I r 1jl MINE AND SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. ROBERT LE-WIS, Wholesale & Retail Wine & Spirit Merchant, Maltster, &c. R.L. invites attentien to his Choice Selection of old WINES AND SPIRITS GOOD SHERRY, pale or gold, from 158 to 30s per dezen superior ditto, pale or gold, from 30s to 54s per dozen; AMONTILADO, pale or gold, 30s to 60s per dozen. PORT of various ages, from 15s to 54s per dozen; good CLARETS, from 15s io 30s per dozen. The ROYAL WELSH WHISKY at 42s. per dozen. Ingham's MARSALA, CHAMPAGNES AND MOSELLES. BASS AND WOHrHINGTOWS ALES. AND GUIN-LVESSIS EXTRA STOUT IN BOTTLES. cs- A CHOICE SELECTION OF GRASSES, CLOVERS, &c. NOW IN STOCK. Hennessey's Brandy IN WOOD AV7) BOTTrAm. .Nicholson's London GinJ OLD JAMAICA RUMS AND 1 JERSEY BRANDIES. TIMBER, MAHOGANY AND y HARDWOOD. ~~— -j TURNERY and X j Q1111 Nation* i r '.<& Ay Ac&y — Albion Place, V Cumberland Road, BRISTOL < flfgbapbic A DDKEsa:" HEAVEN, BRISTOL. M. A. JONES (late Westaway), Glass, China, Earthenware, and Fancy Goods Warehouse, HIGH STREET & MARKET STREET, HAVERFORDWEST, AL large variety of the most exquisite Designs in Dinner, Tea and Dessert Services at prices to suit all. I Brown and Black Wares for Dairy, Garden, and Domestio Use. 5 FANCY GOODS OF ETCRY DESCRIPTION. WEDDING, AND BIRTHDAY PRESENTS IN GREAT VARIFTY. -:0:- Please Note the Address—High Street and Market Street, Haverfordwest. v M" ^aTHER IflddiVAVlJAtiMslH FIRE PROTECTION f,, N D WATER SUPPLY Hl!q to COUNTRY HOUSES, &0. S: Write for Illustrated Pamphlets. MERRTWEATHER & SONS, ii, t). es, LONG Am, LOHDOHj i.e.. PORTHCAIN QUARRIES &BRICK WORKS. These Works are now re-started, and are prepared to supply BRICKS, SLATES, and BUILDING GRANITE. Also Unbroken Granite for roads on | reasonable terms. Please apply- J Mii. THOMAS BOWEN, ¡ Porthgain Quarries, Ltd., LETTERSTON. MESSRS. JENKINS & SONS, Jeffreys Square, LONDON, Have now decided to supply tea at wholesale prices to private families it exceedingly low prices for cash within fourteen days or the tea, if not suitable, to be returned free of expense. A very superior quality from 1/9 to 1/11 per lb., not less than 41bs. The above fit-m has been doing business largely in Pembrokeshire and the six adjoining counties for the last '30 years. All ordei s and communications must be sent direct to Wclbh ad- dress, viz., Pentre Parr, Llandilo. It is important that you should give it a trial, and the above- named will be glad to send samples free of chart e. Local Agonfc— S. WILLIAMS, SOL. V l i IMPORTANT NOTICE. Georqe Bennett & Co. WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, FISHGUARD. I SALE TO CHILDREN ACT. 1901. TO PARENTS. GUARDIANS, and EMPLOYERS of CHILDREN under 14 YEARS of AGE. $ On January 1st, 1902, a new Act of Parliament camo into force which prohibits 1iccn;p holders from selling or delivering any intoxicating liquor to children under fourteen years of age, except in quantities not less than one reputed pint, in corked and sealed vessels. On and after the above mentioned date children under 14 sent as messengers should bring a. bottle, as it is impossible to cork and seal a jug. Every person who knowingly sends any person under the age of 14 years for the purpose of obtaining any description n "P 4j of intoxicating liquor, excepting as aforesaid, will be liable to a penalty not exceeding 40s. for the first offence, and not exceeding £5 for any subsequent offence. ° EVAN JONES, STONE AND MARBLE MASON OAttTLETT, HAVERFORDWEST, (Nkab RAILWAY STATION.) r I. Tombstones and Headstones worked to any design in stone or marble at prices to suit all classes. Designs and Estimates sent free on application. Watches, Clocks, &c. The Largest Show. The Best Quality Goods —at The Lowest Price. This Season is as usual at BISLEY H. m u k)i Watch, Clock, and Jewellery Stores, HIGH STREET, HAVERFORDV/EST, and NIILFORD. Show Room on Ground ftoop for Silveri Mounted *Glass, & Leather Goods & many low-priced Novelties. gambrian Hotel. Solva. Mrs. PROPERT, Proprietress. WINES AND SPIRITS OF CHOICE QUALITY; ALE AND STOUT ON DRAUGHT OR BOTTLED. CIGARS AND TOBACCO. good /vooo .<f?v.Tr,a:oTxr pqri >è "d.d;Ji"l":n:t. wr A Good Appetite H comes only by having a perfect acting liver and good digestion—both can easily 9 ii be obtained by using § ■ They are a reliable remedy for the cure of fi I BILIOUSNESS, LASSITUDE, POOR APPETITE, I J IMPAIRED DIGESTION, COSTIVENESS, 1 j g WIND & PAINS IN THE STOMACH, DISCOMFORT AFTER MEALS, M M and all other troubles which arise from a disordered liver or stomach. B) H They cleanse the system,give one to the digestive organs, and will, if taken H H according to directions, restore you to sound and vigorous health. 3 B BIEECHAM IS PILLS are specially suitable for Females of alleges. Every woman ra zes. E y w a'u ( who values health should real iiie instructions wrapped round each box. Sold everywhere in ho;;cs, ] 5 6i; 1 s) & 2.9 (1, sI S). Tasker's High School For Girls. H AVBRFORDWEST. HEADMISTRESS.-M IS S ANDERSON, BA, (Assisted by highly qualified mistresses.) Fees 21 6s 8d per term. Special subjeots-Greek, German and Painting, 15s per term. Re-opens Tuesday, Sept. 19, at 2 p.m. Country Pupils are only allowed to board at the Hostel, specially provided for pupils of the School, or at houses approved by the Govern- ing Body, of which a list can be obtained (with any other information desired relative to school arrangements), either from the Head-mistresa, or from Mr. J. W. Phillips, Solicitor, Towex Hill, Clerk to the Governors. St. David's County School CHAIBMAN THE VERY REV. THE DEAlt OF ST. DAVID'S. VICE-CHAIRMAN: CAPT. S. ROACH. Head MASTER: MR THOMAS THOMAS, B.A (London.) Assistakt Masteb Mr. H. P. JACKSON, M.So. (Vie. ASSISTANT Mistbess: MISS K. M. GREEN L.L.A. (St. Andrews), Cambridge Teaohenf Diploma. Assistant Mistress Miss E. H. MOSELEY B.A. (Wales), with Honours. Pupils prepared for the London Matriculation he Oxford and Cambridge Locals; the Legal, Medi- oal and Pharmaceutical Examinations; the Entranot Scholarship Examinations of tne University CollegM of Wales, and the South Kensington Soienee aM Art Examinations. Tuition Fees £ 4 per annum or 91 6s 8d per term; two (brothers or sisters) 27 per annum or £ 2 6a 8d psr term; three (brothers ot bisters) £ 10 Mr annum or £$,fys 8d per term. • Pupils taking Musio will be charged an extrfefw For terms and further partioalarn, Prospectus, &0 Apply to the Head Master, or to MR W D. WILLIAMS, The Registrar, St. David's. Haverfordwest Grammar School FOUNDED 1613. SUCCESSES gained in 1901-2 include the forowing Exhibition, Magdalen College, Oxford .( £ 70 per annum). Exhibition Jesus College, Oxford, (( £ "50 per annum). Entrance to R. M. C. Sandhurst. Assistant Clerkship R.N. (9th place of over 100 candidates). 1 London Matriculation 2 Oxford and Cambridge Higher Certificates, and 1 Pass Responsions. All the above obtained direct from SchooL Haverfordwest is a Centre for Cambridge Local Examinations. There are a few Vacancies for Boarders in tht Headmaster's House. Apply HEADMASTER, School House, Haverfordwest. I ASK FOR | I IfsfALDftQN'S z I "PALACE" sauce I < BEST & CHEAPEST. T £ Of all Grocers, 8tor* ic.. or U.'OnntT'T"r* X A Mannlwrtorj Booth Quay. «S UhuLC> I £ (t. S CHILDREN FED ON VIROL have firm flesh, good colour, strong bones and teeth. For infants give Virol with milk in the feeding- bottle. 4/6 JARS for 2111. I