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JUST WHAT YOU NEED. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. rHE BEsr REMEDY OF TLE AGE. It is purely vegetable, and is equally suitable for young or old, at all seasons of the year. Itisspecialiy adapted to the needs of, and forms an agreeable Tonic for, delicate people. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Weakness. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS forfNervousness. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Depression of Spirits. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Sleeplessness. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Blood Disordeis. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Chest Affections. GWILYM EVANS' BITTERS for Indigpstion. I GWILYM EVENS' BITTERS for Dyspepsia. GWILYM E)VANS' BITTERS for Liver Complaints. PAIITlflN I Avoid imitations. See that yon get unll I lull GWILYM EVANS' QDININE BITTERS. Do not be persuaded to try any othtr. See the name GWILYM J- VANS on the Label, stamp, and Bottle. GWILYM J- VANS on the Label, stamp, and Bottle. PRICES Bottles, 2s 9J double size, 43 6i. I Sole Proprietors- QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING CO., LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. —■ » i — —