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COUGHS AND COLDS. Pulmonic Linctus cures coughs. Pulmonic Linctus warms the chest. Pulmonic Linctus stops the tickling. Pulmonic Linctus aids the breathing. Pulmonic Linctus cuts the phlegm. Pulmonic Linctus restores the voice. Pulmonic Linctus soothes the throat. Pulmonic Linctus relieves asthma. Pulmonic Linctus relieves bronchitis. 4 Pulmonic Linctus relieves after one dose. Pulmonic Linctus cures when others fail. Pulmonic Linctus has cured others. Pulmonic Linctus wilt cure you. Pulmonic Linctus is obtainable only from- THOMAS MEYLER, Chemist, Fishguard. Sent anywhere post paid on receipt of stamps. One size and one price—One shilling. jy6 COLQUHOUN'S SCOTCH TWEEDS AND KNITTING YARNS. To the Public. Scotch Tweeds mean value, and Colquhoun's Ladies' and Gentlemen's Scotch Tveeds Knitting Yarns, Blankets, &c., mean perfection of value. Their wear is magnificent. All goods are made in my own Mills under my own supervision, and nothing is sold as wool that is not pure wool. Any length at Mill price and carriage paid. Self-measurement forms sent, and Suits made up if desired. 400 Patterns, post free. Write for them. To Wool Growers. What do you do with your wool ? Do you make the most of it ? One thing is quite certain You can not do better than send it to my Mills and have it made into woollen cloth, blaukets, or other eoods have 400 patterns to select from, and pay carriage on wool sent to me for manuf icture Write for book. let which tells you all you want to know, and receive patterns, so that you niqv say what you wart made and the patterns you prefer. Agents waijtcd where not. represented. cl A. COLQUHOUN, Dept. 77, Waukrigg Mill, Galashiels, N.B. 2tjju:1'Of). TOOGOOD & SONS, ROYAL SEEDSMEN. ALL KINDS OF FARM AND GARDEN SEEDS. SPECIALLY SELECTED SEED CORN TOOGOOD'S SCOTCH BLACK TARTAR OATS TOCGOOD'S BLACK TARTAR OATS TOOGOOD'S NURSERY WHEAT. a most productive variety. ORDER EARLY FROM— R. E. THOMAS, C.ARTLETT MILL, • HA. VERFO!tOWP"T GEORGE PALMER & SON. —— Per SPECIALITIES. bottle. ( Extra Special Liqueur. The perfection of Scotch Whiskey, of great age and soft- yfl p ness, equal to the finesc French Brandy as. a stimu' ant I Glen Stuart' Scotch Whisky. An ideal blend of carefully selected Pure Highland O /Ci Malt Whiskies, w«il matured and mel- v lowed by age « Dunboyne Irish Whisky. Very choice, pure Pot Still Dublin Whisky, guaran- O /G. teed over 12 Tears old, in Sherry Wood w Port. Genuine OporLo v\ ine, excellent value 28. Invalid Port. Specially recommended.. 2s. 6d. Old Lodge.' A perfect type of a really old Tawny Wine, stored many years in Q if* Oporto O j O Sherry. Pale, dry, superior Is 6d. Champagne. Ackerman-Laurance's I Dry Royal (f bots, Is 2d i bots, 2s 2d) 4s. Pale Brandy. Suitable for domestic pur- poses 2s. 6d. Cognac Brandy. Genuine French, good age 3s. 6d. Eau de vie Yieille. A pure Grape Brandy f? — great age. An invaluable stimulant Oo» Martell's and Hennessy's Brandy 5s. 6d. Rum. Fine old Jamaica 2s. 6d. Very old Jamaica 3s. Hollands. De Kuypers, Anchor Brand 2s. 8d. Coleman's Wincarnis, Hall's Wine, Quinine Sherry, &c. Cigars and Cigarettes of the choicest brands, at Lowest Store Prices. High Street, HAVERFORDWEST. Branch Office-Barlow-street, Milford Haven. TIRED MEN When you are tired of taking mysterious pre- scriptions, and weary of wearing Electric Belts write to me, and I will send you a Book, which shows how every man, young and old, may be quickly and thoroughly cured of NERVOUSNESS, EXHAUSTION, VARICOCELE, and DEBILITY from any cause whatever, WITHOUT STOMACH MEDICINE, or ELECTRICITY. Hundreds of cures. Book sent sealed, post free, for two stamps, A. J. LEIGH, 92 and 93, Cireat Russell Street. London, W.C. Over Seventeen years' successful results. ADVICB TO MOTHKBS:—Ara voa hrokdn ir. yonr res by a sick child suffering with the pain of cutting teeth ? Go at one., to a chemist and get a bottle o MIS WINSLOW'8 SOOTHING SYRUP, which has been need over 50 years y illil ions of mother for the children while teeihing, with perfect success. It is perfectly harmless and pleasant to the taste, it pro- duces natural quiet sleep by reliovius; the child from qain, and the little cherob awaken "as bright as a button." It soothes the chiid Boftens the gums, allays the pain, relieves wind, reflates the bowek and is the best known remedy for dysentery aud diarrhoea whether arisiag from teething, or ethet causes. Sold by chemists everywhere Is lid pel bottle. Obtain a Good Position. Utilize spare time profitably, taking Instruction Course by correspondence BE A JOURNALIST The most attractive profession. None offers such opportunity for advancement to ambitious young men, Moderate fees. Easy instalments. Ask free booklet. INSTITUTE, ST. DUNSTAN'S HII LONDON, E.C. -o I W" 7 11 LEAD BLACK BRIWANT. BUUTIFUL I IN mUD Sl.OCK., OR ^^AS_A_SnVEPOUS/lfAfG PASTE, W TWS. I í j LOCAL RAILWAY TRAIN I SERVICE. Up Trains, a.m. p.m. p.m. Goodwic dep. 9.15 12.15 5.20 Letterston 9.31 12.31 5.36 Puncheston 9.46 12.46 5.51 Rosebush g 58 12 58 63 Maenclochog 106 16 6 12 Llan-y-cefn 10 16 1 16 6 23 CFnderw'n arr.io 30 J 30 6 35 Dqwn Trains, a.m. p.m. p.m. Cl'nderw'n dep. 10 45 2 45 5 50 Llan-y-cefn „ 10 55 2 55 6o Maenclochog 116 36 611 Rosebush 11 14 3 14 6ig Puncheston 11 27 3 27 6 32 Letterston 11 40 340 6 45 Goodwic arr. 120 4 0 75 SOLYA AND FISHGUARD. JOSEPH DA VIES, Carrier, 8olva, runs a Con- y veysnoe every Thursday to Fishguard, leaving Solva at 7 a.m.. 8 At Croesi^ooh a rQ> NUthrvCroas Roads 880 a.m Report OF County Analyst OF A SAMPLE OF "SODA WATER" taken by the Inspector under the Adulteration of Foods and Drugs Act Manufactured by T. Lewis & Co., Fishguard EXCELLENT. 131 au31 BMPIOMl PWTitllLLT "PROW" AUNDRY AND DAIRY MACHINERY Om UG Q*M & Elm NoWo aM PiM Pdas Awar& ef6 Krr-aOy- Wmna lUwin IThi" ltoul "Vown* WijintW KoranM, I Dunuw Cnaaa. AKD MARQUIS Kiouam I Berro Woiini XiAOHDKY BwmiM. 1 DiUT AmiiXOO. Iibml Gash Ttcnm. OstaloKUM Pod Tim. THOMAS BRADFORD AND CO., vl;Orn:.a Ltoraoal] Victoria Aranue, M«nch—tg; Onaout Inn Warkx, BUtad. Advertise in the Guardian."