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SHOOTING over the farms of Llandruidion I and Caerati reserved. Previous permis- sion cancelled.—Dr. Owen, Brynymor aulO EXPERIENCED House Parlour-maid wanted » end of this month, mast have good re- J«fences. Apply by letter only, stating age, ferences, and wages required to "A," ^AEDIAN Offices, Haverfordwest. fe!5 18- -Rmmp- mow "W 4=W 4ow j J THE BEST KEYLESS WATCH AT L-5. Lon;ion oomw BENSOITSWlMNK'j ■ di/lKeyless, 0' '•oo-quarter Plate ENGLISH P W Silver Cases. mlfjinuja LEVER WAlOH, Chronometer Balance, all \| r s~ 'jMj Latest Improvements, Crystal Glass Cases, in J ft |BS^ Silver, £ 5 (or in strong 18-cc. Gold Cases, £ 15). i| OR AT THE SAME PRICE I MONTHLY ^PAYMENTS j P ffk /fl fln ml At same Prices as for Cash. ■! Wb DeP°slt with Order, J saver I fflW 9 successive Payments of fOl- each English Levers «| & MJBff or 25 Monthly Payments of 2GI- J from £ 3.10, MiK f £ AjjJMjjffl for the Gold Watch. H Gold Watches for Ladie8, from GOLD CHAINS (London Hall-Marked), BENSON'S^gliilsig | MONTHLY Brilliants, £12. ts. glo los. Brillianta, LS 109. PAYMENT ■ jj|ili mil SYSTEM. J BENSON'S do not charge ■ jj|ili mil SYSTEM. J BENSON'S do not charge ■ X&B&&S0& extra for buying this way. M L wBJ ILLUSTRATED Chains & Jewellery. ^j I ■ Opals and Brilliant, Bnbies or Eubies, or Sapphires BOOKS peri*] Ptato," & B.i B, VI I W Brilliants, &Q. Sapphires, £ 2 15s. and Brilliants, £ 20. FREE. Na 3. of silver Articles L f r presents. A ■ I PC1IOAM a IJ The Premier Watchmakers 1 I Mm via DEvfflOUIV) LI0.| of the World. 2 STEAM ^FACTORY: 62 & 64, LUDGAT^hnLLj_LONDON, E^. j| -&Admb"


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