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Agriculture in Wales.


Agriculture in Wales. The annual meeting of the Welsh National Agricultural Society was held on Saturday at the Lion Hotel, Aberystwyth. Mr. C. Coltman Rogers, Brampton Brian, Radnorshire, was voted to the chair, and amongst those also present were:—Sir Richard Green Price, Mr. W. For- rester Addie, Welshpool Mr. J. H. Addie, Carnarvon Mr. Edward Green, The Moors, Welshpool; Mr. David Evans, Llwyncadfor Mr. D. Lloyd Lewis, Aberystwyth; and Mr. Lewis Pryse (general manager). The Chairman submitted the report of the Council upon the work of the past year, which stated that the membership of the Society stood at 181. Mr. Vaughan Davies, M.P., had been appointed to act in conjunction with a deputa- tation from the Welsh Cattle Society, which consisted of Mr. li. M. Greaves, and Mr. Wynford Philipps, M.P., to the President of the Board of Agriculture for the purpose of opposing the admission of foreign cattle into this country. The Council also approved the action of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society in their endeavours to bring about legislation in the matter of clear- iBI; the hills and commons of Wales of undesirable stallions. There was an adverse balance of dE212 78 8d on the working of last year's show. Sir Richard Green Price announced that it had been decided to offer the next year's show second Jtrizes in all special classes open to the tenant armers. A protest was made by Mr. Edward Green against the payment of £ 50 for the use of the show field. A vote of thanks having been passed to Lord Tredegar, last year's president, the Chairman proposed the appointment of Sir Rowlett Mill- bank as president for the ensuing year. Mr. Edward Green seconded, and the proposition was unanimously carried. In proposing a resolution approving of the action of the Welfh Pony and Cob Society in their endeavour to imprnvo the Welsh mountain ponies, the Chairman «ai-l the object was to se- cure permissive legislation. These were the only animals the law did not touch. lie advo- cated the adoption of an Act similar to the special one passed for tk New Forest country, which provided for the drill, of ponies and the compulsory retirement « ui expulsion of such ponies as were thought, to be doing harm to other ponies.—The resolution wa-j unanimously cur- ried. I Sir Richard Green Price said the committee had decided 10 offer the same anionnt in prizes- this year as last, namely, .Sl.T.CO. In view ot the deficit, however, economy wonld have to be exercised in some branches.—Mr Lewis Pryse said that what was wanted was new members. Their subscription list— £ 365—was disgraceful. He received a letter on the previous day from the gentleman who gave t700 towards the show, and he said that when he gave his donation hethonght their landowners and vvpaithy men in Wales their landowners and vvpaithy men in Wales would tollow his lead. But. added Mr Pryse, these people gave as little a they possibly could. Had it been a museum for preserving Welsh hats or something of the kind, they would give in their thousands, but here they only gave £ 5 notes. Colonel Scott, Penmaenucha, was appointed a trustee of the society. It was deided to held a general meeting at Aberystwyth on the third Wednesday in Sep- tember to decide the place at which the show for 1907 shall be held.


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