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Rev. W. Justin Evans on His…

Milford Trawler Lost.



PANCAKE DAY. HOW TO MAKE PAN- CAKES.—If Pancakes are to be made as delicious as they ought to be, the following ingredients must be used in making them :-To half a pound of Flour, add two large teaspoonfuls of BORWICK'S BAKING POWDER —without this they cannot be well made-seasoned with a little salt. Mix these in a dry state, and add an eg beaten up, with J-pint of milk. Fry at once, with butter or lard. N.B.—Tell your Grocer you must have BOBWICK'S. TAKE NOTICE. fl. H. Lewis, Merchant, = Solva, Has now in stock large quantities OF CoNli AND CULM at the following prices PER TON. Best Trimsaran (through) 13s. The famous Cwlwm Du Bach. 15s. Best Lydney (Block) Coal 24s. Cargo of Carway Culm is expected daily, which will be sold ex ship 128. Best Blaengarw Steam Coal 1I. Goulding's, Burnard and Alger's and Amlwch MANURES will also be kept. Also Best Quality Agricultural Seeds. SPECIAL.—A.H.L. is now in a position to offer the highest prices for Oats at Solva or Letterston. Send sampto to Lewis, Solva. leapt For all kinds of ¡ PRINTING and } STATIONERY, Send your Orders to the 1 GUARDIAN STEAM PRINTING 'V' WORKS, Haverfordwest, Solva and • *» Fishguard. .-i THE GREAT SKIN OUBE. I Budden's S.R. Skin Ointment will cure Itching after one appli- BUD N'S cation; destroys every form •( Eczema; heals old Wocnds and Sores: acts like a charm on bad S.R. Legs prevents cuts from Fester- ing will cure Ringworm in a few SKIN days removes the moat obstinate Eruptions and Scurvy. Boxes 7icl OINTMENT and Is ljd. Agent for St. David's, Mr. Albert David, chemist; Haver- fordwest, Mr. Phillips. p26de28 BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES Cure Cough, Cold, Hoarseness, and Influenza Cure any Irritation or Soreness of the Throat Relieve the Hacking Cough in Consumption Relieve Bronchitis, Asthma, and Catarrh. Carry them about with you. Sold everywhere, Is lid. per box. BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES BROWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES. 22mrM LADIES REQUIRING AN ABSOLUTELY SAFE, SURE AND RAPID CURE FOR ALL AILMENTS, Write NURSE F. St. CLAIR, 75, BRADGATE ROAD, CATFORD, KENT. 52de5,06 LONDON, W.C. f BRADFORD'S UNIVERSALLY APPROVED i LAUNDRY mSL AND DAIRY ;i € Wringing <fc Mangling MACHINERY. I 1 Machines,. Laundry Requisites. "Diaphragm" Chuins. Butter Workers. Dairy Appliance!. | THOMAS BRADFORD & CO., C 140-143Jiigh Holliorn, London; 130, Bold Street, LiTerpool; & V.:


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