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"8olva, Thursday, FEB. 22,…

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Pembrokeshire C.M. Presbytery.

The Pembrokeshire Hounds.

Funeral of Mrs. Davies, High-I…

----ST. DAVID'S.

New Route to Ireland.I


New Route to Ireland. ENGINEER MAKES A CLAIM FOR SERVICES. In the Ki E)g's B- n(ih I)i,is-nii (!n ru(,sda i, Mr Justioe A. T. La.vrcnco and a special jury), Mr B. Walton, an engineer, of ITvthe, Kent, su-jd two gentlemea from Birmingham Cavt!a,nd aud Rowlands, to recover a sum o' ?a;d to be due for servioes rendered in oonne,: on with the mski: g of the North Pombrokeshira n-m Fishguard Railway, which, counsel explained, would soon 1)0 openod and constitute an important thro'ig)i routd to Ireland. The Great n eteru RailIIY, into whose hands the line had now passed, wero joiued as third parties. The case for the plaintiff was that the defendants I Cartland and Rowlands, were the assignees of a Mr Okell, who had entered into the contract with the original company to make this line. The defendants had also conceived the idea of making a pier and har- bour at Fishguard. Other Acts were parsed, and Mr Walton was engaged as engineer at a given su:;i. This was paid, but, in course of time, when the ide'i was evolved of having the robte utilized as a through one for Irisii traffic, it became neeess:;ry to alser the whole character of much of the work, and it was in respect to these extra services tiut the plaintiff claimed to be paid. The hearing was adjourned.

Triplets|at £ St. Clears.…