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"8olva, Thursday, FEB. 22,…

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Pembrokeshire C.M. Presbytery.

The Pembrokeshire Hounds.

Funeral of Mrs. Davies, High-I…

----ST. DAVID'S.


ST. DAVID'S. We regret to announce the very sad and sud- den death of Mr Frederick J. Jones, who was well known to the inhabitants of St. David's and its neighbourhood, and highly respected by all as a person of unblemished character and reputa- tion. He died quite unexpectedly, on the 16th inst., at Flimston, in South Pembrokeshire, whither he had gone on a visit to his sister for the benefit of his health. The deceased, it ap- pears, went out for a walk with his nephew, and had gone about a mile from the house when the sad occurrence took place. His little nephew was sent back to inform his mother. When Mr. and Mrs. Calder arrived on the scene they found their brother had expired. On Sunday last touching references were made in the various services to the loss sustained by the Cathedral in which Mr Jones for the last eight years had been a member of the choir, and at the end of the morning service, in the Nave, Handel's Dead March was reverently listened to by the whole congregation standing. The Very Rev. Dean Smith, before preaching his sermon, referred to the sudden removal of the deceased who had been a member of the choir. He had, said the rev. gentleman, lived a very upright life, and had been a most devoted son to his widowed mother. He had always lived a most sober life, not giving himself to drink like many young men in the place. He always gave what he could from his small income to help on the cause of God. "He has set a good example to the young men of the I city. We feel certain that as he joined in our choir, so he now joins in the heavenly choir above. Sudden death to him was sudden glory. This is a warning to us all to be ready." It was only two Sundays ago that we noticed the de- ceased standing in the choir when "The Dead March in Soul was played for the late King of Denmark. The coffin containing the deceased was brought to St. David's on Monday last, and taken to the Lady Chapel where a portion of the; burial service was read by the three Minor Canons, Revs. G. P. Gabriel, M.A.. A. Riggerton Evans, D. J. Jones, B. A., Vicar. One verse of Jesu, Lover 01 My Soul was sung. We copy the following from the Fulham Chronic'e of the 16th instThe vicar of St. Augustine's, the Rev. P, S. G. Propurt, will have a busy day on Tuesday next. In the morning he will be the reader of a paper on the question of Unemployment Act of 1905, at the Central Poor-law Conferee* whih. b, held at the Guildhall (I. ;>Cnig Chairman), and in ii.t. uu.0 Le vvui be at the Fulhaui Town Hall conducting his Choral Society on the occasion of their thirteenth concert. With re- gard to the question oi Unemployment, Mr. Propert took up a position two years ago, which, although unpopular at. the time, has now the support of the most experienced and thoughtful social workers of the da,y. On the Central Com- mittee he strenuously opposed the insertion of a labour-rate clause in the Unemployed Bill, and contended that the artificial provision of employ- ment by public authorities was not a sound remedy, and would, in the long run, accentuate the evil they sought to remove. Mr. Propert contends that the maladministration of the Poor-law has been, and is the chief contributory cause of the difficulty, the majority of Guardians assuming that their functions are philanthropic and charitable rather than legal this attitude has produced immense mischief in weakening the character of the nation and has produced a de- mand for the Unemployed Act of 1905, which is a deeided step backwards in the direction of the unreformed Poor Law prior to 1834.-The 13th concert of the St. Augustine's Choral Society promises to be quite equal to its predecessors and will include selections from Handel's Oratorio, Judas Maccabcas, as well as the second part of Coleridge Taylor's Song of Hiawatha," the first section having been presented on a previous occasion. Among the soloists we notice Miss Angela Silas, who although only fourteen years of age, has already made a metropolitan reputa- tion. Mr Propert must now look to his laurels as a rival choral society, though by no means the first, has appeared upon the Fulham horizon. An ordinary meeting of Conncil School Mana- gers of the St. David's NV hitch a,-ch Schools was held at St. David's on Monday the 12th at 5 p.m. Present:—Messrs W. B. Evans (Chairman), T. Thomas, H. Roberts, J. Owen, R. Jenkins, W. R. Lewis, J. Evans, the attendance officer (Mr J. Morris), and Clerk. The minutes of the last meeting were read and confirmed. The local managers having written to the County Education Committee in January protesting against the proposed expenditure at the Carn- hedryn School, in their opinion it being unneces- sary and a waste of public money, and seeing that the County Authority was still advertising for Tenders, it was proposed and carried unani- mously That inasmuch as the County Educa- tion Committee are still advertising for Tenders for the repairs of Carnhedryn School without consulting the Local Managers, they desire to enter a strong protest at the discourtesy shown towards them in the matter of plans and specifi- cations for the School, they consider that Loci! Managers should be consulted as to what is necessary before the pUuis are drawn, and by doing so a large sum o* mon^y could be The y that they wii: be compelled to resign if their services ano opinions are ignored." Mr Williams' request for leave to absent himseit on the 15th was granted. The usual list ot salaries was approved, also the hill of Mr Edwin James and the ratrs for Solva School. It was resolved to close the schools nn February 28Lh. It was resolved that a report ot this meeting be sent to the G UAliMAX. T.. percentage of attendance at the various JcbooU is:—St. David's (mixed) 81.9; St. David's Infants, 65.2; Carnhwtryu, 81.2; Solva, S 1.,9. Average percentage, 79.5.

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