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CLYNDERWEN. The Clynderwen Agricultural Society seems to be sharing the same difficulties as some other large institutions of the kind. After remarkable success for 20 years, the fnnds are at last run low, and the losses by the annual show, owing to the unfavourable weather the last few years have proved disastrous, and to add to the diffi- culty an eisteddfod on a fairly large scale was held last August with the hope of increasing the funds-but this also proved a huge failure, the shocking wet morning spoiling the affair to a great extent, so that the result was a loss of over fl2. The Christmas Show again proved a few pounds to the bad, so between all the committee are for the first time in a doubtful mood. There- fore, it depends on what encouragement is afford- ed them by their many kind friends during the coming week orltwo, as to whether there will be a show this year or not. It, is understood that promises of at least X20 will be necessary to enable them to venture on continuing the annual exhibition. It appears that one gentleman kindly promised £5 to assist in covering the ex- pense of the eisteddfod if in case it should prove unsuccessful. We hope this gentleman will fulfill his promise promptly, and so encourage others to follow to some extent. ==============



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